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The rising cause of teenage anxiety

Today’s youngsters have the urge to sore the sky, they want to achieve the unachievable and want to be perfectionists in their fields. However, it is very common among young adults to have a fear of not being able to succeed or being sabotaged by the superiors. They are scared of failure as they feel they won’t be able to overcome their past mistakes. The reasons for such behavior could be many – ranging from their behavior to the shifting environment. Sometimes it can even be due to reasons in their home or changes in the society or even in their personal relationships. Anxiety comes too easily to the kids today, they get overwhelmed too easily as they have a lot on the plate. In one way or the other, this can affect their health and even make them feel worse about themselves. It is very common among young adults to ignore the causes that affect their mental health thus leading to anxiety, Here you will find all causes.


Reasons that affect teen behavior

Today teens have a lot more scope than ever. They have access to the latest technology, study materials and everything that they require are in the brim of our hands. But with all the latest advances and trends, are the students finding it the most fulfilling experience, or are they struggling to cope up with the latest happenings around them? Are they at all satisfied or are they going through emotional changes which are affecting their mental health and well being?

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  • Young adults are constantly exposed to the digital environment. In a constant manner, they are absorbing content on the internet. Even though sometimes these assumptions of content can look beneficial, in the interior it may affect the individual’s mental health. They may not be able to perceive things as they are shown rather in a way it increases their expectations and lowers their self-esteem. This affects their ability to look on the brighter side of things. They may often suffer from loneliness which in turn leads to anxiety.
  • Today’s youth feel pressured. The young adults feel very uncomfortable talking about their vulnerability and accept that pretending to be happy is their only way out of things. Happiness is so overrated in today’s society is that this generation takes on themselves to make everyone happy. This way they feel pressurized by the whole system and feel they have a lot on the plate. This creates a lot of impatience and anxiety in them and thus get frustrated very easily.
  • The activities performed by today’s generation is not limited to just gaining textual knowledge and getting good grades. Today they actively participate in learning other aspects of specialization like some sports or other instruments or even coding. They have an urge to excel at what they do and thus, take part in various competitive opportunities and other target achieving goals. This in a way affects their health as they are always trying to do better. This brings them disappointment as rejection is not something they take on themselves very easily.
  • Being too caught up in the rat race of life, as shown in the famous movie, 3 Idiots is very common among today’s youth. They are always trying to figure out how to better than their peers or their associates. Even parents raise the bar for their children when they compare them to relatives. This in turn creates a deeper impact in the youth’s mind and makes them push themselves harder. In addition to what they already have on the plate, they take up private tuitions or coaching just to improve themselves and make their parents proud.
  • Parents play a huge role when it comes to anxiety development in today’s students. They act more as overprotective guardians than just being accepting and understanding of their child. This makes the kids feel lonely and out of place
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The rise in anxiety is a real problem

It is very common among young adults to ignore the causes that affect their mental health thus leading to anxiety. Apart from behavioral changes, it can also affect their health in adverse situations. Long-lasting anxiety can even lead to depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts among the youth. It can even affect their eating habits and lead to loss of sleep. Body fatigue digestive problems and even other such causes are very common among today’s young adults.

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How to help the youth dealing with anxiety

Though there are never-ending reasons which lead to anxiety among today’s kids, it is important to help them cope with it. It is important to interact with others to feel better. Initially, it is required to identify the signs that show anxiety symptoms among today’s teenagers and then act upon it. If suffering from anxiety, it is important to communicate to the close ones and tell them how you feel. Do something that you like

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