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How to forget your ex

If you want to know how you can forget your ex, you are in the right place. We all have gone through this phase at least once in our entire life right? Like come-on, you wouldn’t have even felt like reading this article if you wouldn’t have gone through the same (though I’m not passing any judgements if you don’t belong to the group of heartbrokens and I would always pray that you may never feel the same). But it’s true that breakups hurt, like a lot, even lot more than it is imagined. Like the feeling of losing a part of your life or your entire life isn’t easy right?

But there’s one thing that you definitely need to understand, that is collecting back your broken pieces of life and joining them together takes time. I know it hurts when you are trying to recall the memories where you both promised to stay together or made plans for your future, you still ask yourself the question – why me? But guess what? There’s more to life than just a breakup, of course not only the worst ones but also the best ones. I know it’s difficult for anyone to deal with such a situation and hence I’m back with my tips and tricks to make it easier for you. So please the article if you really need help. Let’s get started then.

It takes time to heal from break-ups

You really need to understand. No, I’m pretty sure that you still haven’t understood what I’m trying to say. It’s like mostly after a breakup people tend to do the things they actually promised that they would never do. Most people take drugs, start hanging out with those whom their ex never liked, self-harming and a lot more. But what’s the point of doing all these? It’s over dude, and you do all these things will make them hate you more. So basically you can’t get them back by doing such rubbish things. You would never heal if you try to show that you are happy. Instead, why don’t you actually try to be happy by taking the entire scenario positively? Like you can start going to yoga classes, eat healthily, reconnect with those whom you lost touch with while maintaining your relationship and studies and even work pressure? See, I would again stick to the point that you are what you believe and hence if you determine to heal soon then you will, you definitely will. This is one way to forget your ex.

It’s high time that you should stop stalking them

You had a breakup right? It’s over right? Then why the hell are you still stalking them? Yeah, these words may sound rude but you are basically self-harming. Why are you intentionally giving yourself a lot more stress, anxiety and depression? If they are your ex then there must be some reason right? So why wasting time in the past when you are already living your present? Look, I know it’s not that easy and yelling at you won’t solve any problem of yours. But as I said that we all have been in this situation, we know that to forget your ex is not so difficult too.

It’s like, the biggest of your addictions can be left then this is just a breakup. Don’t you have confidence in your will power or determination? Are you so weak? No right? You know how to fight back your depression and pains right? You know how to fight back to achieve a happy life again right? So you see, it totally depends on you. You just have to come out of the fantasy of that painful world to live a happy life. The word fantasy that I used here may again sound rude but the truth behind all of the pain is actually that we don’t want to forget them, we don’t want to move on, we exactly want to stay in that position and just cry about what and why it happened to us. So you see, the problem lies in us. Even it’s also us who exactly can fix this with their determination.

So I would request you all to stop trying to live in those memories because that’s not real anymore, that’s just past, no matter how peaceful it was or no matter how many promises you made together about staying together and planning up for future. It’s hard to believe that not nothing is constant in this world but time and life doesn’t stop flowing to their ways, so you have to see the reality at some point of time right? Then why not today?

This article may sound very rude but I would always say that please don’t ruin your precious life with your own hands. There are a lot more happy things that are going to happen once you overcome this situation. So you see, a lot is waiting for you. So take care and heal and forget your ex soon. Thank you.

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