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Sep 01
10 positive effects of social media

Some positive effects of social media on students is to maintain relationships with friends and family, work together on projects, access educational materials, get job advice, connect with mentors, create their own personal brand, keep up with current events, improve their digital literacy skills, learn about other cultures, and have fun. When utilised appropriately, social […]

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Aug 12

India has over 50 central universities or colleges, other public institutions, and many autonomous universities that come under the government. While there are many study options available for your higher studies, there are certain advantages of choosing a public university over other private institutions. Though the competition to gain admission to one of these prestigious institutions […]

Jul 22
9 Negative impacts of hostel life on a student

Every student at one point or another in their lives dreams of going to the best college in their respective fields, but many times they need to leave their home to fulfill it. There are many factors, which make the students go the hostel like rules in university, different locations, ease of transportation, or even […]

Jul 06
Negative effects of social media on students

In this growing era of social media in teenagers and students, it is necessary to know whether social media does more positive or negative to mental health. According to a report on students almost 95% of teens have smartphones, and about 75% of teens are on various social networking sites and, about 85% are on YouTube. Here […]

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Jun 13
8 Tips to study for 10th class

Though the 10th class is the same as any other class, with different syllabus and different books,

Apr 10

Do you complain about forgetting facts easily or feel that you have the poorest memory in the world? Or do you feel that it is hard for your brain to grasp and learn things quickly? Do you think that your brain performs real slow? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the brain that you are born with. […]

Mar 20

Each one of us aspires to be the best. We all are blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. It is really important to keep learning more about the things we are passionate about or discover something new and to keep growing. Without being a good observer or learner, one cannot excel in […]

Dec 19
Most frequently asked questions about MBA

If you are an anxious and eager professional who is pondering on the question of whether pursuing a degree in MBA is the move that will help refine you, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about MBA. Is MBA Worth It? Short answer, it depends. Pursuing MBA will help you land […]

Dec 12
Why You Should Study Abroad in Amsterdam?

Acclaimed for its scaffolds bound over pleasant waterways, A-list galleries, Cultural diversity, reformist perspectives, and waterfront structures tucked comfortably together, Amsterdam is an ideal place for studying abroad. In case Amsterdam is the place for you, here’s a preview of the plentiful social marvels and life-long advantages and experiences, both academic and personal, that you’ll […]

Dec 11
11 Tips To Be Financially Ready For Studying Abroad

There’s no doubt that studying abroad is truly an incredible experience, yet it in addition needs cautious arrangements to be made particularly funds. Studying abroad is plausible regardless of the fact whether money is an issue for you. Even If money is not a factor that might affect you’re going abroad, you should still apply […]

Dec 04
All about the Optometry Admission Test

Optometry is a rewarding profession but it also has its cons: it demands dedication and perseverance. The Optometry Admission Test (OAT) is an exam that tests you on your capability for the Optometry field. The most important thing to realize is that top scorers “don’t do different things, they do some things differently”. For preparing […]

Dec 03
Why is Networking Crucial During MBA?

Networking is an extravagant term for something that people have been doing since the start of times: meeting others, trading data, helping each other, and sharing expectations and fears. Contingent upon your character, this sort of social connection may produce enthusiasm or dread. However – regardless of whether you’re uninformed of it or are a […]

Nov 27

Students around the world are encountering new, exceptional changes to their examinations as COVID-19 has confined face to face learning and joint effort, moving classes, addresses, and even state-administered testing to at-home, online organizations. Here is an article on virtual internships, i.e., work from home internships These occasions can be scary, yet there are still […]

Nov 07
9 Tips to make a teenager responsible

Introduction All guardians need their adolescents to form into reasonable and mindful grown-ups. That is self-evident, correct? Be that as it may, while guardians need their youngsters to finish their homework and do their errands, it’s up to them what decisions they make. As youngsters, it’s time they settle on their very own greater amount […]

Nov 03
Models and Effects of Regrets in youth

Introduction Regret is the feeling of wishing one had settled on an alternate choice before because the outcomes of the choice were ominous. Regret is identified with an apparent chance. Its force fluctuates over the long haul after the choice, as to activity versus inaction, and concerning discretion at a specific age. The self-recrimination which […]

Nov 03
15 Ways to Overcome Regrets among students

Introduction The negative musings and emotions that go with the recollections of that-thing-that-you-did are making more issues. You’re harming yourself – your low self-esteem causes expanded pressure and sadness. You’re harming your connections – trusting you don’t have the right to be cherished really fabricates dividers among you and the individuals generally significant in your […]

Oct 30
5 Types of Self Care for Students

Introduction One of the primary reasons individuals make for overlooking articles about self care is that they simply don’t have time. The extraordinary news is that there are a wide range of self care practices, and none of them are particularly troublesome or require a ton of arranging. Try to discover some that you really […]

Oct 19
Learning Applications to enhance your Skills

In the present world, you can gain proficiency in any skill you want by Learning them as online courses. With web development over the last years, it has become easy to collect data in no time. Learning applications or apps have immediately become a go-to strategy for upgrading or accumulating the students’ and experts’ abilities. […]

Oct 16
Need of counselling and benefits of counselling

Counseling, by definition, implies a treatment that includes talking in which an individual offers his issues with the advocate, and the advisor, after observing his inconveniences exhorts him the best course to adapt up to their issues. They advocate very understands how to do advising as he invests in his best amounts of energy to recognize the individual just as mental issues of a person that gives him mental flimsiness and passionate torment. The function of the advisor is significant as he needs to discover the base of a specific issue…

Oct 15
What is the meaning of counselling and 5 Techniques

Counselling has been significant apparently since the beginning of society. From guardians and grandparents exhorting other relatives to network pioneers giving direction to inhabitants, guiding appears to have consistently been a characteristic aspect of the human experience. As individuals turned out to be more portable during the Industrial Revolution and started relocating to urban areas, they got isolated from conventional guides in their families and networks. An absence of information on the most proficient method to address psychological maladjustment brought about the detachment of numerous individuals in mental medical clinics and…

Oct 10
15 common myths about sex education

This article discusses the myths about sex education. Sexuality instruction enables individuals to settle on educated decisions about their bodies and sexuality – and to remain safe all the while. It is hence a basic component of quality instruction. However, a long way from advancing complete sexuality instruction, many are battling to restrict it. The results – particularly for youngsters – are not kidding, enduring, and at times fatal. As "Acknowledging the clear issues," another strategy paper by UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring Report, reminds us, every year about 16 million young…

Oct 03
Social Media And Student Life

This article is about the use of social media among students. It discusses the various features and impacts of social media and spreads awareness about its usage and addiction. As per a review directed by Pew Research in 2018, Facebook and YouTube rule the web-based media scene, as outstanding dominant parts of U.S. grown-ups utilize every one of these destinations. Simultaneously, more youthful Americans (particularly those ages 18 to 24) stand apart for grasping an assortment of stages and utilizing them often. Some 78% of 18 - 24-year-old youths use Snapchat,…

Oct 01
10 Benefits of Reading Books for Students

This article discusses the benefits of reading in student's life. There's a perusing kind for each educated individual on the planet, and whether your preferences lie in old-style writing, verse, design magazines, accounts, strict writings, youthful grown-up books, self-improvement guides, road lit, or romance books, there's something out there to catch your interest and creative mind. Reading is significant in light of the fact that it builds up our contemplations, gives us perpetual information and exercises while keeping our brains dynamic. Books can hold and keep a wide range of data,…

Oct 01
Exam stress and anxiety among students

This article discusses the various causes and effects of exam stress among students. It also gives solutions and tips for preparing for exams and keep stress away. Test anxiety is more than feeling somewhat anxious before a test. For understudies who battle with test tension, a touch of pre-test anxiety transforms into incapacitating sentiments of stress, fear, and dread, which can contrarily affect execution. Understudies can battle with test tension at any age. The awareness regarding exams and the stress they bring along with them must be spread among as many…

Sep 21
Peer pressure and student life

this article discusses what peer pressure is and it affects a student's life. As discussed in the article, there are positive as well as negative effects of peer pressure. It is not a topic that can be ignored but is of great significance and the message conveyed through the article must spread to every teenager or a student. This will help a student to get motivated by knowing the positive impacts of peer pressure. It will help students to focus on their goals and work towards achieving them.

Sep 19
10 Mental Illness Signs Students Should Not Ignore

This article is about the signs and symptoms that show if a student is suffering from mental health issues or illness. It helps students to identify any of these signs and motivates them to seek the help of a mental health professional if necessary. It discusses the signs in detail so that students can read this article carefully and understand the concept properly. This will in turn help them to identify the symptoms in them and take the right steps to keep themselves mentally fit and focus on their career.

Sep 15
6 Reasons for mental health issues in students

This article discusses the signs of mental illnesses among teenagers in detail. Mental disorders result from complex interactions between a person's genes and their environment. A person struggling with mental illness should not be viewed as any different from someone who is experiencing a physical illness. your well-being matters. Mental illness can affect family, friends, or even our communities. But, we can help make a difference by learning to recognize the signs of mental illness. Thus, this article will be of great help as it emphasizes on those signs.

Sep 15
Top 6 Universities In India

Most of the students, after their class 12th, look for the top universities to go to in India. However, there are some parameters on which NIRF categorizes universities in India which includes teaching-learning & resources, research and professional practice, graduation, outcome, outreach & inclusivity, and perception. Top Universities in India is a comprehensive list of […]

Aug 04
10 Impacts of the new education policy on students

Recently the Indian Education system is reconstructed after 34 years, with various reforms and changes. These reforms and changes will help students at different stages in the future. Here in this article, we will discuss some impacts of the new education policy on students which will take place in the next five years- Confusion As […]

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Jul 28
10 Effects of unhealthy and toxic relationship on students

Every person in life face issues related to their relationships. But, many times, it affects them very deeply. Nowadays we can judge people easily due to social media and other technologies. But, after these advancements also, some people cannot be recognized. Many relationships are unhealthy and tend to affect the people involves in it. In […]

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