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Swami Vivekananda Scholarship 2021-22 : Eligibility Criteria

The Swami Vivekananda Scholarship is a merit-cum-means based scholarship scheme for the meritorious and economically backward students of West Bengal studying at the higher secondary level, undergraduate level, postgraduate level and above. It was revamped in the year 2016, and the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship now comes with a significantly increased number of seats and enhanced rewards.

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship 2021

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship 2021-22 Program

  • Class 9 to 12:

Scheme 1: For students enrolled in classes 9 and 10 in recognized top-class residential schools.

Scheme 2: For students enrolled in classes 11 and 12 in recognized top-class residential schools.

  • Undergraduates (UG):

Scheme 3: For students pursuing undergraduate studies in recognized colleges and universities.

  • Postgraduates (PG):

Scheme 4: For students pursuing postgraduate studies (Master’s or Professional) in recognized colleges and universities.

  • Doctoral Programs:

Scheme 5: For students pursuing doctoral programs (M.Phil. or Ph.D.) in recognized colleges and universities.

  • Kanyashree Protsahan Yojana (K3):

Scheme 6: For girl students from economically disadvantaged families completing their secondary education and pursuing higher education.

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship 2021-22 Eligibility Criteria

Criteria Requirements
Domicile – Must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.
Community – Belong to Other Backward Classes (OBC), Economically Backward Classes (EBC), or Scheduled Tribes (DNT) communities.
Academic Performance – Secured at least 60% marks in the previous qualifying examination.
Annual Family Income – Have an annual family income below the prescribed limit, which varies based on family size and location.

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship Application Process

  • Eligibility Check:

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria specified for the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship. This includes factors such as domicile, community, academic performance, and family income.

  • Notification:

Keep an eye on official announcements and notifications regarding the opening of the scholarship application period. This information is usually published on the official website of the concerned scholarship authority.

  • Application Form Availability:

Visit the official website or the designated portal where Swami Vivekananda Scholarship applications are accepted. Download or access the online application form.

  • Form Filling:

Fill in the application form with accurate and complete details. This may include personal information, academic details, family income, and other relevant information.

  • Document Submission:

Gather and submit the necessary supporting documents as specified in the application guidelines. Common documents may include academic transcripts, proof of residence, income certificate, and community certificate.

  • Review and Verification:

Submit the application form along with the required documents for review. The scholarship authorities may conduct a verification process to ensure the accuracy of the provided information.

  • Application Submission:

Submit the completed application form and supporting documents by the specified deadline. Late submissions are generally not accepted.

  • Acknowledgment/Receipt:

After submitting the application, you may receive an acknowledgment or a receipt. Keep this document safe for future reference.

  • Selection Process:

The scholarship authorities will review the applications and select eligible candidates based on the specified criteria. This may involve a merit-based selection process.

  • Publication of Results:

Once the selection process is complete, the list of selected candidates may be published on the official website or through other communication channels.

  • Disbursement of Scholarship:

If selected, follow the instructions provided for the disbursement of the scholarship amount. This may involve providing additional details for fund transfer.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Full Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship fully covered the tuition fee for studying in a recognized institution, ensuring students could focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.
  • Hostel Fee Support: The scholarship provided funds for hostel accommodation expenses, ensuring students had comfortable and secure housing within the school premises or in the vicinity of their educational institutions.
  • Monthly Stipend: To address the additional living expenses incurred in a residential setting or in the pursuit of higher education, the scholarship provided a monthly stipend to cover daily needs and contribute to overall well-being.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: The scholarship went beyond financial assistance by offering mentorship and guidance from experienced individuals. Mentors provided valuable advice, career counseling, and emotional support, helping students navigate their educational journey and achieve their full potential.
  • Holistic Support System: The Swami Vivekananda Scholarship aimed to create a holistic support system for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The comprehensive scholarship package, coupled with mentorship and guidance, empowered students to overcome financial barriers, excel academically, and contribute meaningfully to society.

Scholarship Deadline

The application deadline for the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship 2021-2022 has passed. The scholarship application period typically opens in July or August and closes in September or October each year. The exact dates may vary depending on the specific scholarship scheme. It is always advisable to check the official website for the most up-to-date information on application deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

The application process for the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship typically conducted online through the State Scholarship Portal website. Applicants must create an account and fill out the online application form. They must also submit supporting documents, such as mark sheets, income certificate, and caste certificate.

For any queries or concerns related to the Swami Vivekananda Scholarship 2021-22, applicants can contact the State Scholarship Portal Helpline or email the scholarship authorities. The official website provides contact details and grievance redressal mechanisms for addressing scholarship-related issues.

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