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Amity Business School, Programs Offered

Amity Business School stands as a cornerstone of academic brilliance. At Amity Business School, a rich legacy converges with contemporary educational practices, creating an environment where innovation thrives. The institution’s commitment to holistic education is evident through a diverse array of programs and specializations, ensuring students at Amity Business School receive a comprehensive and forward-thinking education. The distinguished faculty at Amity Business School, with their wealth of industry experience, guides students toward excellence. As we delve into the myriad facets of Amity Business School, it becomes apparent that this institution not only imparts knowledge but also shapes individuals into global professionals. Join us in uncovering the transformative journey that awaits at Amity Business School.

Overview of Amity Business School

Amity Business School emerges as a premier institution dedicated to shaping visionary leaders. With a rich legacy of educational excellence, Amity Business School stands at the forefront of business education. The institution offers a diverse range of programs, allowing students to delve into their preferred specializations. At Amity Business School, the pursuit of knowledge is complemented by a world-class faculty, bringing a wealth of industry experience to the learning environment. Renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and commitment to holistic development, Amity Business School offers students a transformative educational journey, preparing them for success in the dynamic landscape of global business. Join us in exploring the distinctive ethos that defines Amity Business School’s commitment to academic brilliance.

Programs and Specializations at Amity Business School

Amity Business School offers a diverse range of programs catering to the dynamic business landscape. The MBA program provides in-depth knowledge in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, and IT. For seasoned professionals, the Executive MBA offers specializations in Leadership and Strategy, and Global Business Management.

Program Specializations
MBA Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, IT
Executive MBA Leadership and Strategy, Global Business Management
BBA International Business, Finance, Marketing
PhD in Management Business Economics, Information Technology, Operations
PG Diploma in HRM Employee Relations, Talent Management, HR Analytics


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure at Amity Business School

Amity Business School boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure designed to nurture an optimal learning environment. Here’s a glimpse into the facilities that make the campus stand out:

Facility Description
Modern Classrooms Equipped with the latest technology for interactive learning
Knowledge Resource Center Extensive library with a vast collection of business resources
Auditoriums State-of-the-art auditoriums for conferences and seminars
Technology Labs Specialized labs for hands-on experience in business tech
Recreational Areas Spaces for relaxation and collaboration among students

Industry Connections and Partnerships at Amity Business School

Strategic Collaborations: Amity Business School fosters strategic partnerships with leading industries, creating avenues for practical learning and exposure.

Internship Opportunities: Through robust industry connections, students at Amity Business School gain access to diverse internship opportunities, aligning theory with real-world scenarios.

Guest Lectures and Workshops: Industry experts frequently engage with Amity Business School through guest lectures and workshops, offering invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

Corporate Tie-ups: Amity Business School’s corporate tie-ups pave the way for placement initiatives, ensuring students are well-placed in renowned companies post-graduation.

Enhancing Curriculum Relevance: By aligning with industry needs, Amity Business School ensures that its curriculum remains relevant and prepares students for the dynamic business landscape.

In essence, these industry connections and partnerships play a pivotal role in shaping a comprehensive and industry-relevant education at Amity Business School.

Amity Business School Admission Process

Explore Programs:

Begin your journey by exploring the diverse business programs offered at Amity Business School.

Online Application:

Initiate the admission process by submitting an online application through the official Amity Business School portal.

Document Submission:

Compile and submit the necessary documents, including academic transcripts and relevant certificates, as specified by Amity Business School.

Entrance Examination:

Depending on the program, applicants may need to appear for an entrance examination conducted by Amity Business School to assess their aptitude and knowledge.

Interview Round:

Shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview round, providing an opportunity to showcase their aspirations and suitability for the chosen program at Amity Business School.

Selection Criteria:

The final selection is based on a holistic evaluation of academic performance, entrance exam results, and performance in the interview.

Offer of Admission:

Successful candidates receive an official offer of admission from Amity Business School, outlining the next steps to confirm enrollment.

Fee Payment:

Upon acceptance, students proceed to complete the fee payment as per the Amity Business School fee structure.

Orientation Program:

New entrants participate in an orientation program, acquainting them with the campus, faculty, and resources at Amity Business School.

Commence Academic Journey:

Embark on your academic journey at Amity Business School, where excellence and innovation converge to shape future business leaders.

Scholarship and Financial Aid at Amity Business School

Diverse Scholarship Programs:

Amity Business School offers a range of scholarship programs, recognizing academic excellence, leadership, and financial need.

Merit-Based Scholarships:

High-achieving students are eligible for merit-based scholarships, acknowledging their outstanding academic performance at Amity Business School.

Need-Based Financial Aid:

The institution is committed to supporting students with financial constraints, providing need-based financial aid to ensure accessibility to quality education.

Specialized Scholarships:

Amity Business School provides specialized scholarships for students pursuing specific programs or demonstrating excellence in particular fields.

Application Process:

The application process for scholarships is transparent and accessible, allowing students at Amity Business School to apply easily.

Encouraging Excellence:

By offering scholarships, Amity Business School aims to encourage and reward excellence, fostering a culture of academic achievement and leadership.

Investing in Future Leaders:

The scholarship and financial aid programs at Amity Business School reflect the institution’s commitment to investing in the education and future success of aspiring business leaders.

Amity Business School’s scholarship and financial aid initiatives underscore its dedication to making quality education accessible to a diverse range of students, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder academic pursuits.

Scholarship and Financial Aid at Amity Business School

Diverse Scholarship Opportunities:

Amity Business School offers a range of scholarships, recognizing academic excellence, leadership, and special achievements.

Inclusive Financial Support:

The institution is committed to ensuring that finances are not a barrier to education, providing financial aid to eligible students.

Merit-Based Scholarships:

Amity Business School rewards merit, encouraging students to excel academically through various merit-based scholarship programs.

Need-Based Assistance:

Recognizing the diverse financial backgrounds of students, Amity Business School provides need-based financial aid to support those facing economic challenges.

Empowering Future Leaders:

By offering scholarships and financial aid, Amity Business School aims to empower aspiring business leaders, fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community.

Accessible Application Process:

The application process for scholarships and financial aid at Amity Business School is designed to be accessible and transparent for all eligible students.

Investment in Education:

Amity Business School’s commitment to financial aid reflects its belief in the transformative power of education, investing in the future success of its students.

Amity Business School prioritizes making quality education accessible through a range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities, ensuring that deserving students can pursue their academic aspirations without undue financial burdens.

Global Exposure and Exchange Programs at Amity Business School

International Collaborations: Amity Business School fosters global partnerships with renowned institutions, opening avenues for students to explore diverse cultures and business environments.

Exchange Programs: Through strategic exchange programs, Amity Business School facilitates students to study abroad, broadening their perspectives and enhancing cross-cultural competencies.

Global Internship Opportunities: Amity Business School provides avenues for global internships, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge in real-world, international settings.

Cultural Immersion: The exchange programs at Amity Business School not only focus on academic experiences but also immerse students in the cultural fabric of different countries, enriching their overall educational journey.

Networking on a Global Scale: Students at Amity Business School benefit from a vast network of international connections, creating opportunities for collaborations and career advancements in a global context.

Amity Business School’s commitment to global exposure and exchange programs ensures that students are equipped to thrive in the interconnected and diverse world of business.


Amity Business School offers a diverse range of business programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses, each tailored to meet the evolving needs of the business world.

The application process involves submitting an online application form available on the official website. Detailed information on admission requirements, deadlines, and procedures is provided in the admissions section.

Yes, Amity Business School offers various scholarship programs based on merit, leadership, and financial need. Details about eligibility criteria and the application process can be found on the official scholarship page.

Amity Business School fosters strong industry connections and partnerships, providing students with valuable exposure through internships, guest lectures, and collaborative projects with leading companies.

The school has a dedicated placement cell that facilitates internships and placements. Alumni networking events and career development programs further support students in their professional journey.

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