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Do grades really matter for success?

Growing up, one thing that is very common to hear from the parents is the rant on grades. Parents tend to continuously worry about their child’s future if they do not get good grades. Sometimes this even puts the child under pressure and it affects their mental health and even leads to a state of trauma and depression. It is not possible for everyone to get straight A’s in all the subjects. Not everyone has the same learning capacity and understanding the grip of the subjects they are taught. But the system is designed in a way that pressurizes the students to believe that without good grades they have no future. It becomes a harsh hit reality for students to apply in high schools and colleges. To make grades the only proof of the learning capacity of the students. With the abundance of information available on the internet, students get access to a variety of data through the world wide web. In short, it would be wrong to say, that they are not constantly learning. To weigh a student’s capability only through a mugged up curriculum can often lead to poor grades and displeasure among both the students and their parents.

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Importance of high school grading

High school is probably the first time every student in a classroom goes through a similar pressurizing situation. Good grades or bad, they are always tensed about what if’s regarding their college admissions. Being rejected by colleges is a nightmare for literally every student. Till now, high school grading has been the primary and the only way to judge the capabilities of high school pass outs. The strict and restricted campus guidelines even make it difficult for institutions to accept students
despite being aware of a student’s potential. Though there are some quotas in institutions for students excelling in sports, that limited access does not do enough justice to the students. Sometimes, most colleges don’t even like into high school grading of all the subjects. They tend to focus more on the core subjects and discard additional subjects like computer science, home science, etc. Even if the students excel in such subjects, their efforts do not receive any consideration by the institutions. In short, high school definitely matter in the current curriculum of education. It is important to keep in mind, what stream is being chosen at college and give your best in the required subjects accordingly.

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Other things to keep in check in high school

Even though high school is that time of the year when the students have a lot on the plate and difficulty in adjusting and maintaining their schedules, it is important they do not give up their time entirely on only academics. Being too engrossed in the textual realm can not only lead the students in isolation but also make them uninterested in their other aspects of life. This is the time where students should think about their other pursuits of life and their own interests. They should have an understanding of what actually interests them and what can they take up as a specialization in college. Sometimes students prefer their subjects based on what they are achieving good marks in and not on what they actually like. However,
when students rather choose to develop and better their skillsets based on their interests, they are more likely to excel in life. It is important that parents and guardians encourage their children to do the same rather than just the grades. A warm home environment is necessary for students to grow and thrive towards a stream of their choice.

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But the question lies if grades are truly the only way to determine a person’s ability? Sometimes students learn skills by themselves even though they are not taught in high school. The teens tend to develop professional skills even though they fully don’t have the textual grades for the best of grades. They have issues comprehending what is being taught in schools and have difficulty grasping it. To many, classes are more challenging as it comes with an extra weightage of extra homework and assignments. Students find it difficult to balance between their skillsets and studies.

It is true that students who solely focus on academics, always take it harder on themselves to get better grades than others. But in universality, it does not make sense to make it the only ethic to determine what a student is worth. There are flaws in the education system and we have to accept that, but the numbers and the grades still hold value. In the present date, truth be told, grades do not matter but it still does when it comes to high school promotions and college follow up. But in true honesty, grades do not and will never define you.


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