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7 ways for working professional to motivate themselves

There’s a time when everyone needs motivation. Motivation is one of the key reasons a person becomes successful. Your productivity depends on the amount of motivation you have towards the work. Therefore we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few ways for working professionals so that they can motivate themselves and improve their work. The following is the list:

Believe in yourself

Success Unlimited Mantra - Blog - How to Believe in Yourself Again

A major reason by which a working professional gets de-motivated is that they starts to over think and doubt themselves. Therefore, firstly to get motivated you have to believe in yourself. Belief makes a person strong and independent. If you will be confident and believe in yourself, you can concentrate on your work and can get motivated to increase your work productivity too. 

5 minute rule

A rule every person including a working professional should follow is 5 minute rule. The rule says that if a problem arises and it will not affect your life in any way for the next 5 years then you shouldn’t be thinking about that problem for more than 5 minutes. We stay de-motivated for a long time because we keep thinking about minor problems and make them large. If you only think about it for not more than 5 minutes then it will save your time and usage of mind on unnecessary stuff too. So, to keep you motivated follow the 5 minute rule.

Do not give up

A working professional who wants to be motivated should never give up. Giving up is an act of weakness.  We should always give our best and never look back or wait for results to just happen. To motivate yourself, you should start telling yourself to be positive. Being positive leads to a healthy mind and upbeat thoughts. You get de-motivated because you give up easily. There never give up.

Small goal trick

A very helpful trick that every working professional should learn is the small goal trick.  The trick goes as such:  Instead of having one big goal, set multiple small goals. Small goals are rather easy to achieve than a big goal. Take baby steps. Celebrate the accomplishments of small goals. This will help you to stay motivated. After achieving a small goal, always reward yourself with small treats as a celebration. Taking things slow is not a bad thing to do. Alternatively it is a great thing to do. This trick can help you a lot. It can help you complete your goals faster and with more productivity and will allow you to have new goals too. All in all it is a great trick to apply for a working professional. 

Have a break

Stress is a thing which multiple times lead you to demotivation.  Doing a lot of work at a time without any rest creates a feeling of uneasiness and tiredness in your body and mind which leads to stress and impatient behavior.  If you take small breaks between your works, it can ease your mind and help you relax. A relaxed mind has no tension or stress therefore it’s clear of any negative thoughts. When your mind is clear, then clear and positive thoughts starts getting in your mind leading to a motivated spirit and mood. Therefore, always remember to take small breaks between tasks.

Make a motivational playlist

7 Key-Steps to Motivate and Inspire Your Team - Invista

The best influencer that can truly change your vision, perception and life is Music. Music has such manipulative power in them that it can suddenly change your entire mood. Music is always a treat for your ears. Therefore you should make a playlist with multiple songs which gives you motivation. You can then listen to them during your work and can get instantly motivated. This is one of the best and easiest way to get motivated. 

Do least favourite work first

This is a trick most working professionals aren’t familiar with. Doing your least favorite work first can actually motivate you for later work.  For example consider this: You have 3 dishes in front of you that you have to finish at any cost. You like 2nd dish the most, 3rd dish the least and you can have 1st dish without any problem or preference. Which dish would you eat first? The most logical order would be 3, 2 and 1. This is so because then you will enjoy eating 2nd dish ever more after all that suffering you had to face with 3rd dish. Same is the case with your work. If you do your least favorite work first, you will actually enjoy your rest of the work and get motivated without even knowing it.

So above was the list of various ways for working professionals to motivate themselves. Hope that you will apply these tricks and tips in your life and stay motivated. Best of luck!!!

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