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Tag: pros and cons

Oct 25
Pros and Cons of Working while Studying

Working is not a fresh concept while you are learning. In western European countries, this idea has long become a success but in our country, it is yet to take place. There are almost 60% of students in Western countries who fund their own higher education. While the entire cost of the higher education fees […]

Oct 01
10 Things to know about Bachelor’s in public health

Do you have a passion to serve others and interested in studying the prevention and treatment of diseases? If yes then a Bachelor’s in public health will serve the purpose for you. About Bachelor in Public Health In the BPH course, students get to study public healthcare programs, policies, social, behavioral, and environmental health. In […]

Sep 29
10 Things to know about travel and tourism a good career

If you like traveling and have the ability to manage people, then travel and tourism is the course is for you. About Travel and Tourism Courses The travel and tourism industry is rapidly growing. This industry has proven its worth in time. Students have a plethora of career opportunities in this fast-growing industry of travel […]

Sep 27
11 Things to know about interior designing

What is Interior Designing? By definition, it is “the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment.” It involves designing man-made spaces pleasant and comfortable. With growing demand of interior designing, this course has gained a huge popularity in India. If you’re designing a house […]

Sep 26
9 Things to Know about Digital Marketing

Have you ever given a thought to the concept of Digital Marketing? Are you fascinated by things or service which are marketed digitally but do you wonder how? What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses internet-based digital technologies such as mobiles, computers, etc to promote a particular product and […]

Sep 24
9 Things to Know about Event Management

Are you good at planning or organizing your school functions or have you been a part of the procedure and loved working as a school fest organizer? If yes, then event management is a very good career option for you. What is Event Management? Event management is the planning and organizing of small or large […]

Sep 22
Things to know about Psychology

Ever noticed someone who behaves differently when alone or sad, do you know why? Psychologists have the answer. The job of evaluating mental and emotional disorders is quite tough, where every patient and each day is not the same. The job is quite challenging but gives a sense of satisfaction when a person in need […]

Sep 21
Things to know about Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most popular fields among students who are creative and are looking for a similar course that suits them. Read the full article to know more about fashion designing. What is Fashion Designing? Fashion Designing covers a wide spectrum of fabrics, styles, patterns, colors, and trends that define the fashion […]

Sep 21
Things to know about Culinary arts course

Do you like cooking and prefer presenting your food with the most effective presentation possible? And if you think you are passionate about it then a career in culinary arts might just be your calling. In Culinary Arts, students who wish to learn the various aspects of food preparation, cooking, and presentation. In this course, […]

Sep 21
Things to know about journalism

If you have made up your mind to induce into either electronic media or print media, a journalism course is what you must follow. Media has been an integral part of India be it through newspapers or television. With good communication skills, there is a huge scope in journalism as a career. All journalists are […]

Sep 21
Things to know about Graphic Designing

When you go out just look around you see the sign hanging above that shop window. The poster across the road advertising the next event at your local theater. The things you interact with every day are all created by a graphic designer. These elements all communicate an idea or concept that’s the job of […]