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How To Control Your Emotions

If you want to know how to control your emotions, you are in the right place. When it comes to controlling emotions, a lot of people fail in this because they are very expressive or sensitive regarding any kind of emotions – be it happiness, grief, anger, excitement, and so on. We don’t realise a fact that we can often ruin a lot of things, especially relationships and bonds if we are unable to control emotions. Or sometimes we suffer as people try to take advantage of manipulating our emotions when we are not capable of controlling it. So today I’m gonna share few ways for you to try in order to control your emotions.

Control Uday!

Remember one thing, you will get a lot of articles on the same topic but if you just read them instead of working on them then it’s going to have no result in the end. So today I’ve come up with very few ways that are easier for you to try to get your emotions under your control.

Here We Go

Controlling your emotions need practice and dedication. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Something which is going to give you fruits in future cannot be easy initially. But once you work hard to learn them, then there’s no going back. This article is going to be very specific and only includes a few major emotions.

Anger Management

So a lot of people are short-tempered and have anger management issues. Though they instantly regret after doing or saying something it gets very late for them to rectify such situations. So here are some ideas for you to work on to control your emotions:

A. Think 10 times before you speak

This sounds weird because we lose our state of mind at that peak moment but once we start practising on keeping our mouth shut to a certain extent then we can tackle such issues.

B. Meditate

No matter how crazy it sounds but this is the best way someone can try to control their temper issues. You can trust me on this because I’ve myself tried and tested it and hence I can confirm that it’s the best solution.

C. Stop reacting and start breathing-

When you realise that it’s impossible to hold on your temper anymore then just start deep breathing (not so specifically that the other person can identify it). This will help you instantly divert and cool your mind to some extent.

Sadness Management

Some of us are so emotional that we even end up crying when we see any touchy advertisement on the television. Sounds relatable right? People like us always end up being sad because people manipulate our feelings to take our advantage. No matter how strong we try to become, even our anger eventually leads to tears. So here are a few ways for you to try to control your emotions:

A. Meditate

Once again? Yes. Mediation can help you control any type of emotions. This may be a long time procedure, but nothing can be as effective as this. Meditation helps you to gain mental strength that helps you heal and repair your emotional issues.

B. Clenching your teeth-

This will give you instant relief from crying. For better results, you can deep breathe along with clenching. This will help you to at least prevent your emotions to leak in front of others.

C. Pressing the palm of your hands with your nails

This may be a bit painful but initially, it works. I’m not sure if it will work on everyone but you can try it if necessary.

Over Excitement Management

Over excitement is as harmful as anger and sadness issues because an excess of anything isn’t healthy. Before it ruins your plans, you better start working on the below-mentioned ways to control your emotions:

A. Mediation

Do I need to repeat the reason again? No right? So start practising meditation from today onwards in order to get rid of almost all sorts of mental health issues.

B. Deep Breathing

This works instantly to control a lot of emotions, grief being one of it. Deep breathing keeps us healthy too. And if you are physically healthy, then you will obviously become mentally healthy.

C. Listen to soothing music

Over Excitement often leads to overthinking, which is again a severe problem involved with certain mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Listening to soothing music can divert your mind from a certain topic and help you keep yourself calm during the peak moment.

Hope at least this much information helps you. These few techniques are very essential and comparatively much easier to try. So, these are a few major things that you need to practice first in order to get rid of any kind of over emotional issues. You will start getting results soon after you start practising them. Try this to control your emotions.

Remember This

The more positive vibes you get, the better control you will gain on your emotions.

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