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How important are coaching for entrance exams preparations

With the increasing competition across the globe, people are always keen to attain success. Today’s children are so ambitious to explore and excel in all the new things. This competition has also led to performance pressure on students increasing drastically. Students need to prepare for multiple entrance exams to get into their dream college. Out of the several guides present, one of them is the coaching institute/classes, which in most cases, plays a pivotal role in this dream of serious aspirants. Some students can rigorously prepare for their goals without external help; however, some need more support and discipline. Coaching classes help such students with
competent faculty and innovative teaching methods since the right guidance from the right tutor at the right time can help students achieve their goals smoothly. As we say, we have both good and evil in the world. We also have both advantages and disadvantages of coaching. So let’s
discuss the Pros of joining classes.

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Pros of joining coaching classes

  • Coaching Institutes provide proper counselling and guidance regarding competitive exams.
  • These classes create a regular study routine, whereas self-study requires high dedication and a disciplined mindset.
  • These are extremely helpful for those students who need personal attention and more effort to score well.
  • The efficient and innovative teaching methods employed by the coachings can prove to be beneficial.
  • Coaching will cover all relevant topics required for the exam; self-study may miss some topics or add irrelevant topics.
  • All the queries and doubts can be quickly resolved under the guidance experienced teachers.
  • These provides more mock test practice. You can find previous years’ papers in self- study too, but it is not easy to find and practice new ones.
  • Different teaching methods like e-learning and audio-visual methods, help students grasp concepts better and in less time.
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Cons of joining the coaching

  • The expenditure of a coaching institute can be enormously huge.
  • The atmosphere of coachings is highly competitive, so if some of you don’t feel comfortable with all the peer pressure, it will be a challenging journey.
  • Coaching teachers are fast in pace, which can become a pain if you are not up the mark.
  • Coaching institutes burden the students with excess homework because they think they can score more marks. Thus students don’t get enough time for refreshments.
  • The lack of leisure time leads the students to stress, causing a lack of concentration, productivity, and many health issues.
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Tips To be kept in mind

  • Always remember that coachings only assist you with more resources, etc. The real work has to be done by you.
  • Prepare a realistic and achievable time table.
  • There is no substitute for hard work.
  • Make a habit of always revising whatever you have studied.
  • Practice, practice, and practice a lot of previous years’ papers.
  • There is a life beyond these exams. Even if you fail remember that God has a better plan for you.
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Although coaching does provide a proper preparation plan and some expenditure, it is not always necessary that joining coaching will get you through the exam. There is not any Hard and Fast rule that coaching is needed. Many successful candidates have cracked all kinds of exams
without joining any coachings. If you are confident enough to study on your own, that’s great! However, like many other students, if you aren’t sure or you do not have the time to devote to planning your preparation, coaching might be what you need. Of course, it is possible to study independently, with no coaching, and still do well in the exam. Several students have been
successful without any aid. However, coaching only makes it more accessible. It takes away the hassle of having to plan your every move and track and analyze your progress. Most importantly, a good coach can boost your confidence. The hard truth is that the real hard work is to be done
by the student.


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