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BA Political Science Syllabus: Course Detail, Subjects

BA Political Science Hons could be a three-year undergrad course that bargains with frameworks of administration and control, and the investigation of political thought, political behavior, and constitutions and laws. Its center is on verifiable and advanced political frameworks, open organization, legislative approaches, universal relations, and open undertakings.

Candidates must fulfill the qualification criteria of a least total of 50% in 10+2 from any rumored College to be qualified for affirmation. A few colleges and Educate conduct entrance exams for confirmation to the course. Hopefuls are called to compose a composed test, take part in bunch talks, and have a individual meet. The choice will be based on the marks gotten within the entrance test.

BA Political Science Hons program frameworks of administration and control, and the investigation of political exercises, and related constitutions and laws. BA Political Science Hons graduates can get diverse work parts such as Editor, News Correspondent, Bank Chief, Receptionist, etc. The Best companies advertising BA Political Science Hons Graduate occupations offer are InterGlobe Innovations, Concentrix Enterprise, com Inc, AON Enterprise, ICICI Bank Ltd, Cognizant, Viacom Inc and numerous more.

BA Hons. Political Science Course Details

B.a Political Science

A Single man of Expressions (BA) Respects degree in Political Science is an undergrad program that centers on the think about of political frameworks, government structures, political philosophies, worldwide relations, open arrangement, and related areas. The “Respects” assignment ordinarily means a more in-depth and specialized ponder compared to a standard Bachelor’s degree within the same subject. It would be ideal if you note that particular course subtle elements can change depending on the college or college advertising the program. Here’s a common diagram of what you might anticipate from a BA Hons. Political Science course:

Duration:  The normal length of a BA Hons. Political Science program is three to four a long time, depending on the instructive institution and any discretionary internships or ponder overseas components.

Educational programs: The educational modules for a BA Hons. Political Science program more often than not incorporates a blend of center courses, elective courses, and possibly openings for specialization. 

Aptitudes and Results: Upon completing a BA Hons. Political Science program, understudies are anticipated to create a run of abilities, counting basic considering, expository thinking, successful communication, inquire about abilities, and an understanding of complex political issues. Graduates can seek after different career ways in government, non-governmental organizations, universal organizations, approach examination, news coverage, discretion, investigate, and more. Furthermore, this degree can moreover serve as a establishment for advance instruction, such as seeking after a master’s or a PhD in political science or related areas.

Internships and Extracurricular Exercises: Numerous colleges offer openings for internships, consider overseas programs, Demonstrate Joined together Countries cooperation, and other extracurricular exercises that improve viable involvement and real-world engagement with political issues.

BA Hons. Political Science Syllabus

Semster ISemester II
Colonialism in IndiaNationalism in India
Understanding Political TheoryPolitical Processes in India
Concurrent – Qualifying LanguageConcurrent – Credit Language
Constitutional Democracy and Govt. in IndiaPolitical Theory: Concepts and Debates
Semster IIISemester IV
Introduction to comparative govt. and PoliticsPolitical Institutions and Processes in Comparative Perspective
Theories of International Relations and World HistoryPublic Policy and Administration in India
Concurrent – InterdisciplinaryConcurrent – Discipline Centred I
Theories of AdministrationGlobal Politics
Semster VSemester VI
Indian Political Thought IIndian Political Thought II
Classical Political PhilosophyModern Political Philosophy
Development Process and Social Movements in Contemporary India
One optional from the following:
A. Understanding South-Asia
B. The African Experience: Polity and Economy
C. Feminism Theory and Practices
D. Dilemmas in Politics. Public Policy in India
India’s Foreign Policy
One optional from the following:
A. Contemporary Political Economy
B. Feminism and Indian Politics
C. The United Nations and Global Conflicts
D. State Institutions and Civil Society Organisations in India

BA Hons. Political Science Subjects

BA Hons Political Science subjects are exceptionally critical to get it some time recently joining the course.

BA Hons Political Science To begin with Semester Subjects

BA Hons Political Science First Semester Subjects

Colonialism in India: It was the portion of the Indian subcontinent involved by European colonial powers amid the Age of Revelation. It was applied both by success and exchange, particularly in flavors.


Understanding Political Hypothesis: Political hypothesis is concerned mainly with the thoughts of the past and display scholars and proposition of political developments and bunches. It ponders the concepts which are utilized to portray, clarify, political occasions and educate.

BA Hons Political Science Second Semester Subjects

Patriotism in India: Patriotism in India implies a alter in understanding of the individuals and their personality and sense of having a place. The development of advanced patriotism is associated to the anti-colonial development.

Political Prepare in India: India encompasses a multi-party framework which implies there are a number of national as well as territorial parties. A territorial party may gain a lion’s share and rule a specific state and a national party may be a party that’s spoken to in more than 4 states.

BA Hons Political Science Third Semester Subjects

Presentation to comparative govt. and Legislative issues: Comparative legislative issues is the think about of other nations, citizens, and diverse political units either in entirety or in portion, and analyzes the likenesses and contrasts between those political units.

Hypotheses of Worldwide Relations and World History: There are numerous hypotheses of worldwide relations and world history, but the five primary hypotheses of universal relations incorporate the taking after: authenticity hypothesis, radicalism hypothesis, Marxism hypothesis, constructivism hypothesis, and woman’s rights hypothesis.

BA Hons Political Science Fourth Semester Subjects

Political Educate and Forms in Comparative Viewpoint: The ECPR Comparative Political Teach Standing Bunch brings together hundreds of analysts inquisitive about how political teach influence open approach, execution, and behavior and demeanor of citizens and elites, and how these on-screen characters shape political teach in return.

Open Approach and Organization in India: Open arrangement alludes to the method of making organizational choices and political, administration, and budgetary approaches to meet set up objectives. Open organization ponders the utilize of government arrangement which incorporates both government and non-governmental administration.

BA Hons Political Science Fifth Semester Subjects

Indian Political Thought I: Indian political logic is the department of philosophical thought in India that addresses commonwealth, statecraft, equity, law and the authenticity of shapes of administration.


Classical Political Reasoning: Classical political logic is related to political life specifically. Concurring to Indian classical thought of society and commonwealth had to bargain with a essential problem that was set by the basic premises.

BA Hons Political Science Sixth Semester Subjects

Cutting edge Political Logic: Advanced Political Logic is the thought that government authenticity depends on a few sort of real assent. This unused thought was portion of a modern conception of people as bearers of rights.

Woman’s rights and Indian Legislative issues: Women’s liberation in India is pointed at characterizing, and building up rise to political, financial, and social rights and openings for ladies. It can be said as a interest of women’s rights.


A BA Hons. Political Science degree is an undergraduate program that provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of political systems, government structures, international relations, and related fields. The “Hons.” designation indicates a higher level of specialization and academic rigor compared to a regular Bachelor’s degree.

The program usually takes three to four years to complete, depending on the educational institution. It consists of a combination of core courses, elective courses, and sometimes a capstone project or thesis.

The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public policy, research methods, and more. Students might also have the opportunity to choose elective courses that align with their interests, such as environmental politics, human rights, or security studies.

Graduates of a BA Hons. Political Science program develop skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication, research skills, and an understanding of complex political issues. These skills are valuable for various careers in government, NGOs, international organizations, policy analysis, journalism, and more.

This degree opens up various career paths, including roles in government agencies, think tanks, international organizations, political consulting, advocacy groups, diplomacy, journalism, research, and academia. It can also serve as a foundation for advanced degrees like master’s or PhD programs.

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