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Vidyasiri Scholarship:2020-21,2022-23, Apply Online, Eligibility

Do you need a common presentation to the concept of Vidyasiri Scholarship?  I can give locks in snare sentences and key focuses to set the arrange. Do you have got another particular require for a “Grant presentation”? If it’s not too much trouble share any extra points of interest to donate me setting.

Vidyasiri Scholarship

Vidyasiri Scholarship Overview

Type of ScholarshipFinancial assistance for education expenses
Target AudienceStudents belonging to Backward Classes (BCs) in Karnataka pursuing post-matriculation studies
Level of EducationPost-matriculation (11th standard onwards)
Financial CoverageCovers tuition fees, hostel expenses, and additional allowances
ObjectiveProvide financial support to enable access to quality education and promote academic growth
Schemes Offered 
* Vidyasiri Scholarship SchemeCovers tuition fees and other academic expenses
* Vidyasiri Food and Accommodation Scholarship SchemeProvides support for food and hostel expenses
Application ProcessOnline through the Department of Backward Classes Welfare website
Important DatesVary each year, please check the official website for current deadlines
Website<invalid URL removed>

If it’s not too much trouble note: This data is based on freely accessible information and may not be thorough. It is continuously prescribed to visit the official site for the most recent overhauls and nitty gritty qualification criteria.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Important Dates

Important Date Description Source
Application Start Date The date when the online application portal opens for new applications. Department of Backward Classes Welfare website
Application End Date The last date to submit your application online. Department of Backward Classes Welfare website
Last Date for Fee Submission (if applicable) The deadline to pay any required application fees. Department of Backward Classes Welfare website
Scholarship Announcement Date The date when the list of selected scholars is announced. Department of Backward Classes Welfare website
Disbursement Start Date The date when scholarship funds start being disbursed to awardees. Department of Backward Classes Welfare website

Extra tips:

  • Visit the official site of the Division of In reverse Classes Welfare routinely for upgrades on the grant.
  • Subscribe to their e-mail cautions or social media channels to remain educated.
  • Contact the division specifically on the off chance that you have got any questions or require clarification.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

CategoryMinimum MarksMinimum Family Income (per annum)Course RequirementAdditional Notes
SC/STN/AUp to INR 2,00,000Government-aided, local, or non-aided institutions affiliated with Karnataka universities75% attendance required
BC/OBC/PwDN/AUp to INR 1,00,000Government-aided, local, or non-aided institutions affiliated with Karnataka universities75% attendance required
Minority40% for General MeritN/AGovernment-aided, local, or non-aided institutions affiliated with Karnataka universitiesN/A
Prathibha Purskar (SC/ST/OBC/OWD)90%Category-1: Up to INR 1,00,000Higher education or professional courses approved by Karnataka GovernmentOne-time scholarship awarded in lifetime
PMS FAAS, FC, and NUR Fee Concession75%SC/ST: Up to INR 2,00,000Post-matric programs approved by Karnataka GovernmentN/A
Mukta Vidya ScholarshipN/AN/AOpen and distance learning programsLimited to first come, first served basis

Extra Notes:

  • This table isn’t thorough and may not reflect all particular qualification criteria.
  • Continuously allude to the official site of the Office of In reverse Classes Welfare for the most recent and most exact data: https://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/en
  • Particular due dates and application methods may change depending on the plot you’re applying for.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Required Documents

Document Category Document Examples Notes
Identification Proof * Aadhaar Card * Voter ID Card * Passport Mandatory for all applicants.
Address Proof * Domicile Certificate issued by Tahsildar * Ration Card with address * Electricity Bill * Water Bill * Passport with address Mandatory for all applicants.
Academic Documents * Previous year Marks Cards and Certificates (starting from 10th standard) * Admission confirmation letter for current course * Bonafide Certificate from current institute Mandatory for all applicants.
Income Proof * Income Certificate issued by Tahsildar * Salary Certificate of parent/guardian * Pension Payment Order (if applicable) Mandatory for all applicants except Minority category.
Caste/Category Certificate (if applicable) * SC/ST Caste Certificate * OBC Caste Certificate * Minority Community Certificate Mandatory for SC/ST, OBC, and Minority category applicants.
Disability Certificate (if applicable) * Disability Certificate issued by a competent authority Mandatory for PwD applicants.
Bank Details * Cancelled Cheque with account holder name and branch details * Bank Passbook copy showing account details Mandatory for scholarship disbursement.
Additional Documents (depending on scheme) * Medical Certificate for physically challenged applicants (PMS FAAS scheme) * Marks Card of Prathibha Purskar exam (Prathibha Purskar scheme) Refer to specific scheme guidelines for detailed requirements.

If you don’t mind note:

Vidyasiri Scholarship Amount

Vidyasiri Scholarship SchemeCovers tuition fees and other academic expenses.Up to full tuition feesVaries depending on the type of course and institution.
Vidyasiri Food and Accommodation Scholarship SchemeProvides support for food and hostel expenses.Up to INR 3,000 per monthFor SC/ST students only.
Prathibha Purskar Vidyasiri ScholarshipMonthly stipend for 10 months.INR 1,500 per monthOne-time scholarship awarded in a lifetime.
PMS FAAS, FC, and NUR Fee ConcessionFull or partial fee concession.N/AVaries depending on the scheme and course.

Extra notes:

  • This table gives a common diagram and the genuine sum may shift depending on person circumstances.
  • Allude to the official site of the Division of In reverse Classes Welfare for the most recent and most precise data on grant sums: https://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/en: https://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/en
  • Particular salary criteria and other qualification components may apply for each plot.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Steps to apply online application

Step Description Notes
1. Check Eligibility: Review the eligibility criteria on the official website (https://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/enhttps://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/en) to ensure you qualify.
2. Register & Create Account: Visit the KARePass Scholarship portal (https://karepass.cgg.gov.in/https://karepass.cgg.gov.in/) and click “New User Registration.” Enter your details and create a username and password.
3. Select Scheme & Apply: Choose the relevant Vidyasiri scheme you wish to apply for. Click “Apply Online” and proceed with the application form.
4. Fill Application Form: Carefully enter your personal information, academic details, income details, caste certificate details (if applicable), and other required information.
5. Upload Documents: Scan and upload all necessary documents as per the scheme guidelines. Ensure they are in the specified format and size.
6. Proofread & Submit: Review your application thoroughly for any errors or omissions. Once satisfied, click “Submit” to finalize your application.
7. Note Application Number: Remember your application number for future reference and checking the application status.
8. Track Application Status: Log in to your KARePass account and use the “Application Status” section to track the progress of your application.

Extra notes:

  • Guarantee you have got a steady web association and all archives checked some time recently beginning the application prepare.
  • Allude to the official site for scheme-specific subtle elements and documentation prerequisites.
  • Keep your login accreditations secure and secret.
  • Due dates for applications change each year, so check the official site for overhauls.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Renewal Process

Step Description Notes
1. Check Eligibility: Confirm you still meet the renewal eligibility criteria as specified by the Department of Backward Classes Welfare. Refer to the official website for updates: https://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/enhttps://bcwd.karnataka.gov.in/info-2/Scholarships/Vidyasiri/en
2. Choose Renewal Method: Decide whether to renew through the KARePass Scholarship portal or the ePass Karnataka website. KARePass is generally preferred.
3. KARePass Renewal:
* a. Login to your KARePass account. Enter your username and password.
* b. Go to “Renewal Application.” Look for the Vidyasiri scholarship renewal option.
* c. Select Scheme & Fill Form:** Choose the specific Vidyasiri scheme you are renewing and complete the online form with updated information.
* d. Upload Documents:** Upload any required documents for renewal, such as updated income certificates or academic marks cards.
* e. Submit Application:** Carefully review your application and then submit it electronically.
* f. Track Status:** Monitor the progress of your renewal application within your KARePass account.
4. ePass Karnataka Renewal:
* a. Visit the ePass Karnataka website: <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>
* b. Select “Renewal” and then “Vidyasiri Scholarship.” Follow the on-screen instructions.
* c. Login or Register:** Login with existing credentials or create a new account.
* d. Fill Form & Upload Documents:** Complete the online renewal form and upload necessary documents.
* e. Submit & Track Status:** Submit your application and track its progress through the ePass Karnataka portal.
5. Important:
* Keep track of deadlines for scholarship renewal, as they can vary each year.
* Ensure all your information and documents are updated and accurate.
* Contact the Department of Backward Classes Welfare for any specific queries or assistance.

If it’s not too much trouble note:

  • This data is based on freely accessible information and may not be thorough. Continuously allude to the official site of the Division of In reverse Classes Welfare for the most recent upgrades and nitty gritty informational.
  • Particular steps and prerequisites may shift depending on the chosen recharging strategy and grant conspire.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Application Status Tracking Procedure

Method Description Notes
KARePass Scholarship Portal:
1. Login: Go to the KARePass Scholarship portal (https://karepass.cgg.gov.in/https://karepass.cgg.gov.in/) and log in using your registered username and password. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
2. Application Status: Click on the “Application Status” section on the dashboard. This section displays all your submitted applications.
3. Select Application: Find the specific Vidyasiri scholarship application you want to track and click on it. The application details and current status will be displayed.
4. Status Information: The portal will show the current stage of your application, such as “Submitted,” “Processing,” “Scrutinized,” “Sanctioned,” or “Rejected.” You may also be able to download any related documents or communication.
ePass Karnataka Website:
1. Visit Website: Go to the ePass Karnataka website: <invalid URL removed>
2. Login/Register: Login with your existing credentials or register for a new account if you haven’t already.
3. Track Application: Click on the “Track Application Status” section.
4. Enter Details: Provide your application ID or other required information to retrieve your application status.
5. Status Display: The website will show the current status of your application similar to the KARePass portal.

Extra Notes:

  • The particular interface and route steps may change somewhat depending on the chosen stage.
  • Keep your application number helpful for less demanding following.
  • In case your application status remains unaltered for an expanded period or appears an startling status, consider reaching the Division of In reverse Classes Welfare for clarification.
  • Keep in mind that application preparing timelines can change depending on different variables.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Selection Process

Application Submission:Applicants submit their applications through the KARePass Scholarship portal or ePass Karnataka website within the stipulated timeframe.Refer to the official website for latest deadlines and application methods.
Document Verification:The scholarship authorities verify the submitted documents for authenticity and completeness.Incomplete applications might be rejected.
Eligibility Check:Applications are assessed against the pre-defined eligibility criteria for the specific Vidyasiri scheme.Refer to the official website for detailed eligibility requirements.
Shortlisting:Applications that meet the eligibility criteria and document verification are shortlisted for further evaluation.Shortlisting criteria may vary depending on the scheme and available funds.
Merit-Based Evaluation:Shortlisted applications are scored based on academic merit, such as previous year marks cards and entrance exam scores (if applicable).Weightage given to academic merit might differ across schemes.
Additional Considerations:Depending on the scheme, additional factors like family income, caste/category, disability status, etc., might be considered during evaluation.Specific weightage given to these factors is not publicly disclosed.
Final Selection:Based on the combined scores from merit-based evaluation and any additional considerations, a final list of selected scholars is prepared.The number of selected scholars depends on available scholarship funds.
Award Notification:Selected scholars are notified through their registered email and application portal about the scholarship award.Scholarship disbursement details and timelines are also communicated.

Imperative Notes:

  • This is often a common outline, and the real choice prepare might include extra steps or varieties depending on the particular Vidyasiri plot and year.
  • The Division of In reverse Classes Welfare doesn’t unveil the particular weightage given to different components amid choice.
  • For the foremost exact and up-to-date data on the Vidyasiri Grant determination prepare, allude to the official site of the Office of In reverse Classes Welfare

Vidyasiri Scholarship FAQs

Qualification changes depending on the particular grant program. A few require Indian citizenship, certain scholastic justify levels, enlisted in particular degree programs, and family pay edges. See the table organize outline from your past ask for points of interest on particular grants.

There are different grants for undergrad, postgraduate, PhD, and postdoctoral considers in STEM areas like AI, computer science, building, and more. Check the “Dependence Grant List with Points of interest” table organize you asked for a comprehensive list and official websites for particular programs.

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