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Kolkata Weather next 15 days

The climate in Kolkata Weather next 15 days is characterized by means of a tropical climate, with awesome wet and dry seasons. During the summer months from March to June, the town reviews warm and humid conditions, with temperatures frequently soaring above 30°C (86°F) and occasional thunderstorms bringing relief within the form of rainfall. The monsoon season arrives in overdue June and lasts till September, bringing heavy downpours and common thunderstorms, that can lead to flooding in low-mendacity areas. From October to February, Kolkata enjoys a milder climate with cooler temperatures starting from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), making it a greater comfortable time to visit the metropolis. Overall, Kolkata’s climate is inspired through its proximity to the Bay of Bengal, resulting in giant humidity and rainfall at some stage in the yr.

Kolkata Weather Next 15 Days

Kolkata Weather next 15 days

Weekday Weather Condition Temperature Range
Monday Sunny with mild temperatures 22°C to 30°C
Tuesday Increasing cloud cover with possible showers 24°C to 29°C
Wednesday Scattered thunderstorms expected 23°C to 28°C
Thursday Clearing up after overnight rain 21°C to 29°C
Friday Partly cloudy with warm temperatures 24°C to 31°C
Saturday Humid conditions with monsoon showers 25°C to 30°C
Sunday Heavy rainfall throughout the day 22°C to 28°C
Monday Break in the rain, cloudy skies 23°C to 27°C
Tuesday Cooler temperatures following showers 20°C to 26°C
Wednesday Overcast with occasional drizzles 21°C to 27°C
Thursday Patchy fog in the morning, clearing later 19°C to 25°C
Friday Intermittent sunshine between clouds 23°C to 29°C
Saturday Afternoon thunderstorms possible 22°C to 28°C
Sunday Evening showers likely 21°C to 26°C
Monday Clearing skies, gradual warming 24°C to 30°C

A Season-by-Season Guide to Kolkata Weather

Kolkata, the vibrant capital town of West Bengal, experiences a numerous variety of climate conditions for the duration of the yr. From sweltering summers to clean monsoons and mild winters, information Kolkata’s seasonal climate styles is crucial for residents and visitors alike.

1. Summer (March – May)

  • Hot and Humid Conditions: During summer season, Kolkata reviews scorching temperatures coupled with excessive humidity ranges, making it a tough time for outside activities.
  • Average Temperature: Daytime temperatures often soar above 30°C (86°F), with occasional spikes attaining 40°C (104°F) or better.
  • Precautions: Stay hydrated, are seeking coloration or air-conditioned environments, and avoid extended exposure to the solar.
    2. Monsoon (June – September)
  • Heavy Rainfall: The monsoon season brings comfort from the summer warmness  Kolkata Weather next 15 days but also ushers in torrential downpours and common thunderstorms.
  • Average Rainfall: Kolkata receives enormous rainfall at some point of the monsoon, with July and August being the wettest months.
  • Precautions: Be prepared for waterlogging and site visitors disruptions, convey an umbrella or raincoat, and keep away from flood-inclined areas.
    3. Autumn (October – November)
  • Transitional Period: Autumn marks the transition from the monsoon to the post-monsoon season, characterised by progressively decreasing rainfall and moderating temperatures.
  • Pleasant Weather: Temperatures turn out to be greater comfortable, and humidity ranges lower, creating best situations for outdoor activities.
  • Festive Season: Kolkata comes alive all through autumn with festivals like Durga Puja, presenting a vibrant cultural revel in.
    4. Winter (December – February)
  • Mild Temperatures: Winter in Kolkata is relatively slight compared to different  Kolkata Weather next 15 days components of India, with pleasantly cool temperatures and clear skies.

Geographical Factors Influencing Kolkata Weather

Certainly! Here are 10 geographical factors influencing Kolkata’s weather:

  1. Proximity to the Bay of Bengal: Kolkata Weather next 15 days  place near the Bay of Bengal affects its climate styles, with moist sea breezes contributing to high humidity degrees, specially for the duration of the summer time months.
  2. Hooghly River: The presence of the Hooghly River, a distributary of the Ganges, moderates temperatures in Kolkata, imparting a cooling impact in its vicinity.
  3. Flat Topography: Kolkata’s flat terrain makes it liable to flooding at some stage in heavy rainfall, as water drainage may be impeded, main to waterlogging in low-lying regions.
  4. Urban Heat Island Effect: The urban warmness island impact is popular in Kolkata, wherein the awareness of homes and infrastructure results in better temperatures in comparison to surrounding rural areas.
  5. Surrounding Vegetation: Despite being a bustling city, Kolkata keeps green areas including parks and gardens, that may mitigate temperature extremes and offer localized cooling.
  6. Coastal Location: Kolkata’s coastal proximity exposes it to tropical cyclones originating in the Bay of Bengal, main to heavy rainfall and robust winds at some point of cyclonic disturbances.
  7. Monsoon Influence: The southwest monsoon brings huge rainfall  Kolkata Weather next 15 days to Kolkata, replenishing water resources and sustaining agriculture, whilst also causing flooding in a few regions.
  8. Temperature Inversion: Temperature inversion occurs whilst hotter air traps cooler air close to the floor, leading to fog and smog formation in Kolkata, specially in the course of the winter months.
  9. Sea Breeze Effect: Sea breezes from the Bay of Bengal can moderate sunlight hours temperatures in Kolkata, supplying alleviation from the summer season warmth.

Tips for Packing for Kolkata Weather

Packing for Kolkata’s various weather conditions requires careful attention to ensure comfort and preparedness for any state of affairs. Here are a few pointers that will help you p.C. Successfully for Kolkata weather:

  1. Lightweight Clothing: Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics which include cotton and linen to stay cool and comfortable in Kolkata’s warm and humid climate, in particular in the course of the summer time months.
  2. Layers: Pack clothing that can be layered for versatility. Mornings and evenings may be cooler, particularly at some stage in the iciness months, so having layers permits you to regulate to changing temperatures at some point of the day.
  3. Rain Gear: Kolkata reports heavy rainfall at some stage in the monsoon season, so it’s critical to p.C. Water resistant items Kolkata Weather next 15 days  which include an umbrella, raincoat, and waterproof footwear to live dry throughout unexpected downpours.
  4. Sun Protection: Protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays with the aid of packing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. These items are essential, specially all through the summer time while UV exposure is highest.
  5. Comfortable Footwear: Choose cushty, robust footwear suitable for on foot on Kolkata’s uneven streets and sidewalks. Waterproof footwear are best for navigating through waterlogged areas for the duration of the monsoon season.
  6. Mosquito Repellent: Kolkata is at risk of mosquito-borne sicknesses, in particular at some stage in the monsoon season. Pack insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquito bites, in particular in case you plan to spend time outside or in rural regions.
  7. Electrolytes: Stay hydrated in Kolkata’s humid climate by means of packing electrolyte packets or drugs to refill lost fluids and minerals, particularly Kolkata Weather next 15 days  if you plan to engage in outdoor activities or sightseeing.

Interesting Facts About Kolkata Weather

Kolkata’s weather holds many captivating components that contribute to its precise weather. Here are a few interesting facts about Kolkata weather:

  1. Monsoon Capital: Kolkata is often referred to as the “Monsoon Capital of India” because of the giant rainfall it gets throughout the monsoon season. The city reports heavy downpours, every so often ensuing in waterlogging and flooding in low-lying areas.
  2. Humidity Levels: Kolkata is known for its high humidity ranges, particularly in the course of the summer season months. The proximity to the Bay of Bengal and the town’s geographical capabilities make contributions to this humid climate, making summers sense even warmer and stickier.
  3. Winter Chill: Despite its popularity for warm and humid weather, Kolkata studies especially mild winters in comparison to other elements of India. However, temperatures can sometimes drop to single digits Celsius (around 50°F), mainly at some stage in bloodless spells.
  4. Foggy Mornings: Winter mornings in Kolkata are frequently shrouded in fog or mist, growing a picturesque atmosphere. The foggy conditions can every so often cause reduced visibility, specially at some point of the early hours of the day.
  5. Thunderstorm Capital: Kolkata stories common thunderstorms, specifically throughout the pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons. These thunderstorms bring comfort from the heat and regularly accompany heavy rainfall, lightning, and robust winds.
  6. Cyclone Vulnerability: Being located on the jap coast of India, Kolkata is at risk of tropical cyclones originating within the Bay of Bengal. While direct hits are uncommon, cyclonic disturbances can carry heavy rain and gusty winds to the metropolis, disrupting everyday existence.
  7. Historical Weather Records: Kolkata has a rich records of weather observations dating again to the colonial generation. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

Popular Tourist Destinations in Kolkata Weather

Kolkata boasts a plethora of traveler locations that can be enjoyed during the yr, irrespective of the climate. Here are some famous traveler locations in Kolkata and the way they can be experienced in distinctive weather situations:

  1. Victoria Memorial: This iconic monument is a must-visit attraction in Kolkata, supplying perception into the town’s colonial records. Whether it is raining or shining, visitors can discover the museum’s famous showcasing art, artifacts, and photos from the British technology.
  2. Howrah Bridge: Spanning the Hooghly River, the Howrah Bridge is an architectural marvel and a symbol of Kolkata’s identity. Rain or shine, site visitors can take a leisurely stroll alongside the bridge, admiring panoramic  Kolkata Weather next 15 days views of the river and bustling cityscape.
  3. Park Street: Known as Kolkata’s meals and enjoyment hub, Park Street offers a colourful environment with an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Visitors can experience scrumptious delicacies and live music interior during rainy weather or dine al fresco on clear, sunny days.
  4. Indian Museum: The Indian Museum is the oldest and largest museum in India, housing an extensive collection of artifacts, fossils, and works of art. Rainy days provide the correct possibility to discover the museum’s galleries and find out about India’s rich cultural heritage.
  5. Botanical Gardens: Spread across 270 acres, the Botanical Gardens is a inexperienced oasis within the coronary heart of Kolkata. Visitors can wander thru lush gardens, recognize exotic plants, and take a leisurely boat ride at the lake, regardless of the weather.
  6. Science City: Ideal for households and technology enthusiasts, Science City gives interactive  Kolkata Weather next 15 days famous, a area theater, and a butterfly lawn. Rainy days offer the right excuse to explore indoor sights and interact in educational sports.


Kolkata’s climate gives a captivating combination of factors that make a contribution to its dynamic climate during the 12 months. From the sweltering warmth of summer season to the fresh monsoon showers and moderate winters, the town studies a numerous variety of climate conditions that shape its cultural landscape and each day life.

Despite going through demanding situations inclusive of heavy rainfall, humidity, and coffee cyclonic disturbances, Kolkata citizens exhibit excellent resilience in adapting to their ever-changing surroundings. The town’s wealthy records, vibrant way of life, and array of traveller points of interest retain to beckon traffic from round the sector, presenting memorable experiences irrespective of the weather.


The best time to visit Kolkata is during the winter months, from November to February, when the weather is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

While Kolkata doesn’t experience extreme weather like some other parts of the world, it does have hot and humid summers, heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, and occasional cold spells in winter.

The monsoon season in Kolkata, which typically lasts from June to September, brings heavy rainfall and occasional thunderstorms. Flooding and waterlogging are common in low-lying areas during this time.

While Kolkata can experience heavy rainfall and flooding during the monsoon season, it is generally safe to visit as long as you take precautions, such as staying indoors during heavy downpours and avoiding flood-prone areas.

 It’s advisable to pack lightweight and breathable clothing for Kolkata’s hot and humid summers, along with an umbrella and raincoat for the monsoon season. In winter, bring layers to stay warm during cooler temperatures.

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