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8 Career Options of the next 20 years

The world is changing, our education system has been improving itself year by year, technologies have been emerging, there are technological developments, in all life is evolving, and with it. and so are our career opportunities and options for the coming years and future. Gone are the days when becoming a doctor, engineer, teacher, lawyer, government service worker, singer, dancer were the only options to answer this question, being asked by people to you “what would you like to become”? Have not we left it all behind in the previous years? Yes, we are just not the same when we have to make a career decision or look for career options for ourselves or even our kids. There is n number of career options for youth nowadays. We have a lot in stock for a career for the next 20 years. Now, let us look at the 8 Career Options of the next 20 years for youth:

A career in Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Agency  career option for the next 20 years for youth

The world is going digital; it has gone completely out there. There is a lot of online presence in the world, that creates a lot of career opportunities. The digital world is expanding at a faster pace, our digital economy is growing more than the traditional economy. Digital Marketing has a huge scope for great career opportunities for the next 20 years.

A career as care providers

This career option is inclined towards healthcare. Daycare for the children, for the elderly, for the people who need assisted living is included in it. remote health care specialists are also included in it with the monitoring devices. People are getting more concerned about the health and wellbeing of their children, elders, retired people who need more attention. People would start preferring to keep their elders, family members who need assistance to be at home with trained professionals rather than keeping them in the hospitals away from them. To provide the necessary support, more care providers would be needed, this is going to be a good career option for the interested people.

A career as wellness service providers

There is going to be a huge demand for the people in the wellness services. there are a lot of options, be it you are a beautician, a fitness trainer, tuition teacher, image expert, yoga expert, mind trainer.

A career as a consultant

consultants are needed for a lot of fields, subjects to provide need-based services to the people as per their needs. There is going to be a great need for specialists and consultants for providing on-demand consultations. For example- be it technology consulting, or scientific consulting.

A career in IT in medicine

Medical It

There are magical things happening in the field of medicines, and we are all the witnesses for that. A lot of doctors are getting automated, they are creating a lot of processes that are happening in our cells in a lab and they are monitoring each and every detail about them, they are also watching how can we affect them. IT in medicine has a huge market and is growing 50% year over year. So, if you are interested in this, you can definitely pursue your career in this field for a great future.

A career in technical jobs

 career option for the next 20 years for youth

There is a good scope in technical jobs like dental hygienists, veterinary technicians, physical therapist assistants in the next 20 years. The medical field is expanding, there is a growth in the field of therapies as the effectiveness is immediate and worth it. there will be a need for physical therapist assistants to develop treatment plants, to document treatment, to modify treatment as per the needs of the patient. Dental hygienists also have a great career and they earn a handsome amount for the same as well.

A career as statisticians

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Statisticians are needed in the analyzation, in the application of data in a lot of fields. It helps in seeking advanced knowledge about the statistical interpretations, helps in the predictions, outcomes, helps in anticipation of the problems, helps in tracing the problems. It also helps in the development of models for the prediction. Organizations rely on statisticians to make big decisions.

A career as next-generation engineers

 career for the next 20 years

we will be in need of new systems before we can develop the next generation apps for developing large tech businesses in the market. For generating these large tech businesses, we will need new technologies, technologies of software architecture, to work in coordination with hardware, etc.  to do all these tasks next-gen engineers would be high in demand. So, if you are interested in playing with new technologies, and can go ahead with technological developments, this is the best for you and to have a bright future as well. So, there are going to be a lot of career options in the next 20 years for the youth. You can choose the best suitable one for yourselves from our list or lookout for more. Good luck, your future kid.


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