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Top 10 computer courses after 12th

The computer is an electronic device that is instructed to carry out arithmetic & logical operations. It is also programmed to store, retrieve & process data. Modern computers are very different from early computers, they can do billions of calculations in a second. In every field computers are used, humans are replaced by these electronic devices. Here is article on Top 10 computer courses after Class 12th

All companies want their employees to have technical knowledge. Hence learning the operations of computers is very essential. Regardless of whether you choose a short-term computer course after your 12th or computer diploma course, do ensure that you do it from a recognized and approved institute. Here are the top computer courses which you can do after 12th entry operator course.

Data Entry Operator Course

This course duration is of 6 months but may vary from institute to institute. It is one of the basic courses in all the computer courses. It is for the one who is not interested in the high knowledge of computers. In this course, the basic data entry skills & computer typing is taught. It will help you to get in data entry jobs in most of the companies.

Digital Marketing

It is a vast area related to digital technology. It is a new course which students can for after 12th. The course includes: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Brand Management, Web Analytics, and Mobile Marketing.

Web Designing & Development

It is a course of two types- short term for 3-6 months or long term for a year. This course is all about teaching students how to maintain & design websites. Every company wants its own website & hence the job opportunities are in high demand.


Animation courses are becoming of the most attractive courses for the students. It is part of graphic design. In India, most cities offer diploma courses in this field. It is an opportunity for those who are willing to put their imagination into moving characters. There are many job opportunities available in this field. The animation is the most fascinating course for the students. All the cartoons which we watched during our childhood are all made by the process of animation. This course comes in a computer course which you can learn after 12th.

Graphic Designing

It is one of the biggest platforms for those students who have creative skills & want to showcase their abilities. This stream has multiple applications in different fields. Graphic designers are also in high demand when it comes to ads & programming. Graphic designing involves the process of visual communication & problem solving also. Skills used in graphic designing are the photoshop, 2D-3D designing, art direction & typography. Graphic designing builds drawing skills, creative abilities, etc.

Mobile Application Development

Mobiles have become an indispensable part of our life. In this era, a day without mobile seems to be challenging. In this course, students are taught how they can develop apps for mobiles. It is a short course of 6 months but may vary from institution to institution. Mobile application development has been seen as one of the fastest-growing IT career paths today.
There are certified courses that you can opt for in this course. They are:
• The Complete Android N / Oreo Developer Course (Udemy)
• Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)
• Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo (Udemy)
Full Stack Web & Multiplatform Mobile App Development Certification (Coursera)
• The Complete Android – React Native and Redux Course (Udemy)

Computer-Aided Designing & Drafting

Before this course was for the engineering students, but now it is also available for the students who have passed out their 12th class. It’s a short term course of 6 months. This course includes drafting techniques, CAD programs, planning & designing software like AutoCAD & infra works. It is the course for the students who are interested in the field of engineering & architecture. This course comes in a computer course which you can learn after 12th.

Ms. Office Certification Program

Ms office is the most widely used software. Ms wordExcelPowerPoint is the renowned application of Ms office. This course is of 3-6 months. Here students are the advanced features & application of this software.

Computer Hardware Repairing

The name of the course itself defines that the students are taught to repair & maintain the computer hardware. It is a job-oriented course. Here students are taught both about computer hardware & networking. The course includes computer organization, electric & electronic circuits. It gives the students knowledge about the hardware parts of the computer.

Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

Now it’s a digital world & now you all know to digital robberies. The digital world also requires security as there are Hackers all around. Hence the one who is interested in hacking as shown in the movies can go with this course. Here the students are taught about cybersecurity & the process of ethical hacking. It is also a job-oriented course.

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