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7 Major Pathways for Bachelor of Architecture in India

Architecture has a lot of scope for the students who want to pursue it. It’s the platform which has known for its oldest profession by man. Architecture is the study that brings with it the touch of other professions as they design and work keeping in mind other’s necessities and hope.

After intense learning of 5 years course, the students may find them in a place of excitement, innovation, and challenging career. For him/her it is important to know that what lies ahead, not just during the Bachelor’s degree, but also after graduation.

Offsiteconstruction architecture

Today after graduation, following options/career paths are available for an architect-

Private Practice

This path establishes working with a known architectural firm, gaining experience, and then starting your private firm practice. This practice may grow and gain value with better skills, ideas, and experience. It can also turn over to a particular typology where particular types of projects are handled. For example, certain architects handle the design of hospitals; others look over the hotels, and so on.

The specialization can be between interior design to civil architecture. In creating a private firm, the employee can work within the firm and can grow to a point that they can become directors of the firm. Certain examples are Edifice, Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Government Service

The freshers can aim for government service as planners or building values. This will require a Postgraduate degree like M-Plan (Masters in Planning) or Transportation Planning. Jobs can also be obtained at Govt. agencies like the Development Authorities or Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Urban Development, railways, Highway development Authority, etc. the growth of Govt. jobs are well defined and secure. An opportunity to get involved in the development of the country.

Project and Construction manager

Today the world needs certain firms that can provide with end to end solutions to the project sites and can make work-flow fast. There are multinational firms like Cushman Wakefield that offers such marketing for a long time. The students require acquiring a degree in post-graduation diploma in project management. This can lead to a tie-up with construction companies like Larsen and Toubro etc. There is an opportunity to work in a well-paid company overseas.


Like a specific professional, an architect can also turn to a specialist. He can design buildings, sites with various components like Electrical Layout, Landscape, etc.

Let us know about a few specialists that an architect can pursue.

  • Landscape Designer- For this, the engineer needs to have a post-graduation major in the landscape. A landscape designer can handle projects on their own, where the structure already exists or can team up with an architectural firm.
  • Urban Designer- In this scope one needs a master’s degree in urban design. The scope of this field goes from building sites to the public interest domain.
  • Conservation architect- For those who have a passion for history and archaeology, they can find a well-paid career here. They need to have a Master’s degree in conservation.
  • Sustainability expert-With the rapid growth in industrialization, one needs to know about the resources and its conservation. There are private and Govt. Sectors with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry who look over it.

These are some professions, as these can be opted by B.Arch students;

  • Arbitrator
  • Acoustics expert
  • Architectural Journalist
  • Architectural Photographer
  • Product design/Industrial Design/Furniture design
  • Film Set Design
  • Architectural Model maker
Arbitrator Fees In India Architecture

Allied Fields

Other professions don’t have a direct connection with the architectural field but tend to do well with their intuitive creativity. Sometimes while studying under graduation or post-graduation, a student may acquire an interest in video game design. New Attractive thing liked mostly by students who have good 3D visualization skills and are skilled in gaming software.


Now the noblest job that is teaching. Teachers are required everywhere for 800+ Architectural schools of India. As the Council of Architecture has made it necessary that fresher graduates are not appointed as a lecture. And they can’t be promoted to a higher position from an assistant professor if they don’t have a master’s degree in Architecture.  This will allow an architect to have a stable state in their career with having growth in this particular teaching profession.

Research Scholars

While pursuing teaching, it can make them inclined towards research work.  This may grant them a path for a rewarding career in itself. Many universities offer well-paid positions for a research field inclination. This research may lead to certain revolutionize building industry and can produce a quality of life on earth and other planets too. You never know, your eagerness, enthusiastic student inside can crossroads the education of today and can set up an example for around the world.

We need to open our minds for endless discoveries.

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