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UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament 10th Edition

Cricket fever is gripping UPES Dehradun once again, not just for the thrill of the sport, but for a cause that resonates deeply – the 10th edition of the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament. For a decade, this tournament has transcended the boundaries of the game, weaving a story of remembrance, gratitude, and unwavering support for the families of fallen heroes.

This year, the spirit of sportsmanship takes on a special poignancy as UPES pays tribute to another soldier who sacrificed their life in the line of duty. Every boundary hit, every exhilarating catch, carries a silent echo of their bravery. But the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament is not just about mourning; it’s about celebrating their legacy and ensuring their families find solace and support.

Eight teams, armed with passion and a desire to contribute, come together to battle it out on the green pitch. Each team represents not just their cricketing prowess, but also the unwavering spirit of resilience that binds the families of martyrs. As the adrenaline pumps and cheers erupt, the true essence of the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament comes alive – a vibrant tapestry of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and unwavering commitment to a noble cause.

Beyond the competitive spirit, the tournament hosts a kaleidoscope of activities. Family fun zones, live music, and interactive stalls weave a festive atmosphere, reminding everyone that life, despite its losses, must continue to be embraced with joy and hope. The funds raised through the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament become a lifeline for the families of martyrs, providing educational opportunities, financial assistance, and a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament Overview

The prestigious UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament returns in its 10th edition, promising not just gripping matches but also a chance to honor fallen heroes and support their families. This year, witness 8 formidable teams battle it out in a T20 league format, showcasing their cricketing prowess on the hallowed greens of the UPES Dehradun campus.

Mark your calendars for [start date] to [end date] as these spirited teams, representing various schools and departments within UPES, clash for the coveted trophy. Experience electrifying encounters from the opening ceremony’s grandeur to the nail-biting final, where champions will be crowned amidst cheers and celebrations.

The UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament transcends the boundaries of mere competition. It’s a vibrant tapestry woven with sportsmanship, remembrance, and a dedication to a noble cause. Every boundary hit, every wicket taken, contributes to a higher purpose – raising funds for families of martyrs who have bravely defended our nation.

The tournament schedule boasts a dynamic mix of league matches and knockout rounds, ensuring edge-of-the-seat excitement until the very last over. Witness young talents display their cricketing flair alongside seasoned veterans, all vying for glory under the Dehradun sky.

But the spirit of the tournament extends beyond the boundaries of the pitch. Immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere brimming with cheerleaders, live music, and family-friendly activities. Indulge in delectable food stalls and witness breathtaking displays of camaraderie between players and spectators.

This 10th edition of the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament promises a spectacle unmatched. Come witness the passion, the skill, the dedication, and above all, the unwavering spirit that defines this extraordinary event. Be a part of this cricket extravaganza, cheer for your favorite team, and contribute to a cause that truly matters. Make memories that will last a lifetime, all while honoring the legacy of martyrs who gave their all for our nation.

Teams & Competition:

Team Representing Strengths Previous Performance
UPES Blue UPES School of Engineering & Technology Aggressive batting lineup, strong fielding Runner-up (2023)
MDDA Dehradun Municipal Corporation Academy Experienced all-rounders, disciplined bowling Finalists (2022)
Agriculture Department Uttarakhand Agriculture Department Explosive openers, tight fielding unit Semifinalists (2021)
Irrigation Department Uttarakhand Irrigation Department Strong spin attack, efficient teamwork Quarterfinalists (2020)
Pay Jal Nigam Uttarakhand Water Supply & Sanitation Board Balanced team, consistent performance Runners-up (2019)
School Education Department Uttarakhand School Education Department Rising young talent, fearless approach First-time participants
UJVNL Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited Powerful finishers, strategic game plan Semifinalists (2018)
Jal Sansthan Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan Adaptable batsmen, reliable wicketkeeper First-time participants

Schedule & Fixtures

Date Match Time Venue
Jan 16th Opening Ceremony & Group A Match 1 10:00 AM UPES Sports Ground
Jan 17th Group A Match 2 2:00 PM UPES Sports Ground
Jan 18th Group B Match 1 10:00 AM UPES Sports Ground
Jan 19th Group B Match 2 2:00 PM UPES Sports Ground
Jan 20th Knockout Stage – Quarterfinals 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM UPES Sports Ground
Jan 21st Knockout Stage – Semifinals 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM UPES Sports Ground
Jan 22nd Grand Finale & Closing Ceremony 10:00 AM UPES Sports Ground

Rules & Regulations

In honor of fallen heroes and to foster the spirit of sportsmanship, the 10th edition of the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament brings exciting matches and friendly competition to Dehradun. To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants, please familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations:


  • The tournament is open to teams representing registered clubs, departments, or organizations within UPES.
  • All participants must adhere to the dress code specified by the organizers.
  • Respect for fellow players, umpires, and spectators is mandatory throughout the tournament.
  • Misconduct or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in penalties or disqualification.
  • Consumption of alcohol or banned substances is strictly prohibited on the premises.

Match Format:

  • The tournament will follow a T20 format, with each match limited to 20 overs per side.
  • A round-robin format or knockout stages will be implemented depending on the number of participating teams.
  • Tiebreakers will be determined as per BCCI T20 guidelines.
  • Substitution rules will be provided by the tournament organizers.

Playing Conditions:

  • The official rules of cricket as outlined by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will apply.
  • Matches will be officiated by qualified umpires appointed by the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament committee.
  • Umpire decisions are final and binding on all players.
  • All equipment used must conform to BCCI regulations.
  • Any disputes must be addressed to the tournament organizing committee in a respectful manner.

Scoring & Awards:

  • Standard cricket scoring procedures will be followed.
  • The winning team of the 10th UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament will be awarded the coveted Shaheed Memorial Trophy.
  • Individual player awards will be presented for outstanding performances across various categories.
  • Fair play awards will be given to recognize teams and players demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

Social Media Buzz

The 10th edition of the UPES Shaheed Memorial Cricket Tournament is about to unleash a whirlwind of sporting action and heartwarming tribute! But it’s not just about the sixes and googlies – it’s about amplifying the buzz on social media, connecting with fans, and giving the tournament the digital cheer it deserves.

Get the Hashtag Flowing:

  • #UPESCricket10: Create a dedicated hashtag for the tournament and encourage everyone to use it in posts, tweets, and stories.
  • #ShaheedSalutes: Emphasize the tournament’s cause by using a dedicated hashtag honoring fallen heroes and their families.

Fan Frenzy:

  • Prediction Contests: Spark pre-tournament excitement with polls asking fans to predict match outcomes or winning teams.
  • Match Day Mania: Share live updates, scorecards, and exciting photos/videos throughout the tournament, keeping everyone engaged.
  • Fan Spotlight: Feature passionate fans and their creative support for the tournament, highlighting the community spirit.

Behind the Scenes:

  • Player Profiles: Offer glimpses into the lives and stories of participating players, building fan connection and interest.
  • Practice Peeps: Share snippets from team practice sessions, showcasing dedication and preparation before the big matches.
  • Exclusive Interviews: Conduct Q&A sessions with players, organizers, or even family members of martyrs to personalize the narrative.

Beyond the Boundary:

  • Charity Challenge: Encourage fans to donate to the cause through social media platforms, highlighting the tournament’s impact on martyrs’ families.
  • Virtual Cheerleading: Organize online initiatives like video cheers or photo challenges, allowing everyone to participate remotely.
  • Partner Power: Collaborate with other student organizations or local businesses for cross-promotion and wider reach.


It’s a prestigious annual cricket tournament organized by UPES Dehradun to honor martyred soldiers and support their families. The 10th edition will be held in January 2024.

  • Beyond the exciting matches, it serves as a platform to pay tribute to fallen heroes and raise funds for their families. Participating teams and spectators contribute to this noble cause.

Visit the official UPES website or follow their social media channels for updates, schedules, and live coverage. The hashtag #UPESCricket10 will also keep you in the loop.

This year’s tournament features eight teams from various state departments and institutions in Uttarakhand.

Yes, you can typically find a general overview of the syllabus in the UPES admission brochure. This can serve as a starting point, but for precise and in-depth information, it’s advisable to refer to the official website or contact the university directly. Remember that the syllabus may change from year to year, so it’s crucial to use the most recent information available.

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