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9 Colleges for Chemical engineering in the USA

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that combines the concepts of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and economics to design, produce, and transform materials. According to payscale.com, the average salary of a chemical engineer is ₹489,526 per annum in India. Here is a list of 9 Colleges for Chemical engineering in the USA:

California Institute of Technology

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California Institute of Technology is one of the leading research universities. It is globally known for its engineering and natural sciences. It is associated with NASA, AAU and HHMI. It has 124 acres of land and seven buildings spread over it. The prominent biochemist Linus Carl Pauling was an alumni of this university. It was founded in 1891 as a vocational school by Amos G. Throop. It has been affiliated with 74 Nobel prizes.

Georgia Institute of Technology

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Georgia Institute of Technology is an institute of technology and research located in Georgia. It is one of the top public colleges. The institute provides education focused on technology. It has 28 schools and 6 colleges that have around 25,000 students in its graduate and undergraduate programs. The institute aims to improve the current human conditions through science and technological advancements. It is ranked 5 in the list of top public universities.

Stanford University

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Stanford University is a private university located in California. It is one of the most prestigious universities around the world. It was founded in 1885 for public welfare by Leland Stanford, the California senator and his wife. The university has around 16,424 students and 2,276 faculty members. It is among the list of top fundraising institutions in the country. Stanford consists of 18 interdisciplinary institutes and 7 schools which have over 90 fields for the graduate studies. The 20 libraries of the university have over 9.5 million volumes.

University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota is located in the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It was established in 1851. The people of the university try to look for new knowledge that can bring changes to our work and life. Students are prepared to meet challenges concerning the state, the country and the world. It is one of the only five universities of the country that has medical school, engineering school, law school, agricultural school and veterinary medicine school on a single campus.

Princeton University

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Princeton University is an Ivy-league university founded in 1746 in New Jersey. It ranks fourth in the list of oldest colleges in the United States. It has 5,222 undergraduate enrollment annually. The syllabus emphasizes on learning, collaboration, creativity and innovation. The students explore various disciplines. The student to faculty ratio is low which ensures that individual attention and close bonds with the professors. Independent research is encouraged at Princeton which helps the student succeed in their academics and improve their skills.

University of California

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University of California has campuses at Davis, Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, Merced, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. It was founded in 1868 in Oakland but moved to Berkeley in 1873. The aim of the university is to serve the public by the means of academics, research and public service. It has 273,179 students, 2 million alumni and 22,700 faculty members. A Board of Regents governs the university. The university manages the LBNL, LLNL, LANL and the department of energy of the US.

University of Delaware

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The University of Delaware was founded in 1743 in Delaware as a private and small academy. It aims for excellence in its education, research and service. It is among the oldest universities of the United States. It was earlier known as the ‘Newark College’. It is a privately governed university that commits to scientific, artistic, humanistic and most importantly, social knowledge for the benefit of the world. The environment encourages critical thinking and inspires to learn.

University of Wisconsin

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The University of Wisconsin is the official state university located in Wisconsin with 45,000 students. It is known for its famous discovery of the vitamin A and vitamin B. 1 Turing award and 26 Nobel laureates have been associated with this university. It offers 136 undergraduate programs, 148 master’s programs and 120 doctoral programs. It is involved in high research activity. It has ranked 13 in the list of the best public universities of the United States.

North Carolina State University

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North Carolina State University is Carolina’s largest university. It was established in 1887 as a college of agriculture and engineering. Now, it is one of the best research universities that excels in all the disciplines provided. It has over 36,000 students that learn by doing. It is working towards curbing nuclear proliferation, helping the farmers face climate changes and creating a smart electric grid. It aims to make its discoveries and learning accessible to the people of the country and the world. It believes in uniting the thoughts and the actions.

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