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21 Reasons to work with Daimler AG

One of the biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles and producer of premium cars, Daimler AG is known commonly as Mercedes. It is headquartered in Mercilessness, Stuttgart, Germany.

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Read to know why the company is one of the best to work in-


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The salary is decided by agreements taken collectively. All the companies of the group pay standard rates according to the market. The basic needs of the employees are supported by the company.

Employee sales

The company makes sure that its employees can have the access of their diverse vehicles’ range. There are exclusive conditions and tailored offers to the employees. The process of procuring the desired vehicle is hassle-free and cheap.


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The pension scheme is sponsored by the company. For the retirement of employees, other beneficial provisions are also provided.

Flexible work times

The employees can plan their own work day. Work from home jobs, part time jobs and job sharing are also available. The company believes in a good work-life balance.

Growth opportunities

photo for growth opportunities

The company provides a great platform to explore and learn from opportunities. The personal growth of the employees as well as the company’s growth are focused upon. Job advancements opportunities are also provided. Every day is exciting and has something to learn.


People from various backgrounds work in the company. You get to discover diverse cultures. The people share a common goal despite having diverse backgrounds.


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The employees work from Monday to Friday. The weekends are holidays. There is no workload pressure. This increases the efficiency of the employees as they can start fresh every week.


Supportive management that cares about their employees. Everyone works as a team. You get to work with some of the best minds that make great coworkers and supervisors. It is an organized and well-structured organization.


photo for good working atmosphere at Daimler AG

The environment is friendly. The human resource team is also helpful and manages the human resources well. Support for every employee is always available. In-house lunches are already available. Employees are treated fairly.

Job satisfaction

For working professionals, job satisfaction is one of the most needed things. The employees have excellent job satisfaction here, due to the huge benefits offered.


gif for skills and creativity

The culture of the company focuses on innovation first. The employees are empowered to make decisions. They are in sole charge of their work. They have the freedom to try solutions that are beneficial and innovative.

Rules are followed

There are a set of rules that are to be followed by all the employees. Such protocols enable common understanding. Professionalism is also achieved through this. Discipline is practiced intensely and is non-negotiable.


photo for training at Daimler AG

The newbies are given training programs to help them adjust to the company and its environment. The employees can enhance their careers by Technical and Behavioral trainings in Integrated Training Centre.

Personal development

The company works towards the personal development of the employees. It also works towards making the employees professionals. They are encouraged to excel in their fields. The projects also help to gain or improve leadership skills.


gif for comfortable infrastructure at Daimler AG

The infrastructure of the offices is made keeping in mind the comfortability of the employees. The environment is relaxing and friendly. Both of them together act as stress busters. No peer pressure.

Global reach

The company has a global reach. It has an impact across regions of the world. This instills pride in the employees that helps them in retaining their motivation. There are various opportunities for employees’ international exposure.

No discrimination

gif for no discrimination at Daimler AG

All the employees are equal. They are treated fairly. Growth opportunities are provided to all of them. The values of the company are to be kept in mind by all the employees: Respect, Passion and Integrity. The employees are appreciated for their efforts without any discrimination.


The amenities of the in-house hospital includes X-ray and ventilator. The transport facility is also available to all of its employees at some offices.

Free food

gif for food

The employees are offered free and varied food. Drinks like coffee are also offered without any price.

Focus on quality

The company prefers quality over quantity. No compromises are made on quality. As a result, the output from the employees is of better quality which results perfection in work.


gif for health

The employees get health insurance and medical insurance for self, parents, spouse and two kids.

Daimler AG is a one of the top notch workplace. There is no peer or work pressure. The seniors are easy to approach for guidance. Learning is fun at this organization. All the employees receive bonuses or compensation on festivals. Increments and promotions are also offered by the company. Every day brings new opportunities to learn and grow. It is one of the best places to learn project management techniques as well as leadership skills.

These were some important things to know about Daimler AG, hope it helped you to know about the company more…

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