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7 scopes after pursuing a psychology major

Being a psychology major has several great opportunities. However, there is a general conception that if you are studying psychology then you are supposed to become a psychiatrist. This is not true. There are several career options after pursuing psychology.

With a psychology certificate, you are very much positioned to seek after professions in the two arts and scientific fields, depending upon your own advantages. There are numerous alternatives inside the public and private human services, training, psychological well-being support, social work, treatment, and guiding.

In the United States, Psychology is one of the subjects ranked top 10 as the most popular majors. It creates a base for several great careers. When talking about job opportunities, studies say that it will increase by 19% from the years 2014-2024.

So, if you are confused about what to choose after doing a psychology major then just go through the article. Here, you will find seven stirring scopes that are generous to graduates.

psychology major

Clinical Psychologist

The students who are thinking of pursuing their career in psychology, Clinical Psychologist is the primary job that strikes their mind. Clinical Psychologists can concentrate on broad brain research and give treatment to a scope of patients, or they can have some expertise in disciplines like neuropsychology, psychological brain research, or even legal brain science.


Counselors have a little extent of work and it works with patients similarly that psychologists do. They are more constrained in the tests and administrations they offer. It is simpler to turn into a counselor than a psychologist since counselors are expected to complete a master’s degree, however, not a Ph.D.

Psychological well-being counselors have a decent viewpoint for work, on the grounds that numerous schools and associations need individuals with this sort of preparing to support understudies and in danger individuals through basic issues and allude them to more specific treatment if important.

psychology major

Parole Officer

There are not many people who want to be a parole officer. However, psychology graduates have an upper hand at this job and they are best for this position. Parole officers have the job of helping people to adjust to their surroundings and get out of their depression. Psychology majors have great knowledge about the thinking of people. So, they can be the perfect person for this job.

Social Worker

Now, talking about social work then it is a difficult field that can nonetheless be amazingly satisfying. Social specialists help youngsters and families to recuperate and adapt to issues like abusive behavior at home, which influences around 1 out of 4 ladies and 1 out of 7 men sooner or later during their lifetime.

Thus, most social specialists need a master’s grade and may work in an assortment of settings including schools, emergency clinics, safe houses, and kid government assistance associations. Numerous social specialists likewise visit families in their homes, to survey day to day environments, give directing, and evaluate consistency with court orders.

pursuing psychology

Human Resource Manager

For individuals seeking jobs in which they can use psychology in a business setting, Human Resources (HR) management is a better choice. After all, HR managers’ job is to look after the hiring and terminations, resolving behavioral changes in the clients. HR managers also look after administrative works such as managing benefits. Generally, going for an entry-level job after completing a bachelor’s degree is the first step towards becoming an HR manager. Later, with consistent efforts, you can move up the ladder and reach the desired post without pursuing any further education.

Marketing Manager

People with an intention to enter the world of marketing tend to cease a degree. Moreover, knowledge about the psychology of customers helps a lot throughout. It helps you build your strategy and determine its success. The understanding of your customers’ feelings and thinking will let you experiment with your ideas. It will end up with the desired results of increased brand awareness as well as sales. Marketing jobs do seem like an entry-level job, but most organizations prefer people with a bachelor’s degree and good communication skills. However, people start as a marketing assistant and work their way up to the manager post.

pursuing psychology

College Admissions Counselor

Now, let’s have a glance at a College Admissions Counselor. For learners who appreciate the scholastic setting and helping other people, a College Admissions Counselor profession could be an astounding fit. A four-year certification is required for this situation since instructors are prompting imminent understudies, however, the position generally includes selecting and planning various affirmations exercises and systems. Involvement with a confirmation office through work-study is a useful advantage in seeking after this vocation. 

Now when you go through the points you can understand the scopes if you pursue a psychology major. These professions show exactly how wide the alternatives are for psychology majors. It’s a fantastic field of study on the off chance that you love to work with individuals and see how they think and feel. In case you don’t know what sort of profession you need to seek after yet, pursuing psychology can be an incredible decision. Basically on the grounds that the potential outcomes are almost huge once you’ve earned a four-year college education. Regardless of whether you proceed to win a master’s or Ph.D. or not, psychology fills in as a strong establishment for a fantastic profession.

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