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DSSSB PRT salary : Overview, Importance, Promotion, Benefits

Teachers looking to teach first grades in Delhi government schools have a fulfilling career path available to them through the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB). An important consideration in your decision to apply to be a DSSSB PRT (Primary Teacher) is probably your grasp of the DSSSB PRT salary scale. This article will examine the many components that comprise your prospective earnings as well as the normal compensation range for PRT teachers hired by the DSSSB. We’ll also go over the extra perks and compensation that go along with the job.

Overview of DSSSB

One of the most important government organisations in charge of hiring competent people for different roles in the administration of the Delhi National Capital Territory (NCT) is the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB). Its main objective is to choose instructors and support personnel for government schools, and it has a significant impact on how Delhi’s educational system is shaped.

The main duties of the DSSSB are broken down as follows:

  • Organising tests: They conduct recruitment tests for a range of roles, such as non-teaching roles and Primary Teacher (PRT), Post Graduate Teacher (PGT), and Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT).
  • Selection Procedure: To choose the best candidates for each position, the DSSSB conducts written exams, interviews, and other forms of assessment DSSSB PRT salary.
  • Maintaining Standards: They make sure that Delhi government schools are staffed with qualified and committed personnel by adhering to strict selection standards instructors.

For prospective educators hoping to make a difference in public education in the nation’s capital, the DSSSB presents a bright future. Let’s examine the details of becoming a Primary Teacher (PRT) under the DSSSB and the DSSSB PRT salary scale that goes along with it in more detail.

Importance of Salary Information

Financial Planning: Salary information allows you to create a realistic budget and plan for your future financial goals. This is especially helpful when considering factors like the cost of living in Delhi.
Career Satisfaction: Understanding the salary structure can help you assess if the financial compensation aligns with your expectations for a teaching career with the DSSSB.
Competitive Advantage: Knowing the salary range can help you negotiate effectively during the appointment process, ensuring you receive fair compensation based on your qualifications.
Salary Growth Potential: Salary information can provide insights into potential salary increases based on experience and performance within the Delhi government school system.
Comparison with Other Teaching Opportunities: Understanding the DSSSB PRT salary allows you to compare it with other teaching positions, both within government and private schools, to determine the most suitable career path for your financial goals.

DSSSB PRT Salary Structure

Basic Pay:
This forms the foundation of your salary and is determined by your pay scale level within the government pay structure. For PRTs, it falls within a specific range set by the pay commission.
Grade Pay:
This is a fixed amount added to the basic pay, recognizing your educational qualifications and job responsibilities.
Dearness Allowance (DA):
This allowance helps mitigate the rising cost of living and is a percentage of your basic pay that is periodically adjusted by the government.
House Rent Allowance (HRA):
This allowance helps offset your housing costs and is typically a percentage of your basic pay, depending on the city you live in (e.g., Delhi).
Transport Allowance (TA):
This allowance helps cover your daily commuting expenses to and from work. The amount can vary depending on your mode of transportation.
Other Allowances:
There might be additional allowances offered depending on factors like working in remote locations or undertaking special duties. These can vary and may include medical allowance, children’s education allowance, etc.

Note: Depending on the most recent pay commission recommendations and particular government policies, the precise numbers for each component may change. For the most recent DSSSB PRT salary information, it is advised to refer to official DSSSB notifications or consult trustworthy sources.

DSSSB PRT salary Calculation

Gross SalaryBasic Pay + Grade Pay + Dearness Allowance (DA) + House Rent Allowance (HRA) + Transport Allowance (TA) + Other Allowances (if applicable)
DeductionsProvident Fund (PF) Contribution: A percentage of your basic salary deducted for your retirement benefits. * Income Tax (IT): The amount of tax you owe on your income, calculated based on current tax slabs. * Professional Tax: A minimal tax deducted towards the state government.
Net SalaryGross Salary – Deductions

Note: There may be additional deductions exclusive to Indian government personnel; this is merely a simplified formula. For a more thorough understanding of DSSSB PRT salary deductions, it’s best to speak with a financial professional or use official government tools.

Promotions and Career Growth of DSSSB PRT salary

AspectDescriptionImpact on Salary
Increment Policy
DSSSB follows a system of annual increments, where your basic salary increases gradually over time based on your experience and performance.Regular increments lead to a gradual increase in your gross salary over the years.
Promotion Criteria
Promotions to higher positions like TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) or PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) typically require additional qualifications and experience. You might need to take promotional exams conducted by the DSSSB.Promotions to TGT or PGT positions come with a significant increase in basic salary and grade pay, leading to a substantial rise in overall income.
Impact on Salary
Both increments within the PRT role and promotions to higher positions significantly increase your earning potential.Over time, with experience and potential promotions, your salary can grow considerably.

Extra Things to Think About

  • Seniority: PRT teachers who have reached a certain age may be qualified for additional allowances or recognition awards, which could increase their pay even more.
  • Professional Development: You may boost your chances of being promoted and receiving a DSSSB PRT salary rise by taking on more responsibility or by pursuing professional development opportunities.

Through persistent devotion and a pledge to quality, DSSSB PRTs can open doors to a fulfilling and financially stable career in education.

Benefits and Perks in DSSSB PRT salary

Medical Benefits:
* Health Insurance: Government teachers typically receive health insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents. This can help manage medical expenses. * Medical Leave: You might be entitled to paid leave for medical emergencies or hospitalizations.
Pension Schemes:
Teachers under the DSSSB are covered under a pension scheme, providing financial security after retirement.
Leave Benefits:
* Earned Leave: You will accrue annual leave that can be used for vacations, personal emergencies, or other purposes. * Sick Leave: Paid leave is typically available for illnesses or medical appointments. * Maternity Leave: Female teachers benefit from paid maternity leave policies.
Other Perks:
* Job Security: Government jobs offer stability and protection against layoffs. * Work-Life Balance: Teaching schedules can provide opportunities for a healthy work-life balance, with weekends and school holidays off. * Professional Development Opportunities: The government may offer opportunities for workshops, training programs, or skill development courses to enhance your teaching abilities.

Note: Depending on laws and rules from the government DSSSB PRT salary, the precise advantages and benefits may change. For the most recent information, it is advised to speak with the DSSSB or other appropriate authorities.


This in-depth guide has unravelled the different factors that go into the pay of a DSSSB PRT teacher in India. Here’s a brief summary of the main conclusions:

  • Pay Structure: The breakdown of salary consists of basic DSSSB PRT salary, grade pay, allowances (DA, HRA, TA), and commissions that may be applied.
  • The Value of Compensation Data: helps with financial planning, career satisfaction assessment, and making well-informed career decisions.
  • Compute Salary: Net salary is the gross compensation less all deductions (PF, income tax, etc.).
  • Advancements and Professional Development: Pay increases are substantial when promotions to TGT/PGT levels and regular increments are given.
  • Benefits and Perks: A well-rounded remuneration package is enhanced by medical benefits, pension plans, leave allowances, job security, and work-life DSSSB PRT salary.

Last Words

The PRT role at DSSSB provides attractive benefits, a respectable pay scale, and the chance to support young people’s education. Making an informed decision regarding this fulfilling career path can be facilitated by having a clear understanding of the growth potential and income components. Becoming a DSSSB PRT salary can be a rewarding and financially secure career choice if you’re enthusiastic about teaching and changing lives.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the salary of DSSSB employee?

Ans.  The DSSSB MTS Salary is determined based on Level-01 of the 7th Pay Matrix, with a pay scale ranging from INR 18,000 to 56,900 per month. At the entry level, MTS recruits are placed at Level 1 of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), with a starting basic pay of INR 18,000 per month upon selection.


Q2. What is the salary of primary teacher in Delhi private school?

Ans. The average salary for Primary Teacher is ₹28,167 per month in the New Delhi. The average additional cash compensation for a Primary Teacher in the New Delhi is ₹167, with a range from ₹100 – ₹175.


Q3. Which is better PRT or TGT?


PRT (Primary Teachers) focus on Pre-Primary and Primary level students, while TGT (Trained Graduate Teachers) are skilled to handle Upper Primary classes. Area of Expertise: PRTs are generalists, equipped to teach multiple subjects. On the other hand, TGTs specialize in specific subjects.


Q4. Is dsssb better than KVS?

Ans.  AWhatever the reputation of an organization may be, jobs in both these organizations provide equal opportunity to the candidates to teach and grow as a teacher. For the more adventurous ones, KVS jobs hold promise. And those who would like to settle down in Delhi, DSSSB may be the preferred choice.


Q5. Is DSSSB a government job?

DSSSB is a recruitment board which was established on 8th January 1950 with the purpose to recruit candidates who are highly skilled, competent, and capable for various positions like Stenographer, Driver, Nurse, Clerk, Teacher, etc. This recruitment takes place for various departments under the Delhi government.