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Computer Application (BCA) is learning of software application which is a program or a bunch of programs which is made or designed for the end-users. Computer application has many software applications like- Spreadsheets, a word processor, a web browser, an email client, an accounting application, a file viewer, a media player, simulators, a console game, or a photo editor and many more software application. Here is article on 8 Tips for a career in BCA

Studying computer application is a fascinating subject and career choice since, computer application helps in enhancing the student’s ability and knowledge about such integration of application.  Students should not only have interest in this particular computer application subject but also should be aware of the basics of computer operations or applications.


Why is computer application important?

BCA is an important degree which students should apply and study for because students will gain a great deal of regarding computers, they will gain many skills and information for the same as well. They will learn a lot about (IT) Information Technology, gain organizational, communication and management skills. Students also learn a lot of programming language like- Java, C+, C++, HTML etc.

Students should keep themselves updated regarded new changes in the world or production of new technologies. It helps them be present and involved with what’s going on in the world. If students have a great grasp of math’s then they will find this course a little easier to pass and understand. Students have keen knowledge as well as interest in coding they have a wide scope of opportunities in this field. This course also helps student in business if they want to help in a start-up of any company. In this world, where technology rules students find it easier to settle in and work.  So, these are some of the reasons as to why student should choose this subject for their future career if they have interest.

Skills and benefits-

The most obvious skill which you need and should have is the knowledge of computer application, you should have great communications skills, data entry skills are also preferred a lot. Students should be responsible, Analytical, and should have great reasoning skills, should have good programming skills.

Students get to work in any software company he or she likes. As the world evolves the students get more and more opportunity to grow and learn about new developed application like there’s already famous application companies like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and snapchat etc.


Bachelor’s in Computer Application is an undergraduate degree, and completion of this degree take up to 3 years. Students can further study a master’s- Master’s in computer application. To apply for the bachelor’s degree student’s need to clear their entrance exam as well. The course fee is approximately 2 to 3 lakhs or up to 4 lakhs. Bachelor’s in Computer Application is an innovative and creative degree. You can also study this degree in abroad where there’s more studying scope and opportunities as well as career.


To be eligible for this BCA course you need to be 12th passed with minimum aggregate marks 45% to 50%. Acceptance of students is different from colleges to colleges; some students need to perform an entrance exam and need to pass it to study further and some students need to give a personal interview to be accepted.


There are many good universities all over India, where students can pursue their degree.

Chennai, Department of computer application, SRM University

In Noida, Institute of Management Studies

Kurukshetra, University College-Kurukshetra

In Bangalore, St. Joseph’s College

Tamil Nadu, Stella Maris College

There are many more universities in aboard, which provides more over opportunity to learn about different cultures and different ideologies as well.

Career Scope-

There are many career or jobs available for the students after they finish their degree’s or master’s. There are even many internships available for students if they want to have a hand’s on work experience.

You can work in/as-

Stock Marketer

Teacher or Professor

Software developer

Marketing Manager

Computer Programmer

Computer Support Services Specialist


The average salary of a fresher is approx. INR- 15,000 to 40,000 and with more experience and qualifications you gain your salary gradually increases, INR- 50,000 to 1,50,000.

In Conclusion-

BCA course is the perfect course for students who have great interest and deep knowledge about computers. Students in the world of technology has much more working scope than any other career or educational fields.

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