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Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL/TESOL)

English is a global language, and therefore, is one the most useful in the world. There are students in foreign countries whose first language is not English, and who might be interested in learning it. That is the reason why TEFL, or TESOL, is a booming industry. What can you expect from this job? A very bright future! This is one of those jobs that pay you for traveling across the world and teaching English to those who are very keen on learning it.

You get an opportunity to use your English degree to help others. You can get a chance to travel to your dream destinations like London, Columbia, Canada, Australia, the USA, South Korea, and many more. The perk is that some institutions provide you with accommodations as well! If you become a TEFL/TESOL teacher, you can expect a salary as high as 1-2 Lakhs depending on which country you teach in.

Teaching English in Schools

You can become a teacher at primary, secondary or senior-secondary levels in government, or private schools. Usually, teachers of government schools get a higher salary than private school teachers. The selection criteria and educational requirements differ according to the schools in different sectors. However, for teaching at primary or secondary levels a graduate degree along with 2 years B.Ed. degree is a must. Getting a B.Ed. degree in fact enhances your chance of getting hired in government or reputed private educational institutions. For teaching at senior-secondary levels, a postgraduate degree along with B.Ed. is desirable. This might not be a requirement for all the schools. The salary of a teacher in private schools can range between 10,000-40,000 INR depending on the location of the school, and post and experience of the individual. In government schools, the salary can range between 45000-1 Lakhs INR depending on the post of the teacher.

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Content Writing

The main role of a content writer is to create engaging content for the clients. Job providers of all sorts hire English graduates to write fresh content for their websites. Content writers are expected to express the ideas and proportions of the firms in elegant language so as to attract the audience and the customers. For becoming a content writer, a command over communication skills and language is essential. The salary ranges between 15,000 INR- 25,000 INR depending on your skills and experience, the reputation and size of the firm you are hired in, and the city you are working in. Your salary can go up with experience.


You can become a lecturer in college. You are free to work in either government or private college; however, a government college lecturer usually enjoys more benefits than a lecturer of a private college. To become a lecturer, a postgraduate degree in English is a must. Along with this, you should have qualified UGC-NET exam. The salary of a lecturer can range from 45000 INR to 82,000 INR depending on the post.

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Social Media & Blogging

You must have seen sites that are dedicated to a particular subject or topic. There are blogs on fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, fitness, sports, etc. That’s what you can do too after completing studies. You will have the freedom to express yourself on a variety of topics. You will earn money too through advertisements or by lending your content to other firms/ websites.

An important thing here is that you should have a stronghold over English, and interest in what you do so that you can attract and interest more and more people to your blog. The blogs have mushroomed over the internet and the owners earn money depending on the popularity of traffic attracted by their blogs. Also, several firms hire English graduates to manage and handle their social media accounts. The requirement for this job is that you should have superior communication skills and interest in current events and trends.

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Publishing firms are always on a lookout for graduates who can develop content, work as editors and proofreaders for their content before it goes for printing. The publishing industry is expanding fast. With the introduction and popularity of e-books, e-readers, digital libraries, and online magazines, the demand for English graduates too has risen. This industry needs graduates who have comprehensible knowledge of the English language, good time-management skills, and creativity. The salary for this can range from 15000 INR to 40,000 INR depending on your skills. The salary can rise with time.

A Student can even go on for higher studies in management in a business school after graduating in English, and work as an HR Executive, marketing manager, business development manager, business development executive, operations manager, etc. You can study law if you have fluency in English. You can pursue a career in Public Relations, which involves presenting the best face of your company to the public. 

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