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7 Scopes Of Pursuing BA History After Class 12th

In this article, we’ll discuss the scope of Bachelor of Arts in History (BA History) after class 12th. History may be a course which is fancied by most scholars and most of the scholars anticipate to pursuing their career in it. However, they’re known to just some of the career options during this field. Thus, we will explore a number of such fields that the scholars can opt after their class 12th.

Bachelor of Arts in History or BA History may be a two-year undergraduate course of study that teaches the scholars how human civilization evolved to this time from the prehistoric times. Throughout the duration of the program, the scholars get to understand about the worldwide and Indian major historical events. Let us check out a number of the career scopes of history after class 12th.


Archaeologists study the events taken place in the past through methods such as excavating, dating, as well as interpreting objects and sites of historical interest so to preserve archaeological remains. If you think you have the capability to look into the deep observatory artifacts and unearth mysteries of the past, then this field is for you to have after class 12th as BA in History provides you with the study for the same.


Historians are those researchers who study the events which have taken place in the past. Their daily basic duties include the task of obtaining historical data from libraries, archives, and artifacts, determining the authenticity of historical data, and teaching or researching at universities. They are responsible for collecting and analyzing the given amount of information from many particular sources Therefore, if you think that you’ve got the potential to seek out the importance of the past, then BA History are going to be the proper path for you to possess after class 12th.


The history teachers are responsible to show students to determine historical significance, use primary source evidence, identify continuity and alter, analyze cause and consequence, take historical perspectives, and understand the ethical dimension of historical interpretations. They lead students within the study of past events in and around the world. Thus, if you think that you’ve got the talents that you simply can teach the scholars about the past of not only one country but the entire world, and from different aspects, then the course of BA History after class 12th will show you the proper path.

Social Worker

Social workers are responsible for helping individuals, families, and groups of people to affect the problems they’re facing to reinforce their patients’ lives. Social workers help people resolve problems that affect their day-to-day lives. People see social workers when they are going through a difficult period either in their personal and family affairs or within their work life. Therefore, they’re responsible to find out and understand the main reason behind the stress or difficulty and find effective solutions to their problems by finding the required amount of resources such as psychotherapy. If you want to be a helping hand to the world, then this course can provide you with guidance after class 12th.


Good historical writing is analytical, precise, accurate, and interesting. Once the historical writers have completed their research, the expert or the new historians try their best, based on their observations, to construct the most suitable narrative that helps to create a particular sense or a piece of the evidence which they need to be gathered without forcing the facts. Therefore, if you think that that you simply have the talents to consider things in an analytical manner, then this field is for you to possess after class 12th where the course of BA History will function as the inspiration stone for you.

Travel Expert

A travel agent’s role is to help the people to plan in an organized manner and choose as well as arrange their events accordingly. They will usually work under a specific allocated budget that begins by whosoever is planning the event and function. They offer different sorts of advice as well as opinions on where and how to manage travel and native tourist attractions and customs. The historical and cultural monuments of a particular place play a crucial role in the development of both historical as well as mythical facts. Archaeological resources are basically the monuments of archeology as they’re not only target places for the experts. Thus, if you’re keen on traveling the historical sites, then BA History is often the primary road for you after class 12th.


Archivists are responsible for collecting, cataloguing, saving, and managing precious materials of historical information. They work with different sorts of public and personal sector fields. Once they get qualified enough, they get the chance to move between different types of organizations. They are given different roles based on their specializations. Their duties include the tasks of collecting and maintaining new collections, maintaining them, and keep a detailed track of records with the help of providing reference services. They apply specifically two different methods which are provenance and original order. Therefore, if you think that that you simply have the potential otherwise you have such qualifications, then BA History after your class 12th can assist you to become a successful archivist.

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