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Way to Improve Your Way of Writing

Handwriting is the way of writing. As the machine uses various fonts to display text, so everyone has a unique writing style. Handwriting can be defined simply as writing with the hands of yourself. Each individual has a writing style. And those twins with the same look and chromosomes are handwritten differently. One individual can copy the handwriting of another, but it’s not a perfect copy. Nobody can be proficient in another style in prose. The handwriting features include:

  • Letter type and formation
  • The distinction of letters from words
  • Slant or letter rise
  • Pressure applied during writing on the paper
  • The average literature scale
  • Letter thickness

These are the attributes that describe good and poor handwriting. The handwriting in which your letter is written and spaced appropriately, the size and the thickness of your letters are right and it is easy to read and classifiable for all. On the opposite, it takes a lot of time to grasp poor handwriting. The letters aren’t formed or formed correctly in poor handwriting. Handwriting plays a significant role in an individual’s life. 


Ways to Enhance Your Handwriting

While using the tips below, you may try to enhance your handwriting. Continuous practice will undoubtedly help you to improve your writing.


You can’t change your handwriting in one day, you must remember it. Whatever technique you follow, it takes time, but you must continuously practice because practice makes a man perfect.

Select the best items

It is very essential to invest in the right form of stationery to develop your writing. Keep it in mind that something that may comfort another person will not comfort you before buying any written content. Everyone’s got a different writing style, so you can carry your style of writing. It’s very popular to suggest that you can try a fountain pen if you want to improve your handwriting. That’s not real. A fountain pen is not appropriate for everyone and does not boost the writing of everybody. Remember that your handwriting can be ruined by the ball pen because you lack fluency while using the ball pen. Instead of a pen when you’re beginners, you can use a pencil because a pencil offers you outlines and fluent handwriting. If you exert too much pressure on the paper, stop using thin papers that are easy to tear. 


Speed management

You don’t compete in a race when you write. No need to write quickly. The formation or type of effect when you write quickly. The letters are not clear and cleanly shaped. The legibility of the text is directly affected. Ensure that your attention is on the letter’s shape. Give them a lovely and comprehensible look. Attempt to make the width and length of the letter equal to the distance between letter and word so that it looks good.

Technique to hold pean

Pick a pen that gives you a good grip. Keep the pen on your ring finger with thumb and index finger and middle finger. This gives you a full grip on the pen. But not everyone would feel comfortable keeping the pen in this way. If you do not feel at ease with this pen, you just choose your style to carry your pen, the style that gives you the utmost grip. Do not keep your pen too close, or else your fingers will suffer.


Sitting posture

Build a good posture while writing. Sit upright. On the notebook or paper, put the hand you’re not using. This gives you an effect on balance. If you sit this way when composing, your handwriting will automatically prove perfect. Note, it isn’t right to write while lying on the bed. This is not the right writing place. When you write, sitting, and lying on the bed you can see the variations in your handwriting. For good handwriting, a table and chair are required.

Exercise your hand

Get the muscle of your hand in working condition before you start writing. We are unable to compose strong handwriting with a tired hand. This is like doing work when we are tired because our body doesn’t help us fully in doing the work. This will be less than the capacity. Similarly, it is with writing. So, before you start writing, you can extend your hands or roll your fingers. This should be done particularly for a long time. When you write, your hands lose shape and proficiency for beautiful handwriting after a long period. The writing pace is also decreasing. Always stretch your hands before you begin writing anything.


Significance of good handwriting

If the individual is a child or an adult, both of you must possess good handwriting. Handwriting is the most common method used for notes, homework, exams, office work, and many other activities. Handwriting is also a very valuable skill. It increases confidence, enhances writing skills, and eventually helps in the development of the brain. 

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