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Inspire Scholarship: 2020-21, 2022-23, Apply Online, Eligibility

The prestigious Inspire Scholarship lighted the scholarly dreams of meriting understudies over India. Recognizing scholarly fabulousness and potential, this program given imperative budgetary back and acknowledgment to skilled people from different foundations. Through a thorough choice prepare and progressing mentorship, the Inspire Grant cultivated a dynamic community of driven researchers, clearing the way for their scholastic and proficient victory.

Inspire Scholarship

Inspire Scholarship Overview

Target groupMeritorious students pursuing science and technology studies in India
Type of scholarshipFinancial aid covering various components like tuition fees, maintenance allowance, project grants, and summer research fellowships
Funding sourceDepartment of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India
AmountVaries depending on the scheme and level of study (typically between INR 80,000 and INR 36,000 annually)
Selection criteriaMerit-based, considering academic performance, national entrance exams, and potential in science and technology
Application processOnline application submitted through the official INSPIRE portal
Key features– Multiple schemes for different educational levels (SHE, Fellowship, Faculty Fellowship) – Encourages research exposure and career development in STEM fields. – Promotes national scientific talent and innovation.

Extra notes:

  • Particular subtle elements like qualification criteria, application due dates, and grant sums can shift depending on the chosen plot inside the Motivate program. Continuously allude to the official site for the most recent data.
  • Consider investigating the distinctive plans based on your instructive level and particular needs.

Inspire Scholarship Important Dates

Announcement & AdvertisementMid-OctoberThe scholarship is announced through various channels, including the official website.
Online Application OpensLate October/Early NovemberStudents can start filling out and submitting their applications online.
Application DeadlineMid-NovemberThis is the last date to submit your complete application form. Late submissions are not accepted.
Document Verification & ScrutinyNovember – DecemberSubmitted applications undergo verification and initial screening for eligibility.
Shortlisted Candidate List AnnouncedJanuaryA list of shortlisted candidates is published on the official website.
Final Selection & Award CommunicationFebruary – MarchSelected candidates are notified of their award and receive further instructions.
Disbursement of Scholarship AmountMay onwardsScholarship amounts are typically disbursed directly to student accounts.

Imperative Notes:

  • These are common dates based on the past year. Continuously allude to the official Rouse site for the foremost up-to-date data and particular dates for the current year, as they may alter somewhat.
  • The official site will be overhauled once more around mid-October 2024 with subtle elements for the following scholarly year’s application handle.
  • Bookmark the Rouse site (https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/) and check routinely for upgrades.

Inspire Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Target GroupMeritorious students pursuing Science and Technology studies in India
CitizenshipIndian citizen
AgeVaries depending on the scheme: – SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education): 17-22 years old
Educational LevelVaries depending on the scheme: – SHE: B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.), B.Tech., MBBS, etc. (1st year onwards)
Academic Performance– SHE: Top 1% in Class 12th exams OR rank within 10,000 in JEE (Main)/JEE (Advanced)/NEET
Entrance Exams (if applicable)Must have qualified relevant entrance exams like JEE (Main)/JEE (Advanced)/NEET for SHE scheme
Family IncomeNo specific income limit, but preference given to candidates from economically weaker sections

Additional Notes:

  • Specific capability criteria might alter to some degree depending on the chosen contrive interior the Propel program. Persistently insinuate to the official location for the foremost later and most exact information.
  • You’ll explore particular plans based on your educator level and specific needs.
  • Check the official location for add up to focuses of intrigued on qualified courses, entrance exam prerequisites, and other specific criteria for each plan: https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/

Inspire Scholarship Required Documents

DocumentDetailsScheme(s) Applicable
Class 10th Mark Sheet and CertificateOriginal and self-attested photocopySHE
Class 12th Mark Sheet and CertificateOriginal and self-attested photocopySHE
JEE (Main)/JEE (Advanced)/NEET Admit Card and Score Card (if applicable)Original and self-attested photocopySHE
Income CertificateIssued by competent authority, indicating annual incomeAll schemes
Caste Certificate (if applicable)Issued by competent authorityAll schemes
Disability Certificate (if applicable)Issued by competent authorityAll schemes
Bonafide CertificateFrom the Head of the InstitutionAll schemes
Research Proposal (for Fellowship scheme)Detailed proposal outlining research objectives and methodologyFellowship
Curriculum Vitae (CV)Highlighting academic achievements and research experienceFellowship
Recommendation LettersFrom two eminent scientists/faculty membersFellowship
Faculty Profile and Publication List (for Faculty Fellowship scheme)Demonstrating research contributions and teaching experienceFaculty Fellowship
University Affiliation Letter (for Faculty Fellowship scheme)Confirming appointment and research facilitiesFaculty Fellowship

Extra Notes:

  • This table gives a common diagram, and particular required reports might shift depending on the chosen plot inside the Motivate program. Continuously allude to the official site for the most recent and most precise list: https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/
  • Yield all records within the indicated organize and inside the permitted measure constrain.
  • Guarantee all reports are clear, neat, and legitimately marked and stamped (where pertinent).
  • Fragmented applications due to lost records will be rejected.

Inspire Scholarship Scholarship Amount

SchemeLevelAnnual StipendProject GrantMentorship GrantSummer Research Fellowship
SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education)B.Sc./B.Sc. (Hons.)/B.Tech./MBBS (1st year onwards)₹ 80,000
SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education)M.Sc./M.Tech./M.D. (1st year onwards)₹ 1,20,000
Fellowship (Ph.D.)First Year₹ 70,000₹ 20,000
Fellowship (Ph.D.)Second Year & Onwards₹ 80,000₹ 20,000
Faculty FellowshipAssistant Professor₹ 1,80,000₹ 5,00,000₹ 50,000
Faculty FellowshipAssociate Professor₹ 2,00,000₹ 6,00,000₹ 50,000

Extra Notes:

Inspire Scholarship Steps to apply online application

Step Action Details
1. Check Eligibility: Before applying, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for your desired scheme (SHE, Fellowship, Faculty Fellowship). Find details on the official website: https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/.
2. Register/Login: Visit the INSPIRE Scholarship portal: https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/.
3. Create/Log in: – New User: Click “Sign Up” and register with basic details. – Existing User: Sign in using your Rajasthan Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.
4. Update Profile: Ensure your profile is complete and accurate. Fill in academic and personal details as required.
5. Apply for Scholarship: – Select “Apply for Scholarship”. – Choose your desired scholarship scheme from the list. – Read the scheme guidelines carefully.
6. Fill Application Form: Enter all required information accurately. Upload scanned copies of supporting documents (e.g., mark sheets, income certificate, caste certificate).
7. Project Proposal (Fellowship): For the Fellowship scheme, upload a detailed research proposal outlining objectives and methodology.
8. Recommendation Letters (Fellowship): Upload two recommendation letters from eminent scientists/faculty members (Fellowship scheme only).
9. Review and Submit: Carefully review the application form for any errors and omissions. Upload all required documents in the specified format. Once satisfied, click “Submit”.
10. Track Application Status: You can track the application status by logging in to your portal account. Updates might be displayed or communicated through email.

Extra notes:

  • Keep filtered duplicates of all required records prepared some time recently beginning the application prepare.
  • Guarantee you’ve got a steady web association and a substantial mail address.
  • The application due date changes depending on the grant plot. Check the official site for particular dates.
  • For any help, contact the Motivate Helpdesk or allude to the FAQs segment on the official site.

Inspire Scholarship Renewal Process

Check Renewal Eligibility:Visit the official INSPIRE website (https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/) and access your specific scheme details. Refer to the “renewal criteria” section to ensure you meet the requirements for continued scholarship support.Each scheme might have specific academic performance, attendance, or research progress requirements.
Renewal Announcement:Wait for the official renewal announcement by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). This announcement typically specifies the renewal application period and any additional requirements.Dates and procedures might vary by year and scheme. Stay updated through website announcements and emails.
Online Renewal Application:If eligible and during the announced period, access the online renewal application form through the INSPIRE Scholarship portal (https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/).Login, select your scholarship scheme, and proceed with the renewal application form. Provide updated information and attach required documents.
Document Submission:Upload all required documents in the specified format within the deadline. Ensure clarity and completeness of documents like latest academic transcripts, research progress reports (for Fellowship), etc.Refer to the official guidelines for the specific list of documents needed for your scheme renewal.
Review and Submit:Thoroughly review your application for errors and omissions. Once satisfied, submit the application electronically through the portal.Double-check your information and ensure timely submission before the deadline.
Track Application Status:Utilize the portal to track the status of your renewal application. Updates might be displayed or communicated through email.Monitor your application status regularly for any feedback or requests for additional information.
Result and Award Communication:Upon evaluation, the DST will communicate the renewal decision to you through the portal or email.Successful applicants will receive confirmation and details about continued scholarship support.

Extra Notes:

  • This is often a common outline, and the particular recharging prepare might change depending on your grant plot. Continuously allude to the official Rouse site and declarations for the foremost up-to-date data.
  • Contact the Motivate Helpdesk (expelled>: expelled>) or check the FAQs area on the site for advance help.
  • Keep in mind to meet all due dates and yield total documentation to maintain a strategic distance from delays or dismissal of your recharging application.

Inspire Scholarship Application Status Tracking Procedure

1. Access the INSPIRE Scholarship Portal:Visit the official INSPIRE Scholarship Portal: https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/
2. Log in to your account:Use your Rajasthan Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials to log in.
3. Navigate to application status:Look for a section labeled “Application Status” or “Track Application”. The specific terminology might vary slightly depending on the portal layout.
4. Select your application:Choose the scholarship application you want to track from the list. You might be able to filter by year, scheme, or application ID.
5. View status details:The portal will display the current status of your application, which could be: – “Submitted”: Your application has been successfully submitted and is under review. – “Processing”: The application is being evaluated by the department. – “Shortlisted”: Congratulations! You have been shortlisted for further evaluation. – “Awarded”: You have been awarded the scholarship! Check the portal for award details and disbursement information. – Rejected: Unfortunately, your application has been rejected. Reasons for rejection might be displayed or available upon request. – Incomplete: Your application is missing required documents or information. Submit the missing documents to proceed.
6. Download documents (optional):Once awarded, you might be able to download scholarship award letters or other relevant documents from the portal.
7. Contact for assistance (optional):If you encounter any issues or have questions, contact the INSPIRE Helpdesk through the provided contact information on the portal or refer to the FAQs section.

Extra Notes:

  • The application status may be overhauled occasionally, so check back frequently for upgrades.
  • Keep in mind your application ID for simple reference when following the status.
  • Keep duplicates of your submitted reports for your records.
  • The particular highlights and wording inside the entrance might alter, so always allude to the official site for the foremost up-to-date data and direction.

Inspire Scholarship List with Details

Scheme Target Group Level Award Components Amount (₹) Application Period Website
SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) Meritorious students B.Sc./B.Sc. (Hons.)/B.Tech./MBBS (1st year onwards) Tuition fees, maintenance allowance 80,000 (1st year) Varies by year https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/Content/SHEFAQs.pdfhttps://www.online-inspire.gov.in/Content/SHEFAQs.pdf
SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) Meritorious students M.Sc./M.Tech./M.D. (1st year onwards) Tuition fees, maintenance allowance 1,20,000 (1st year) Varies by year https://www.online-inspire.gov.in/Content/SHEFAQs.pdfhttps://www.online-inspire.gov.in/Content/SHEFAQs.pdf
Fellowship (Ph.D.) Ph.D. scholars First Year Monthly stipend, Summer Research Fellowship 70,000 (1st year) + 20,000 (Summer) Varies by year <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>
Fellowship (Ph.D.) Ph.D. scholars Second Year & Onwards Monthly stipend, Summer Research Fellowship 80,000 (2nd year onwards) + 20,000 (Summer) Varies by year <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>
Faculty Fellowship Assistant Professors Tenure Track Monthly stipend, Project Grant, Mentorship Grant 1,80,000 + 5,00,000 + 50,000 Varies by year <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>
Faculty Fellowship Associate Professors Tenure Track Monthly stipend, Project Grant, Mentorship Grant 2,00,000 + 6,00,000 + 50,000 Varies by year <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>

Inspire Scholarship Selection Process

Stage Process Details
Eligibility Check Applicants self-assess their eligibility based on defined criteria for each scheme, typically including factors like caste, income, academic performance, and course enrollment. Specific criteria vary significantly between schemes. Refer to the official guidelines for each scholarship.
Online Application Submission Eligible applicants submit an online application through the designated INSPIRE portal, attaching required documents like mark sheets, income certificates, caste certificates, etc. Deadlines and document requirements vary by scheme. Ensure completeness and accuracy to avoid rejection.
Initial Scrutiny Applications undergo an initial check for completeness and adherence to eligibility criteria. Incomplete applications are rejected. Conducted by designated officials at the department level.
Document Verification Selected applications proceed for document verification, potentially involving physical verification or online scrutiny. Aims to confirm the authenticity and validity of submitted documents. Discrepancies might lead to disqualification.
Shortlisting (for specific schemes) For some schemes like Fellowships, a shortlist of candidates might be created based on initial evaluation or entrance exam scores. Shortlisted candidates might be called for interviews or further evaluation.
Merit List Preparation A merit list is prepared based on pre-defined selection criteria, weighing factors like academic performance, entrance exam scores, research potential (Fellowships), and additional weightage for specific categories. The weightage and selection criteria differ for each scholarship scheme. Consult the scheme details for specifics.
Scrutiny Committee Review A designated committee reviews the merit list and verifies adherence to selection criteria. They might also consider specific cases or exceptional circumstances. Ensures fairness and adherence to guidelines.
Approval and Award The final list of scholarship awardees is approved by the competent authority within the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Successful applicants receive official award letters and scholarship disbursement details.
Grievance Redressal A grievance redressal mechanism exists for applicants who may have objections or concerns regarding the selection process. Details about the process and contact information are usually available on the INSPIRE Scholarship Portal or through the Helpdesk.

Imperative Notes:

  • Usually a common diagram, and the particular choice handle might shift depending on the person grant conspire. Continuously allude to the official Motivate site and plot subtle elements for exact and up-to-date data.
  • Dates and due dates for each organize can change depending on the grant plot. Remain overhauled through official declarations and the Motivate Grant Entry.

Inspire Scholarship FAQs

Sums change based on the grant conspire, student’s category (SC/ST, OBC, Others), and scholastic execution. Allude to the particular plot rules for points of interest.

Yes, you’ll be able as a rule offer through the Inspire Scholarship entrance inside a characterized time outline after getting the dismissal notice.

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