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Why should schools incorporate life skills?

Schools are supposed to elevate their students through the progression of life. It is supposed to teach and prepare them for the future. If these institutions were only meant for the bookish knowledge, with the advent of today’s digitalization, it can be done anytime and anywhere. So, is going to school only about a mere degree and not the preparation for the future on students’ life skills?

It is important to understand today’s education system is not the same as before. Time has changed and so are the needs. Today’s youngsters have exposed to a lot more emotional changes, feelings, and hormonal behavior because they are aware of it. The students need a little more change in their curriculum to attain a better life in today’s society. It is a very competitive world today, it is important for the students to have a healthy and happy life. Here comes in the role of life skills which is going to help the individuals have a more prosperous approach towards their life.

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Life skills in school are supposed to enhance and guide the individual student life and help them attain some sought of positivity in terms of their education and psychology. It is important for schools to introduce the basic essence of life like happiness, positivity, self-growth, relationship building skills, management skills, learn to have empathy. These are the basic skills that will help the students guide their individual growth and be a better version of themselves. Life skills are important to aid a student’s individual wellbeing and ability to analyze their relationships and develop their behavior the right way.

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Importance of life skills in institutions 

When we talk about the incorporation of life skills in institutions and our education system, we should also talk about why they should incorporate it into their curriculum. Institutions are a basic aid in guiding the students to be consistent and responsible. It is that part of their life that makes them develop from their mistakes and develop better bonds among themselves. It is important to enhance individual critical thinking and understanding abilities. Sometimes students choose not to question in class thinking it’s not worthy enough for their teacher’s time, this rather pushes them towards a scenario of confusion and discomfort. It is important that students learn to communicate with their peers easily and question when required.

It is important for students to learn to be cooperative both inside and outside the classroom. Another important aspect is their overall development. They should learn to become good human beings individually rather than just plainly being a part of a dominant rat race. When students learn about empathetic behavior and belongingness to one another, it helps them attain a certain maturity. These values should be inculcated in the students to bring in them higher-level learning skills and opportunities to adapt. It will enhance their outlook and perspective to the outside world and help them achieve a certain sought of leadership quality. Thus, they are more likely to have a better upbringing and be more ready than ever for their future.

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The life skills are for life

Schools are supposed to be the basic shaping guidelines for individuals. For most, it is where they learn to be a better version of themselves. 

Communication is an essential component for every school goer and it stays with them forever. It is a driving life skill behind the steps towards success. Another important life skill is the importance of reasoning. Students should be taught how to guide their emotions the right way. This sought of emotional intelligence is supposed to put their relationships and knowledge to the tests and give them the ability to communicate effectively. Another important aspect is the idea of civics. Civics help an individual civilize and be the next responsible citizens for their country. 

Education in institutions cannot be only about getting incorporated in a 9 to 5 job and earning a certain stipend. It is meant to uphold the sovereignty of an individual and do just towards themselves and their nation.


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