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Courses you never knew existed

Don’t know what to learn at college? Do not encourage cluelessness to bring you through a common field of which thousands of other students can participate. Have faith that somewhere in your dream course, you have just not yet discovered it.  Here are a few uncommon courses available in India to help you find a few less taken academic directions!

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Course in Astrobiology

The study of the evolution, distribution, origin, and future of existence in life consist of astrobiology. This interdisciplinary area involves an interconnected, systematic view of ecological, planetary, and celestial activities. 

In astrobiology they are researching to locate stable surroundings in our solar system and on planets around other celestial beings, to discover information on prebiotic chemistry or life on bodies of the solar systems including Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Compared to the long-running areas of astronomy, biology, physics, geology, planetary science, etc, the study of astrobiology is comparatively modern. There are actually still a few specific astrobiology degree programs. The traditional way to approach a student who wants to research astrobiology is to specialize in a scientific discipline. You should pick an environment that genuinely activates you. This training will be the pillar of the skills you are building on, so make it one that you enjoy.

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Course in Pop Culture

This course exposes students to numerous academic structures, ideas, and observations into people’s society. Students are advised to explore the dynamics and social and cultural roles of popular culture. Popular culture provides a forum to explore civilization, ideals, and philosophies across geographical distances. It also contributes significantly to influencing social perceptions, beliefs, and philosophies. Popular culture and society explore how gender and sexuality, race, and ethnicity are represented in popular culture and how popular culture can potentially affect the public. People are also socially codified markers of identity. The course examines the numerous competing theories, methods, concepts, and frameworks that surround, explain and locate the popular culture. It examines popular culture examples and case studies.

Course in Ecotechnology

Ecotechnology is an applied scientific science aimed at fulfilling human needs while mitigating ecological disorders by leveraging natural forces and modifying them for their beneficial effects. Ecotechnology combines two areas of study: “technics of ecology” and “ecology of technics,” which include an understanding of the environment and social systems and processes. 

Eco-technology can be seen as an environmental innovation that can lessen ecological harm, accept ecology as a basic basis, and ensure biodiversity conservation and sustainable growth.

From a holistic viewpoint, Ecotechnology emphasizes solving a crisis. For eg, not just one region should be considered for the remediation of rivers. Instead, consideration should be given to the entire catchment area which comprises upstream, middle, and downstream portions.

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Course in peace and conflict studies

Peace and conflict studies are a field of social science that identifies and examines violent and nonviolent behaviors and systemic structures for dealing with conflicts (including social conflicts), in order to understand certain procedures which lead to a more desirable human condition.

In comparison to military research, this social science seeks to achieve productive success in war, mostly through aggressive means to the satisfaction of one or more of the parties concerned, but not both. Philosophy, political science, geography, culture, psychology, economics, international relations, history, biology, social and genetic studies, and a number of other sciences may be included. Subdisciplines such as peace economics, related to peace and conflict analysis can also be considered as belonging to these areas.

Course in game designing

Game design is the practice of using design and layout to create a game for the purpose of amusement or education and training. Elements and principles of game design in the form of gamification are gradually being applied to other experiences.

Game design provides objectives, rules, and challenges in defining board games, card games, dice games, casino games, role-play sports, VCS, war games, and simulations that produce desired interactions among participants and, if possible, spectators. Game design helps to create aims, regulations, and difficulties.

Game design is part of game studies educationally, while game theory studies strategic decision-making. Special studies in probability, artificial understanding, philosophy of economics, and optimization were typically influenced by Sports. The implementation of game design is an ongoing subject of meta-design science.

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Course in Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is structured instruction in the open air. Outdoor education programs also provide wildlife-based educational or travel opportunities in which students take part in various adventurous projects and events such as cycling, hiking, canoeing, clothing, and community games. The philosophy, principle, and application of experience and environmental education are the basis for outdoor education.

Course in Entertainment Engineering and Design

In Entertainment Engineering and Design, the seriousness of engineering and artistic joy of fine arts have been mixed. This is more potent than any compulsion, which aims at the purging of the strong emotions of mankind.

The platform seeks to give members the chance to be at the forefront of digital technology in the ever-growing creative demands in the film industry. It also offers the best choice in the film industry for learners. The best thing is that EED students receive rapid progress and trust. As a graduate of EED, you will become familiar with the values of architecture, modern technology, emerging technology, and conventional theatre practice – a good awareness of Arctic demands in the theatrical industries.

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