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How to Become a Nutritionist in India

Who is Nutritionist

Nutritionists are healthcare professionals who intend on dieting and show people how important healthy eating is. Nutrition enhances human and well-being and encourages the role of food in the healthcare sector. Today, people are changing their lifestyles and perspective. On the other side, education focuses on the fields of fitness, preventive health care, and nutrition, including completing and training programs such as cooking and catering. 

The nutritionist’s main function is to encourage good health through healthy eating habits. They thus create dietary charts, concentrate on workouts, choose food products, and describe how metabolism is to be built, etc. In general, nutritionists inform people about particular food consumption forms and amounts needed to raise or minimize their body weight. Nutritionists aim to enhance the standard of living of their clients and encourage the overarching health of their patients through the implementation of a healthy diet. 


Many nutritionists are individual workers, but some individuals are active in a wider team of clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Nutritionists can counsel patients, create diets based on the health needs of a patient, analyze risks, and encourage healthy nutrition in these conditions. They have such a good chance to change one’s thoughts about food and nutrition and eventually improve people’s standard of living.

Work Profiles of Nutritionists

After you have completed the appropriate training and registered dietician skills, there are several work profiles available throughout this area which you can choose depending on your interest. Some of the work profiles available in the nutrition sector are as follows:

  1. Pediatric Nutritionist

The well-being of kids with and without intellectual disabilities, for obesity or diabetes, is a big role of pediatric nutritionists. They also prescribe nutritious food and basic nutrition to children or parents.

  1. Public Health Nutritionist

A Public Health Nutritionist must educate people in risk groups about significant nutritional problems. They also determine patients’ health and nutritional needs. Furthermore, successful dietary schemes, cost considerations, and cultural preferences are also established.

  1. Food Service Nutritionist

They also work in college cafes, restaurants as well as other large food stores. They perform regular audits and inspections to ensure that kitchen management and employees comply with the requirements of the regulation. Food Service Nutritionists also prescribe special diet problems to lower food allergy.

  1. Consultant Nutritionist

The Consultant Nutritionist discusses current eating patterns and healthcare objectives of a patient, such as weight loss, disease treatment, or potential health problems avoidance.

  1. Clinical Nutritionist

They work in the medical field environments, including offices for physicians, hospitals, and clinics. They are responsible for the treatment of medical nutrition, particularly the medical method undertaken in the treatment by dietary customization to treat diseases.

  1. Sports Nutritionist

They often collaborate with sportsmen and coaches to maintain top sports results. They also develop a diet plan focused on each athlete’s nutritional requirements. They also deal with sports trainers to avoid accidents and help sportsmen heal.


Eligibility Criteria for Nutritionist

Students have to select the science stream in class 12 to be a nutritionist. There are typically no entry exams in nutritional courses for undergraduates and postgraduates. In this sector, recognized institutions or universities in India provide many courses. Students need to develop their skills from time to time as well as obtain a degree in nutrition. Only better field skills are required to get the higher-level jobs in the field of nutrition.

For a postgraduate program M.Sc. in food and nutrition, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in science stream from a recognized university or institution with a specialty in clinical nutrition, public health nutrition, or food science. The topics discussed are biochemistry, microbiology foods, food safety, food science and quality control, advanced human nutrition, physiology, and food science concepts.

Various sectors for Nutritionist

The following sectors of opportunities can be provided to nutritionist which are hired in large number every year: 

  • Hospitals (public and private)
  • Advocacy and Research
  • Clinics of private use
  • Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Centers for wellness
  • Health Community Services
  • Home care department for wellness
  • Companies responsible for health products
  • Gym
  • Start-ups

Salary of Nutritionist

In India, a Nutritionist wage is quite high when you have a high reputation and knowledge of the profession. A nutritionist with an experience of less than 1 year should expect to obtain an annual gross salary of Rs. 3,00,000. A nutritionist with a 2-4 year experience early in the career receives an overall total salary of Rs. 5-7 Lakhs. They with 5-9 years of experience earn the average overall salary of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

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Best Colleges providing B.Sc. in food and nutrition

Leading colleges are listed below:

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