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How to memorize things faster

Humans have a god gifted thing known as a brain that can store limitless things in it known as memories. The brain helps us to learn and memorize new things and make a person smart. Everyone has their technique to learn things and memorize things. You must remember to bring it into your long-term memory to retain your knowledge in your mind for a longer duration. Due to the absence of fast knowledge and the creation of strong associations in your brain, forced memorization in this case just is not very successful.

People often joke that the only element they learn at school is how to memorize. This is not even the case with most of us, as it points out. The issue is that to remember something one needs to be careful and practiced.

memorize things

Types of learning pattern

Before knowing the tricks to boost memory, you need to evaluate your learning pattern.

There are three types of learning pattern:

  • Auditory – The most productive way for them to obtain knowledge is by hearing it
  • Visual – They prefer imagination or visualize anything to notice something to understand
  • Experiential – They learn with materials, from activities and interactions

Methods to boost memory

Some methods to boost your memorizing speed which works for everyone are given below:


An energetic human has stress in his life and due to it people can not sleep properly. Also because of this, their mind is not relaxed as it should be. Meditation is the most beautiful way to relax your mind. It will also make you think better and faster. You should do meditation at least for 30 to 40 min every day and after doing this you will notice a substantial change in yourself.

memorize things

Finish one topic at a time

Many people are multitasking and many say multitasking is a good skill and highly appreciated but focusing on one topic at a specific time is very important. You must first finish the topic and understand it, and then switch to another topic. It is a good way of getting things easily and the mind also works for a long time whereas the mind of multitasking people divides the mental energy and thus chances are there that they get tired soon. 

Teach someone else

It is a great way of revising what you learned recently and help you to remember it for a longer time. You can teach your friends or siblings just to memorize it for the longer term. 

Solve puzzles and playing mind games

Puzzles and mind games help you to open your mind. When you try to solve any puzzle you think more and more to get the solution which increases thinking capacity. You should solve different puzzles or play different mind games every day. Playing mind games is like playing outdoor games. Outdoor games boost the limit of your strength and muscles whereas mind games boost the limit of your mind and make it capable of thinking more. 

memorize things

Record and listen

Record the lecture in your voice of what you want to memorize and listen to it multiple times. It helps you to remember the information faster. You can use a phone recorder, tape recorder, etc to record the lecture. 

Write everything

Writing is also a great way of memorizing things. When you try to recollect what you learned to write and rewrite the thing, it helps you to understand what you are trying to memorize. 

Visualize things

You can visualize things to remember it in the form of a picture. Visualization helps your brain to work better and faster. The visualization itself has great power. 

Learning the information in a tricky way

If you are trying to learn any topic just try to use tricks to learn it for example; if you want to learn a science topic use short forms or create your short forms to memorize it. If you are trying to solve mathematical problems then there are many tricks in Vedic maths to solve the problem quickly. 

Take a break

Once you learn anything just stop thinking about it or what you want to do further and let your brain rest. A break helps your break to restore what you learned and then you can start a new topic with the regained energy. This method helps you in the topic in which you are weak.

memorize things


If you learn to memorize a speech, learn a foreign language, or give a test tomorrow, memory assists us in almost everyone’s life. Once you learn how to memorize information more effectively and efficiently, you are ahead of people who are always trying to recall and remember the information that needs to be gathered. So follow these basic steps and memorize things even faster. It will surely help you in your learning process.

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