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Shin Chan Drawing

Drawing Shin Chan is a delightful and entertaining artistic venture that captures the mischievous charm of the beloved character. Begin by sketching Shin Chan’s distinctive round face, featuring his large, expressive eyes and mischievous smile. Pay close attention to his signature hairstyle – short and spiky with a single strand sticking up.

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A Guide to Save Shin Chan Drawing

Shin Chan! The mischievous, hilarious, and surprisingly insightful five-year-old brings endless possibilities to the world of art. Here’s a guide to capturing Shin Chan’s essence in your drawings, whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out:

Capturing Shin Chan’s Look:

  • Big Head, Bigger Attitude: Exaggerate Shin Chan’s head size and expressive features like his eyes and eyebrows to convey his personality.
  • Signature Spikes and Action Lines: Don’t forget his iconic spiky hair and those dynamic lines around him when he’s up to mischief.
  • Costumed Cutie: Remember his signature red shirt, yellow shorts, and that backwards baseball cap! Add his favorite costumes like Action Kamen for extra fun.
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Mastering the Basics of Shin Chan Drawing

Whether you’re a budding artist or a Shin Chan superfan, mastering the basics will set you on the path to drawing the mischievous five-year-old like a pro! Here are some key elements to focus on:

Head and Face:

  • Proportions: Shin Chan’s head is significantly larger than his body, giving him a cartoonish and adorable look. Remember, his body is roughly two to three times smaller than his head.
  • Big Eyes and Expressive Eyebrows: Shin Chan’s eyes are bold and expressive, conveying a range of emotions from mischievous glee to tearful meltdowns. His eyebrows are thick and prominent, often raised in surprise or furrowed in concentration.
  • The Signature Grin: Don’t forget Shin Chan’s trademark cheeky grin! This wide, mischievous smile is key to capturing his personality.

Body and Poses:

  • Simple Shapes: Keep Shin Chan’s body simple, using basic shapes like ovals and circles for his head, torso, and limbs. This keeps the style consistent with the original cartoon.
  • Dynamic Poses: Shin Chan is always on the move! Capture his energetic personality through dynamic poses – running, jumping, striking silly poses, or mid-action in one of his many mischief-making adventures.
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Shin Chan Drawing for Beginners

Ready to draw your favorite mischievous five-year-old? Even beginners can create awesome Shin Chan drawings with a bit of guidance and some simple steps! Here’s how:

Step 1: Big Head, Big Fun!

  • Grab your pencil and draw a large circle for Shin Chan’s head. It should be about two-thirds the size of your drawing paper.
  • Inside the circle, draw two smaller circles for his eyes. Make them big and expressive – full of mischief or surprise!
  • Above the eyes, draw two thick, curved lines for his eyebrows. You can angle them up or down depending on his mood.
  • Add a small triangle for his nose and a wide, curved line for his mouth. Remember his cheeky grin!

Step 2: The Body and Beyond!

  • Under the head, draw a smaller circle for his torso and a rectangle for his body. Keep it simple!
  • Connect the head and body with a short neck.
  • Add stick figures for his arms and legs. You can bend them to show him running, jumping, or striking a funny pose.
Shinnosuke Nohara From Crayon Shin Chan Step By Step Drawing Tutorial Step 5
Shin Chan1

A Step-by-Step Shin Chan Drawing Tutorial

Get ready to unleash your inner artist and channel your Shin Chan fandom into a fantastic drawing! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through creating the mischievous five-year-old in all his crayon-wielding glory.


  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black pen (optional)
  • Colored pencils or markers (red, yellow, blue, black, green, optional: skin tone)


1. Head Start:

  • Begin with a light pencil sketch. Draw a large circle for Shin Chan’s head, taking up about two-thirds of your paper.
  • Inside the circle, close to the top, draw two smaller circles for his big, expressive eyes.
  • Add eyebrows above the eyes – two bold, slightly curved lines, angled down for a mischievous look.
Overview For Shin Chan Drawing All Steps
Shin Chan6

Shin Chan Drawing Techniques

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a Shin Chan superfan just starting out, exploring a variety of techniques can elevate your drawings and bring the mischievous five-year-old to life in even more vibrant ways! Here are some ideas to kickstart your artistic journey:

Exaggeration is Key:

  • Embrace the cartoonish style by amplifying Shin Chan’s features. Make his head oversized, his eyes expressive, and his limbs bendy and dynamic. This adds humor and emphasizes his personality.
  • Don’t shy away from exaggerated expressions. From his trademark cheeky grin to his tearful meltdowns, Shin Chan’s emotions are big and bold. Capture them on the page with exaggerated lines and facial features.

Beyond Lines and Colors:

  • Experiment with texture! Use hatching and cross-hatching techniques to add shading and depth to his clothes, hair, and even backgrounds.
  • Play with line weight! Use thicker lines for outlines and bolder expressions, while using thinner lines for details and background elements. This creates a sense of hierarchy and focus.

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