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6 inspirational games for working professional

Right now, if you introspect, you will find that you still are passionate about playing games but somehow due to peer pressure and listening to society, you stopped playing games. Many people believe that games are a waste of time and discard people who play games. But in reality, games can be really motivated and inspirational and can teach you major life-changing skills. There are so many games for working professionals to enjoy and learn something too at the same time. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list some the best games for working professional to play. The following is the list.


Ok, so many of you must be thinking that I am being idiotic putting PUBG in this list but hear me out. PUBG is an amazing game to play and create memories. For all those who have never played PUBG, it is a survival game where 100 players fight to win on an island. This game encourages team-work and can improve your leadership qualities. It will increase your communicational skills and will help you make connections to people. You can play with random people and can spread your network. This game is fun and relaxes you too. Play it and you will not complain. Also, this game’s LITE version is also available. You can either download that or the normal one.


Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition

Monopoly is a board game which is also available on mobile phones. This is very good and can teach you many skills which are useful in your daily life and professional life to. A working professional can learn many skills such as bargaining, money management, decision making, cooping with failure, building yourself up after losing everything. This is very good and should be played with both family and friends. Many professionals must have played this in their childhood and understand the importance of this game. Play it again and see how much your decision-making skills have improved. 


Scribble is an online in which a person draws something given to him by the computer and other players have to guess what the person is drawing. This can really improve your reasoning and deducting skills with your analysis kills too. This is great to connect with new people and friends too. You can play it with your colleagues and make your bond stronger. You can also play with strangers. Game provides with an option to choose an avatar and play with unknown people under alias. It is fun to play this and enjoy and learn at the same time. Give this a try and you will love it.

Assassin’s Creed 

Ok, so Assassin’s Creed is one of my favourite games. This is really addictive and have so great graphics that you will fall in love with them. The story is great too and will inspire you to do something good in life too. The story revolves around Assassins, who fight for peace in the world with free will and Templars, who want peace with control. This teaches important life skills such as never giving up, standing against corruption and injustice and wrong things happening around you. It tells that you can achieve anything with sheer will and hard-work same as the main character who learns his way around with time and achieve by trying hard and never giving up.


Image result for sudoku

Sudoku is that game which your family forces you to play in your childhood in newspaper. This game is really great as it requires analytical skills and reasoning skills too. You need to be attentive while playing this as a little mistake can ruin the whole game and you will need to start over. This game keeps your mind fresh and working. It will give you a boost if you play it in the morning. Many working professionals need a little boost up in the morning as a slight motivation and solving a sudoku will give you that little motivation.


Image result for chess game

Not gonna lie, call me a nerd, but my favourite board game is Chess. Chess is the game which I can play for hours and hours. I just love this game and it has so many qualities that will increase your skills to the next level. This game teaches you leadership skills. It teaches you to think before taking step, because one step can put your King in a difficult position. We should plan our things carefully and think of multiple possibilities before jumping to decisions and making terrible choices that we will regret later. The game teaches you planning and gives you reasoning skills too. 

So, above was the list of best inspirational games for working professional to play and enjoy whilst learning and inspiring themselves. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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