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The new wave of career trends in the 21st century

In this new tech-savvy era and a world upscaling on digitalization and commercialization, it is hard to have a similar trend in the choice of careers as before. With more available options and ways of commutation, the work environment has evidently evolved to a new level. Today there is the scope of learning while working, fast speed internet availability almost everywhere, and individual motivation and mobilization of all the workforces to conglomerate collective efforts.

However, with every additional effort, comes some cons. Yes, some employees are offered an illuminating carrier, and even young, fresh out of the college graduates are offered jobs in big farms a small but pivot role. Yes, these young adults someday may or may not get to climb the ladders of success. But with a huge population of youth and daily motivation to hustle, as the Gen Z kids say, it becomes a cut-throat competition.

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Mostly these companies take in employees based on their degree and years of experience in consideration. However, they do not take into consideration other factors like the low rates of economic growth of the country and the students who cannot afford the perks of higher education from good colleges.

Although colleges these days have their own alumni association and training and management team to prepare the students for the outside world. There has been the introduction of online courses foe for students to learn about the work environment based on their aptitude and their choice. And while the government, the ministry, and the corporate world is trying to give us everything that could benefit today’s young adults, research says it is still not enough.

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The change in the nature.

In the earlier days, one’s carrier depends on the goal they set for themselves. It a profession that defines an individual’s life goals and forecasts his/ her identity. Careers usually give an individual a scope to grow, rise, and learn and create opportunities for themselves. It provides for economic stability to an individual and his family and provides him/her with the ability to take care of their needs and wants.

However, with the advent of this century, the whole meaning of career choice has taken a different turn. It is no more dependent on professionalism or the amount of time one spends on a certain task. It is more about how efficient one is to do a certain task and how fast and accurately one does it. In the fast pacing world, the only important factor is to keep up with it. Likewise, it has become harder for employers to keep up with the latest trends and settings of the market while mobilizing the workforce as per the need of the time. With a large number of fitting candidates, employers need to make the right choice about who to choose for what task.

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Nothing is forever.

In the era of Gen z kids, nothing stands forever. And no it is not about the relationships, but their career choices. Like earlier days, no single career defines the identity of an individual. Today, one who is a professional writer is also a part-time young artist in the media industry or someone who works in a bank is also a photographer. Also from the conglomerate side, no one anymore follows the traditional business models of employees and their promotions with every passing year. In fact, statistics say only 19% of the business firms follow the age-old model. With the change in business structure, came the advent of outsourcing and freelancing. Big and small businesses started to make use of outside efforts for a small incentive to quantify and qualify the work in a much better way. With more and more privatization, the soul goal turned out to be profit maximization for most companies.

Driven by the choice if available opportunities and individual needs people started to shift jobs in accordance with their preferences. Today people of all age groups, even the ones going to college take up small job roles and freelancing works as per their specifications to earn a certain incentive and do the tasks required by the organization.

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How to survive?

In this cut-throat competitive world, it necessary to redefine a company’s objective in terms of its employer-employee relationship. For a better running work environment, no matter how technically equipped or vast your resources are, the in-house environment is always necessary to be supportive and aware of it. Though there are many technical skills like graphic designing is in high demand, the easy availability of materials on the internet makes more of graphic designers and less professional ones.
In certain spheres like cybersecurity, coding, the enterprise is still in demand. Today our career choices are not only dependent on what we do but also what our surroundings need us to do. And one way or the other, we need to constantly keep up with it.

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