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Tag: career options

Jun 15
7 tips for science stream after 10th

7 Tips to choose science stream after 10th “Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.”- Robert A. Heinlein Science has been ruling the educational world for as long as one could remember. Science is one of the mainstream courses which students opt for after passing out from school. Even the parents have a precise […]

Apr 29
Career Counselling and Vocational Guidance for class XII students

Students of classes XII have a lot of confusion about the appropriate stream in accordance with their calibre. Also, students of grade XI & XII have a new academic life ahead of them, to choose the topmost educational institute and to select a specialised and professional course. To help students with this life-changing selection, a career […]

Apr 24
Career options for commerce students after 12th

Commerce is said to change the course of nations and the world, as students and professionals in commerce always work towards making a profit, and that does not only apply for their monthly salaries. Students opting for commerce can be at the receiving end for a backlash as it is not seen as a stream as […]

Apr 24
7 unconventional career options after 12th

Engineering, medical, law, and business management has been the most sought after career options in India for many years. Most of the parents want their children to join any one of these prestigious professions without even knowing their kids’ personal interests. Here is article on 7 unconventional career options after Class 12th Blogger Animation Event management Photography […]

Apr 24
Political Science as a career after class 12th

“The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions.” – Woodrow Wilson. Political Science is also known as Politology, this is a social science field that deals with knowledge of government. And shows us how politics works, how political parties think, how they proceed […]

Apr 18
6 best career other than medical for 12th

There are many studying and career options after 12th it’s not necessary to stick to studying norms and choose the typical line/ course to study which people think is the only actual degree worth holding. Follow your dreams and passion; discover your own educational and career path. Take up on the chance to learn new […]

Mar 09
How to make career after class 10th?

What after the 10th? Is the most stirring question in every student’s life. 10th is the first milestone that has achieved. After 10th there are three main streams – Science, Arts & Commerce; You can choose either of the paths. Some students have already decided which stream they want to opt for, while some are […]

Mar 09

In today’s competitive world , every student faces a common question. “what career should i take up? what course do i opt for? earlier, people use to rely on the information they could hear from people and would depend on decision there parents take. the awareness regarding the different stream were much lower at that […]

Mar 09
Chartered Accountancy – Career Options and Scope

Career in Chartered Accountancy is  is a lucrative option in India.Chartered Accountancy is central to all business undertaking, and an important and integral part of top management. If keeping accounts or managing numbers is something that you are good at, Career as a Chartered Accountant is the perfect option for you. But,path to becoming a […]

Mar 09

Science can be defined as diversity in terms of education as well as careers.it is a vast field has been divided into segments when we go for a depth analysis of a particular topic , as a part of our education we have studied science from primary classes, and coming to higher education and our […]

Dec 05

Emergence of new technological advancements has led to the emergence of paradigm shift all across the globe. Speedy development generates new choices, new high-tech devices, new skill enhancements and new future prospects in the career fields. Now people can make their own choices after determining or assessing the current scenario and by knowing about the […]

Oct 24
6 Scopes Of Pursuing Bachelor-Of-Design After 12th

Industrial design is a process of designing which is applied to products that are about to be manufactured through different techniques of mass production. They try to improve as well as create, and they often work within multi-disciplinary groups that include management, marketing, and manufacturing. They are responsible to discuss these details with their customers in order to determine requirements for the relevant and approved designs and then they go for the task of research the various ways a particular product might be used, and who will use it. They also…

Oct 20
Options after 12th Commerce

Having cleared your tenth boards, to select a specific stream, you must have faced the impending query. In its collection, the propensity towards science will result, and the preference for the other two arts or commerce is suspended after choosing a specific option with the choices the student has. You learn accounts, finance, and business […]

Sep 21
Things to know about journalism

If you have made up your mind to induce into either electronic media or print media, a journalism course is what you must follow. Media has been an integral part of India be it through newspapers or television. With good communication skills, there is a huge scope in journalism as a career. All journalists are […]

Aug 25
Top 5 Reasons of why to choose Engineering in College!

When we listen and come across to a new branch, we always try to know why someone should choose the particular branch. And, in this article certain information related to the usage and scope of the engineering branches are being provided. These reasons may help you to bring the right conclusion for the option as your career. This detailed knowledge of everything always allows the student to be prepared and well noted. So, make a move for this branch by accepting the given reasons.

Aug 23
Top Unconventional Engineering specialization in India

Students choosing to make a career in engineering, select from popular engineering courses for their higher learning. There are many top unconventional engineering specializations to look into. Definitely there is a lot of demand and if the prominent engineering course is done through IIT, NIT, etc the demand and value increase even more. However, in addition […]

Aug 14
8 Career options for Commerce students after 12th

Commerce is the second most popular stream, it is a stream for students who love working with math, accounts, budgeting, economics and business organization as well as management, etc. Commerce is a stream which allows or will give employment opportunities in future, it provides e-commerce services, as well as trading support within the country also […]

Aug 12
Reasons to opt Maths after 10th

In short, this blog talks about the career opportunities and college eligibility requirements. As well as all the benefits like- Pursuing math’s is one the most amazing decisions one can make whilst enjoying and learning something so basic at an advance level. It’s true math is not easy but with more practice, and challenging problems one falls quickly for such equations and want more. So, do pursue this degree if you have a positive attitude towards such challenges and problem-solving skills.

Jun 20
7 Major Pathways for Bachelor of Architecture in India

Architecture has a lot of scope for the students who want to pursue it. It’s the platform which has known for its oldest profession by man. Architecture is the study that brings with it the touch of other professions as they design and work keeping in mind other’s necessities and hope. After intense learning of […]

Jun 20
Top 10 Career Options In Economics For Graduates in The USA

If you are a student of economics and searching for a job abroad and particularly in USA then here is the list of some of the top 10 Best Career Options in Economics For Graduates In The USA. Now, let’s have look at the details of the work and companies with the above positions. Market […]

Jun 14
Best 7 Career Options for College Students with English Degree

Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL/TESOL) English is a global language, and therefore, is one the most useful in the world. There are students in foreign countries whose first language is not English, and who might be interested in learning it. That is the reason why TEFL, or TESOL, is a booming industry. What can […]

May 05
8 Unconventional career choices you can make after 12th

People get higher degrees to get good jobs but instead getting higher degrees you also do some vocational courses. But what about those who do not have any degrees and interest in academics, even they should have given chances to do well in their career. So they worried about their future though they have a […]

May 05
8 Career Options of the next 20 years

The world is changing, our education system has been improving itself year by year, technologies have been emerging, there are technological developments, in all life is evolving, and with it. and so are our career opportunities and options for the coming years and future. Gone are the days when becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher, lawyer, […]

Apr 13
6 New Age Career Options

Career opportunities for today’s youth are increasing by the second. Multiple job profiles and fields have emerged lately. It is a generation of risk-takers and the youngsters don’t just want to become an engineer, doctor or lawyer. With the advancements in technology, our generation has been exposed to a wide variety of themes and ideas. […]