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University of Delhi is a well-known and reputed university. The university has a variety of colleges from co-ed to only women. Women colleges under Delhi University are well known for their faculty and infrastructure. Many people prefer women colleges over co-ed colleges, so in this article I will mention top 10 women colleges affiliated to University of Delhi.


top women colleges

MIRANDA HOUSE College is a part of north campus. Major courses offered are B.A. Economics (Hons), B.A. Political Science (Hons), B.A. English (Hons), BSc. Physics (Hons) etc. Faculty are experienced in their fields and quite friendly. The admission to majority of the courses is merit- based and for some courses like BELED, you must have cleared common examination conducted by University of Delhi. The fee ranges from 7k to 20k, varying from course to course. Cultural events are one of the main attractions of the college.


top women colleges

LADY SHREE RAM COLLEGE is the number one College in south campus of Delhi University. The College is best known for its arts faculty; but it also provides a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certification courses. The admission is through merit list released by College every year. The fee is around 7k to 21k, for majority of the courses. The College also have a very good placement cell and a record of 85% placements.


top women colleges

Gargi College also comes under the south campus of Delhi University. The College is best known for its B.A.Programs. Along with this, the College also provides various courses in other disciplines as well. The fee for majority courses falls under the range of 5k to 25k, admission is generally merit-based except for some courses like Business Economics and BELED; which is through entrance exam conducted by the University Of Delhi. The College is also known to organize some great annual feasts.


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Kamla Nehru College belongs to the southern campus of the University. Major Courses Offered in Kamala Nehru College are B.A. (Honours) in various subjects including Sanskrit, Sociology, Journalism, and Psychology. Other popular undergraduate courses include B.A. in Hindi, Bengali, Pol Science, Maths, Geography, and Economics. The fee for various courses ranges from 8k to 25k. Admission is again through cut-offs released by the college. The annual College festival of Kamala Nehru College is Ecophoria; which is quite a stunner.


top women colleges

Lady Irwin College DU College has a beautiful campus. Major courses offered are B.A. Sanskrit (Honours), B.A. Business Economics (Honours), several undergraduate courses in Food Technology, and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Home Science. The College also offers post-graduation in all the above-mentioned courses. The fee for the majority of courses ranges from 8 to 25k. Admission is done on the basis of merit for almost all the courses.


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Jesus and Mary College is semi-private and semi-public i.e. along with a degree from the University of Delhi, you will also receive a degree allotted by the College itself. Jesus and Mary College is very famous for its infrastructure and faculty. It is one of the top colleges of Delhi University. Major courses offered are B.A. (Honours) in various disciplines; the College offers vocational courses too. B.Com (Honours), B.A. (Honours) in English, Economics, Psychology, Political Science and Hindi, etc., admission to most of these courses is merit-based only. You need to fill the separate registration form with a registration fee of 200 rupees while filling the common registration for the University of Delhi.


top women colleges

Daulat Ram College falls under the North campus of Delhi University and is well known for its faculty and events The College offers a variety of undergraduate, diploma, and postgraduate courses in all disciplines – arts, commerce, and science. The College fee ranges from 7k to 25k; varying with courses/programs. Like most of the north campus colleges have a good placement record, Daulat Ram College also has a great placement cell.


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Maitreyi College is a part of the south campus, opposite Jesus and Mary College. The College has very good faculty and well-maintained ground for sports, a great library for students and staff. The Star significance was recommended to all four science branches – Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Zoology. Major Courses Offered in Maitreyi are B.Sc. Life Sciences (Botany Chemistry, Zoology), B.Sc. Physical Science, B.A Pol Science (Honours), B.A English (Honours), B. A Sanskrit (Honours) and many more.


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This College is a little far from the main north campus but is still a part of the northern campus of the University. The College is best known for its faculty in literature. . Major Courses Offered in Indraprastha College for Women are B.A. Maths (Hons), B.A. Political Science (Hons), B.A. English (Hons), BSc. Economic (Hons) etc., admission to most of these courses is through merit list only. The fee range is from 8k to 27k; varying with courses/programs.


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Although Kalindi College is an off-campus college, still it is considered a ‘lost gem of the north campus. The College is one of the oldest Colleges in the University. The College is recognized for its fests and mainly for its journalism department and its well-equipped labs. It offers many courses in all disciplines like B.A (Honours) in Political Science, history, geography, Economics or B.Com, and many more courses. The fee for the majority of courses falls under the range of 7k to 25k; depending on the course you wish you enroll in. Admission to majority courses is merit-based only.


Delhi University has around 75 colleges under it, and there are many reputed and leading women colleges as well. It is said that women colleges often have better results as compared to co-ed colleges. So, if you are willing to take admission in any women’s college then you should give a glance at these top colleges affiliated with the University of Delhi. Hope the article helps.


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