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The current Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the entire mankind. The lockdown, on top of it, has affected the entire economy and jeopardized job prospects for many. With this current scarcity of job requirements, many new graduates are left with denuded opportunities. Unemployment is rising during these tough times and is gravely impacting different job prospects.

In this time, it becomes important to closely analyze how the lock-down is affecting different groups of people. It helps us mentally prepare ourselves for the future, and also allow us to take preventive measures. Though, lockdown is a necessity, its inevitable loss imposed upon us cannot be overlooked. Many sectors have resumed their work, except schools and universities- lockdown is being lifted, but no one has any clue when will educational institutions open. Therefore, it becomes essential for us to analyze how gravely the lockdown impacted the lives of the students

Loss of Opportunities-


Hardly any sector would remain unaffected by the Corona virus outbreak. Similarly, the educational sector is suffering and is unable to secure the lives of its students. All India Survey of Higher Education claimed that 32.9 lakh students graduated from different streams in 2019, engineering and MBA graduates are expected to double in comparison to 2019 in this year. These newly emerging graduates are left with a standstill economy with no efficient opportunities for their benefit.

Uncertainty and Confusion-


Lockdown is a necessity in this current time, however, all of us have to bear its inevitable loss. The closure of all schools and universities have affected future learners immensely. This has also led the institutions to postpone the examinations conducted by them, this entire process has left the students with a feeling of uncertainty. The impacted economy is now affecting the paying abilities of many students. Many students who took education loans to pursue expensive courses were highly dependent on their future jobs to repay the loans. Unfortunately, that possibility is currently out of the question.

Unfair advantages and Poor Management-


The pandemic has also resulted in many unfair advantages for a few sections in the society. Many educational institutions are conducting classes and examinations online, though it is surely convenient for some who have the availability of proper internet connections and the technology to reap its benefits. Many people do not have the facilities and the privilege to have technology in their house. The institution’s apathy towards these children is problematic. Also, low-incomed institutions cannot conduct these e-classes and interact with their students, as a result, the education of these students is completely shut down. The percentage of students who were able to use this facility all over India is only 20.1%.

Chaos and Havoc-


Many major entrance exams are postponed, students who have already applied and got admission in foreign educational institutions are considering dropping the offer if this condition persist. This pandemic is going to affect the competencies of the students in the coming future. With growing uncertainty and disconnection from their specific endeavors, the students are devoting less time on their studies. Education is also a tool which allows upward social and economic mobility, the current times can severely affect the disadvantaged classes.

Unfortunately, this pandemic aligns with the crucial season of a student’s life. It has created panic and anxiety on those who are waiting to give their entrance exams and board exams, it has subtracted the chances of all graduated class waiting for their job recruitments. Universities are unable to supply placements to their students; many students are afraid they might lose their jobs they are already selected for. Therefore, these persisting problems have caused chaos and havoc in the minds of the students.

Proper Reforms-


 A step towards inclusive learning can bring many considerable changes, this can increase the effectiveness of learning. The practice of inclusive education would be beneficial for all the students in remote areas. Secondly, there must be policies to support the newly graduating class. They must be supported in the economic market, and the employers must mitigate the recruitment process. Thirdly, educational institutions must target how would they install new strategies to develop the abilities of their students. Institutions must not focus on internal assessments, rather they must promote new ways of learning and strategies to improve knowledge. As mid-day meals are crucial factors why many students enroll in schools, the closure of educational spaces have brought many challenges to these students. The government must ensure that these meals are still supplied the students in their respective educational places. Most importantly, a system must ensure that the education rate must be reduced, especially in orange and red zones.

The weakening and crumbling life of the people cannot be overlooked, the ones who are suffering the most comes from a disadvantaged background and history. It becomes important for all of us, to be empathetic and responsible at this time. All sectors are falling apart, and all we can do is pray for a better future ahead.

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