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Signs your Company Values you-

We all are aware of the fact how essential someone’s job is for them, the monetary value and the recognition they earn for their job is very valuable in a company. We work very hard in life; we are all aware of the fact that hard-work will allow us to reach every goal we have in life. In today’s world, we struggle since our childhood to be able to sustain ourselves in our future. We are all working towards securing a job and being able to earn; the sense of independence and pride our job offers us is impeccable. That’s why, we are so attached to our jobs.

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We’ve been given proper education, we’ve worked hard on our own to gain experience- these qualifications increase our value and that ultimately, offers us a good job.  A job and promising job with healthy work environment is all we picture for ourselves; these healthy working conditions not only allows us to grow, but also keeps our stress in control. We do not want to be associated with a company who do not recognizes our worth; we certainly do not want work for someone who downright exploits us and discourages us.

These working conditions should not be appreciated by anyone, we must always we vigilant enough to recognize toxic work environment. It is very necessary to speak against any toxicity that jeopardizes your mental well-being. Remember, that if you are at a toxic job environment, you need to be able to raise your voice against it. You don’t want to be stuck with a job that do not offer any room for development and grown, you do not want to work for someone whose entire policy of working is to feed on your capabilities and be extremely unappreciative and ungrateful about it. Everyone looks forward to job satisfaction, and if you’re not getting satisfaction from your work, then it is time for you reconsider and re-evaluate your decisions with utmost precision.

Your job is not everything about you; but your job dominates a big part of you, it always will have an influence over your day and mood. Today, we are here to talk about signs that makes your job satisfactory, pay attention to these signs because it will help you understand whether you’re valued or not in your work place.

They show Respect to your Personal Time and Boundaries-


A work environment is a professional space, where everything is done within a contract. When you are offered a job, you are assigned different tasks for specific days and that’s how you work. You spend most of your time in your office and everything is assigned to you before hand- even the hours you need to devote for your job. Therefore, it is expected from your employers to be considerate and moderate; it is necessary for them to make reasonable working hours for their employee. Flexibility, must always be welcomed in working schedules- you must not be treated as a machine who is expected to churn out ideas and work throughout the day. Your employers must be appreciative and must not intrude in your personal boundaries. You must not be put into a situation where you feel you’re giving a lot more than you’re getting- that is nothing but exploitation of labor. The assigned time must to reasonable and true to the amount you’re being paid by your employers, there always must be options for you to decide your own working hours before joining their team and proper negotiations might also happen for same. But, this constant expectance of your employers that you would be available for them all the time is immensely wrong. Therefore, it is important to recognize that if your supervisors respect your boundaries. If suppose, someday, the work demands more hours of contribution, then your employers must request you to work extra on that day and not command you- this shows that they don’t feel entitled to your time.

They accommodate your needs for flexibility-


Like we mentioned above, each one of us needs job satisfaction. We need a sense of validation from the people we are working for, and we want them to recognize our hard-work. If you feel that your company is not giving enough recognition to you, then you need to have a word with them sternly. A positive work environment is a space where your supervisors start discussions about your career path in their company, these efforts show that your needs are being addressed by your employers. Discussions, such as these, must be started by your employers without you having to prompt it. You want to work with someone you identify your hard-work and also appreciate it my monetary increase. Work space is a two-way street, your employers must address your needs for flexibility in return for your hard-work.

Many of us face problems in a work environment, in your company, therefore, it is essential for to identify what we need to prosper and hunt for a company that supports us achieve our goals.

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