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Rules and regulations against cybercrime

Cybercrime is a crime appearing in silence. It could be happening around us without us being aware. Cybercrime is something even if we don’t talk about much is actually affecting us in one way or another. Today even youngsters get lured on the web and end up being the part of a crime in one way or another. Hacking a device for fun or sharing personal photos could be done out of fun by you, but in the long run, it can have adverse effects on us on an individual level. It is important to have an understanding of the rules and consequences regarding the commitment of cybercrime so that as responsible citizens we are more aware of our surroundings.

Technology has given to us endless possibilities to achieve the limits of the sky. With the use of the internet, nothing is impossible. We are more aware than intercultural exchanges, global issues, small communities, and economic development worldwide than ever. It is due to this internet that today we can communicate on global platforms, talk of issues that bother us and our communities, and raise our voice against malpractices. However, with every possibility, comes some cons. And it is not always possible to discard it. What we can rather do is, take necessary precautions so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from such criminals online.

Cyber laws

What is the importance of cyber laws

On the world wide web, it comes very easy to access whatever we want to. You will even find and learn about hacking if you want to and in the process acquire knowledge and practice it later. This means that this access to knowledge from any time anywhere can actually be hazardous if in the wrong hands. Thus it becomes extremely important to have certain cyber laws to keep a track.

Cyber laws of cybercrime are enforcement that actually covers all the malpractices that are or can be done with the use of the world wide web (www). One may argue that as cyber laws cover only technology-based issues it can be misused and molded in accordance with individual needs, but this is not actually true. As matter of fact, nothing comes above what is true. Cyber laws are there to guard the needs of the citizens and to punish those who cannot abide by it.

Cyber laws

The laws you as an individual should be aware of

We are the most affected consumers of digitalization. Hence, as responsible citizens and individuals, we should be aware of the bare minimum so that we know the usage of the internet for the right reasons. With this recent boom in the technological industry, we are advancing at a faster rate than ever. It is important to stay protected from any malpractices due to the same. This why the government has passed an act under the name of the Information Technology Act, 2000 which means of the following :

  • Tampering with computer source documents: Mentioned in section 65, it covers the aspects of destroying or removing any important documents online or in devices.
  • Using another person’s password: Covered in section 66, it talks of how it is a fraud to make use of another person’s data.
  • Cheating with the use of computerized resources: With the use of social media, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s true and what’s superficial. Hence, a law that talks of the same.
  • Publishing private images of others: Section 66E covers the idea of invading someone’s privacy with the use of technology.
  • Publishing of child porn: Mentioned in section 67, the law identifies people who publish child pornography online.
cyber laws

Main regulations implied to date

Though the county hasn’t come up with any proper regulations, there are certain laws brought forward by the Information Technology Act that passed in 2000. This act has specifically talked about the various cybercrimes and it’s associated crime regulations. It specifically mentions the usage of various electronic devices so that people actually learn about it and use it for the best of their own interests. It mentions how crimes like hacking, malware attacks, any sought of electronic theft like banking, and other security theft and identity theft. Does in a way it actually aware of people and draws a distinctive line between the right and the wrong. Such crimes when found in practice, are punishable under the law.

Cyber crime

There is another agency under the name, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) which was devised to keep a track of the data and analysis of the crimes related to the online platforms. It keeps a record of the important affairs and measures to protect ourselves from hazards online.

The cybersecurity act was also passed under the Indian penal code 1860, which could protect the citizens when required. There are specific regulations passed by the Reserve bank of India (RBI) and also the Department of Telecommunications (DOC) so that their data is protected from any adverse malware or any sought of unauthorized accessibility.

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