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Category: Mental Health

Nov 01
Unlearn the conditioning that’s holding you back

It is essential for us to not hide our potential; many times because of conditioning, we shy away from showing our actual worth and potential, it is necessary to show true potential so that people can appreciate us and know what we are capable of. Working culture has a set of rules and regulations which […]

Nov 01
12 Negative effects of social media on youth

Web-based media use has regularly brought about a significant level of uneasiness and stress. The young people generally contrast themselves and their companions via online media and see insufficiencies on the off chance that others are better at something which influences their life. It is one of the primary ills of the web-based media due to the secrecy it offers. It expands the danger of brutality, sex misuse, and dangers that can bring about profound passionate scars. It has durable impacts that are helped through to adulthood. The freedom of thinking…

Nov 01
15 Strategies to prevent overthinking

Introduction You, at last, have a couple of calm minutes to yourself, possibly to promptly begin contemplating whether you neglected to send that thank-you email or whether you’ve overestimated your odds of getting the advancement. Sound familiar? Stressing and overthinking is essential for the human experience, yet when left unchecked, they can negatively affect your prosperity. […]

Nov 01
4 things that an overthinker can relate to

If you want to know about things overthinker can relate to, you are in the right place. Are you an overthinker? Do you still remember and regret about those incidents which had happened last 10 years ago? Do you often suffer from insomnia due to overthinking about a very small issue? Does it often happen […]

Nov 01
How to stop being possessive

If you want to know how to stop being possessive, you are in the right place. We all get possessive regarding our special bonds or friends or family members atleast at one point of time right? And that’s natural and obvious right? Well, this thinking of taking being possessive as taken for granted is the […]

Nov 01
More about impostor syndrome

Hey readers, if you want to know about imposter syndrome, you are in the right place. Today I’m going to talk about a less known mental health condition which you may or may not know about. So today’s topic is about impostor syndrome. Let’s get started. Though before starting, I would like to say that […]

Nov 01
Mental Abuse – Signs and Ways to Overcome

Though we all know the signs of mental abuse, when it comes to actually identify them at the peak moment of getting abused, you actually forget them. Mental abuse can be of various types like someone controlling you, or trying to make you insecure, or trying to frighten you or isolate you and a lot […]

Nov 01
How to forget your ex

If you want to know how you can forget your ex, you are in the right place. We all have gone through this phase at least once in our entire life right? Like come-on, you wouldn’t have even felt like reading this article if you wouldn’t have gone through the same (though I’m not passing […]

Nov 01
Know About Signs of Depression

If you want to know about signs of depression, you are in the right place. We often tend to use the term depression whenever we are feeling sad or getting a headache after having a bad day but depression itself it not such an easy term. Depression has a lot more signs and symptoms to […]

Oct 31
Signs of a toxic relationship

If you want to know about the signs of a toxic relationship, you are in the right place. Relationship, the most beautiful thing for many people. The phase of life when your partner is everything for you. people tend to behave very much differently when they with their partner and when they are with others. […]

Oct 30
10 Benefits of Sports in Student Life

Introduction An understudy needs to concentrate hard to be effective in serious assessments. In any case, it’s likewise significant that he engages in sports to appreciate the wellbeing and force of life. Sports are a vital aspect of an understudy’s life. Each kid ought to acknowledge and take an interest in sports at a more […]

Oct 30
Body shaming and the society

Introduction Body shaming has become a significant issue in our general public. Body disgracing is characterized as being “wrong, contrary explanations and perspectives toward someone else’s weight or size.” It is a type of harassing and, just as being embarrassing, it can prompt short and long haul mental and well-being related issues. Body disgracing happens […]

Oct 30
5 Types of Self Care for Students

Introduction One of the primary reasons individuals make for overlooking articles about self care is that they simply don’t have time. The extraordinary news is that there are a wide range of self care practices, and none of them are particularly troublesome or require a ton of arranging. Try to discover some that you really […]

Oct 29
5 signs that you are being manipulated

If you want to know if you are being manipulated, you are in the right place. Did you ever sit back to think about the fact whether you were ever being manipulated in a relationship or bonding? Do you even know the techniques by which a person can manipulate you? If not, then today I’m […]

Oct 28
8 Self care tips for teens

While you are supporting and helping somebody who might be in an emergency, it is particularly significant for you to likewise deal with yourself. Rehearsing self-care doesn't mean you are picking yourself over your cherished one. It implies that you are basically being aware of your own needs, so you are better ready to help the individuals you care about. At the point when you deal with yourself and are not focused on, you are better ready to address the issues of others. Self-care arrives in an assortment of structures. It…

Oct 28
Way to Improve Your Way of Writing

Handwriting is the way of writing. As the machine uses various fonts to display text, so everyone has a unique writing style. Handwriting can be defined simply as writing with the hands of yourself. Each individual has a writing style. And those twins with the same look and chromosomes are handwritten differently. One individual can […]

Oct 28
9 Methods to prevent suicide

The self-destruction rate among adolescent young ladies arrived at an unequaled high in 2015, as per an ongoing investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The examination found an expansion in high schooler suicides no matter how you look at it somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2015. The self-destruction rate expanded 31% for teenage young men and multiplied for high schooler young ladies during this period. The numbers are a calming update that self-destruction is a developing general wellbeing concern and that adolescents are an especially weak…

Oct 28
Suicide: causes, warning signs and risk factors

Introduction One of the issues confronting adolescents in danger of self-destruction is getting mental guiding when it’s needed. One investigation says, “In young people, despondency is viewed as a significant – if not the main – reason for high schooler self-destruction.” Factors and dangers added to youth self-destruction are scholarly weight, liquor utilization, the departure […]

Oct 27
40 Facts about various aspects of suicide

Facts about various aspects of suicide have been discussed below. General facts 1. Suicide is the subsequent driving reason for death – following engine vehicle mishaps – among youngsters and youthful grown-ups. 2. By and large, teenagers matured 15 to 19 years have a yearly self-destruction pace of around 1 out of 10,000 individuals. Among […]

Oct 27
Self Care and 6 benefits of Self Care

While you are supporting and helping somebody who might be in an emergency, it is particularly significant for you to likewise deal with yourself. Rehearsing self-care doesn't mean you are picking yourself over your adored one. It implies that you are basically being aware of your own needs, so you are better ready to help the individuals you care about. At the point when you deal with yourself and are not focused on, you are better ready to address the issues of others. Self-care arrives in an assortment of structures. It…

Oct 25
How to memorize things faster

Humans have a god gifted thing known as a brain that can store limitless things in it known as memories. The brain helps us to learn and memorize new things and make a person smart. Everyone has their technique to learn things and memorize things. You must remember to bring it into your long-term memory […]

Oct 23
Money Investment Tips for Students

Finalizing how to invest capital can be an actual challenge. Throughout the years, a total of thousands of wealthy investors have been consulted to obtain financial advice and their considered tips. If you are a young adult who is willing to start saving, 50 who are willing to pay off a mortgage, or a senior […]

Oct 23
Why today’s youth are refraining from taking therapy

It is very evident among teenagers to not take medical help even if they want to. Rather most kids only see a therapist when it is completely necessary and prescribed by a doctor. Many teens find talking to a therapist is like talking to an outsider and finds it very infuriating. Even when therapists try […]

Oct 23
The rising cause of teenage anxiety

Today’s youngsters have the urge to sore the sky, they want to achieve the unachievable and want to be perfectionists in their fields. However, it is very common among young adults to have a fear of not being able to succeed or being sabotaged by the superiors. They are scared of failure as they feel […]

Oct 20
Is social validation the new mental peace?

Social validation is not something new to our lives. We have been a part and a consumer of social validation in accordance with our needs and timings. If you are a user of the internet, you have been a victim of this sought of validation already. When we are daily users of the internet and […]

Oct 20
Therapist Red Flags You Must know About-

Therapy is one of the most beneficial processes one could obtain to feel connected with ourselves again. We cannot stress enough about how essential therapy is, and the important role it plays in influencing our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to destigmatize discussions about taking therapy. We believe that we all must take therapy; it […]

Oct 19
12 Ways to overcome body shaming

Changing your body may seem like the appropriate response. If no one but you could be more slender, less fatty, more grounded, or greater, you'd feel incredible. Maybe you would, here and there. I like to call these our "if only's," which are the deceptions that if no one but we could arrive at a few (frequently out of reach) objective, everything would change. Shockingly, in any event, when one reaches their "assuming just," they find that it wasn't the response to the entirety of their agony and issues. As a…

Oct 19
4 Major effects of body shaming

One of the most basic methods of exploiting a person's instabilities is body disgracing. By definition as indicated by the Oxford English Dictionary: "Body disgracing is the demonstration or practice of embarrassing an individual dependent on their body type by making basic and additionally taunting proclamations about their body shape and size." Body disgracing is a type of tormenting where an individual's physical appearance is focused on. Picture and appearance are an especially touchy topic to everybody, youthful and old. This is because of the way that how we introduce ourselves…

Oct 19
Signs that you are insecure about yourself

If you want to know if you are insecure about yourself, you are in the right place. Everyone wants a perfect or at least simple life that consists of dear family members, loving friends, a caring partner and few goals in life to achieve. But when things fall apart or don’t go according to how […]

Oct 18
10 Signs of overthinking

At the point when you can see both the qualities and constraints of your over-figuring...