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JEE Main Answer Key : Delhi, Kolkata, Channai

The Joint Entrance Examination – Main (JEE Main answer key) is a standardized computer-based test conducted for admission to various undergraduate engineering programs in India. It is considered the gateway to top engineering colleges in the country, including the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs)

JEE Main answer key

Jee Main Answer Key

The JEE Main answer key emerges as an indispensable document for aspirants who have navigated the labyrinth of the Joint Entrance Examination – Main (JEE Main). This sacred scroll unveils the official solutions to every query posed during the examination, serving as a compass for students to chart their estimated scores and appraise their mettle.

Types of JEE Main Answer Keys:

  1. Provisional Answer Key:

    • Swiftly unfurled post the examination’s denouement.
    • A preliminary guide that extends the opportunity for students to question any queries they deem erroneous.
  2. Final Answer Key:

    • Takes its celestial bow subsequent to the meticulous review and redressal of raised objections.
    • The ultimate, sacrosanct key employed for the sacred act of examination scoring.

Crucial Reminders:

  • The sacred manuscript graces the official JEE Main sanctum: https://jeemain.nta.nic.in/.
  • Initiates a sacred communion, necessitating students to traverse the sacred portal, invoking their roll number and the date of their cosmic inception.
  • Manifests in the ethereal PDF format, awaiting students’ reverent perusal.
  • Provides a litmus test for aspirants, beckoning them to align their responses with the consecrated solutions to divine their potential scores.

Rituals and Caveats:

  • Should students discern any anomalies within the provisional answer key, the gates of objection swing ajar, albeit with the requisite toll.
  • The final answer key, once unfurled, assumes the mantle of the scoring gospel, with the gates of further dissent firmly bolted.

JEE Main answer key download

Navigating the Mystique of JEE Main Answer Key Retrieval:

To procure the enigmatic JEE Main answer key, kindly articulate your predilection for the session and paper. As of this present juncture, marked by the temporal insignia of December 27, 2023, the following alternatives beckon:

JEE Main 2024, February session:

  1. Papery Enigma 1 (Engineering)
  2. Papery Enigma 2 (B.Arch & B.Planning)

JEE Main 2023, April session:

  1. Papery Enigma 1 (Engineering)
  2. Papery Enigma 2 (B.Arch & B.Planning).

JEE Main official answer key

Deciphering the Enigma of “JEE Main Official Answer Key” as of December 27, 2023:

As the temporal sands of December 27, 2023, cascade, the veil of anticipation shrouds two potential facets of the “JEE Main official answer key”:

  1. JEE Main 2024 February Session:

    • The ethereal dance of this session is yet to unfold; tentatively slated for February 2024.
    • Following this mystical conclave, the provisional answer key shall materialize on the hallowed grounds of the official sanctuary: https://jeemain.nta.nic.in/.
    • Post a transient epoch for potential dissent, the final answer key, a testament of irrefutable truths, shall emerge on the same digital dais.
  2. JEE Main 2023 April Session:

    • This temporal chapter has already been etched in the annals of April 2023.
    • Both the provisional and ultimate answer keys, akin to revered scrolls, await seekers at the sanctified portal: https://jeemain.nta.nic.in/.
    • Discerning minds may select the coveted paper, be it the engineering odyssey or the B.Arch & B.Planning quest, and immerse themselves in the profundity of the respective PDF manuscripts.

JEE Main 2024 solution key

Embarking on the Temporal Odyssey of JEE Main 2024 Solutions:

As the sands of December 27, 2023, trickle through the hourglass, the sacred tome of solutions for JEE Main 2024 remains a dormant artifact. The February session, a canvas yet to unfurl, shall witness the examination’s orchestration.

Anticipate the Chronology:

  • Feb 2024: JEE Main 2024 February Session Exam
  • Feb/Mar 2024: Provisional Answer Key’s emergence, its debut tethered to the ballet of the exam schedule.
  • A fleeting juncture follows for potential dissenters to articulate objections.
  • Mar/Apr 2024: The grand revelation of the Final Answer Key, its unveiling synchronized with the ballet of objection processing.

Post this celestial alignment, the coveted key shall be at your beck and call on the revered grounds of the official JEE Main sanctuary: https://jeemain.nta.nic.in/.

In the interim, partake in the scholarly dance with the echoes of yesteryears. Previous year’s answer keys and the sagas spun by coaching institutes stand as practice parables. Yet, in this rehearsal, heed the caveat that the spectral questions and their solutions from the February 2024 sojourn may assume an idiosyncratic guise.

JEE Main paper analysis

As we stand upon the precipice of December 27, 2023, the annals of detailed paper analysis for JEE Main 2024 remain shrouded in the mists of anticipation, for the February session is yet to grace us.

Yet, should your intellectual curiosity seek insights, I present gleanings from the recent past:

  1. JEE Main 2023 April Session:

    • Overall Difficulty: Meandering through the realms of Moderate to Difficult, a journey fraught with variations across the sacred sections.
    • Physics Prowess: A terrain slightly more traversable, with an emphasis on the mechanics and electromagnetic tapestry.
    • Chemistry Sojourn: A balanced odyssey, with questions weaving through the fabric of physical, organic, and inorganic branches.
    • Mathematical Odyssey: A labyrinth of length and challenge, with the focal points anchored in the realms of calculus, algebra, and coordinate geometry.
  2. Past Session Trends:

    • Pattern Consistency: The cosmic ballet of the exam pattern and question types pirouettes in consistency across the epochs.
    • Slight Difficulty Fluctuations: The celestial soothsayers discern minor undulations in difficulty levels, akin to ripples on the surface of a cosmic pond.
  3. Guidance for Preparing the Tapestry of Paper Analysis:

    • Follow the Cosmic Narrators: Seek the sagas spun by reputable coaching institutes, educational constellations, and seasoned pedagogues.
    • Sectional Prowess: Direct your gaze toward the sections that stand as enigmas or remain less familiar.
    • Unveiling Strengths and Shadows: Employ the analysis as a celestial mirror, reflecting your performance realms and domains awaiting refinement.
    • Celestial Vigilance: Remain attuned to the celestial whispers, tracking potential shifts in the cosmic pattern or the dance of difficulty.

JEE Main answer key Delhi

In the labyrinth of knowledge, to unveil the coveted JEE Main answer key, heed these celestial instructions:

  1. Specify the Cosmic Coordinates:

    • Choose your celestial destination: Is it the impending JEE Main 2024 February session or the echoes of the past in JEE Main 2023 April? Do your intellectual musings lead you to Paper 1 (Engineering) or the artistic realms of Paper 2 (B.Arch & B.Planning)?
  2. Journey to the NTA Citadel:

  3. Rendezvous with the “Answer Key” Tab:

    • Navigate the sacred tapestry of the homepage or the celestial menu until your eyes meet the “Answer Key” tab.
  4. Selection of Astral Configurations:

    • Engage the cosmic forces by selecting your desired session and paper. Let the drop-down menus or mystical links guide your choices.
  5. Invocation of the PDF Ether:

    • Seize the ethereal essence by clicking on the “Download answer key” button or the mystical link, summoning the answers into the sanctity of a PDF scroll.

JEE Main answer key Bangalore

Embark on this quest with the following celestial map:

  1. Session and Manuscript Selection:

    • Navigate the cosmic tapestry and choose your manuscript wisely:
      • For the forthcoming odyssey of JEE Main 2024 in February, await its revelation post the celestial exam (tentatively in February) along with the sacred objection window.
      • For the echoes of JEE Main 2023 in April, both the provisional and final keys have already unveiled their cosmic secrets.
  2. Pilgrimage to the NTA Citadel:

  3. Invocation of the “Answer Key” Tab:

    • Seek the ethereal “Answer Key” tab amidst the cosmic arrangements, whether it be on the sacred homepage or concealed within the celestial menu.
  4. Harmonizing with Astral Configurations:

    • Engage with the cosmic forces by selecting the desired session and paper. Let the drop-down menus or mystical links be your guide through the astral configurations.
  5. Attainment of the PDF Ether:

    • Harness the arcane energies by invoking the “Download answer key” button or the mystical link, securing the answers in the sanctified scrolls of a PDF.


  • The tentative timeline is after the exam in February and following the objection window. Exact date to be announced by NTA.

Both provisional and final answer keys are available on the official JEE Main website: https://jeemain.nta.nic.in/https://jeemain.nta.nic.in/ under “Answer Key” tab. Choose the desired session and paper.

  • The provisional answer key is released soon after the exam and gives students a preliminary idea of their score. The final answer key is released after the objections are reviewed and addressed, and it’s used for official scoring.
  • The answer key is available in PDF format
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and try refreshing the page. If the problem persists, you can contact the NTA helpline for assistance.
  • Compare your answers with the official solutions in the answer key and add up the marks for the correct answers. Remember, there is negative marking for incorrect answers.