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Different ways to reach out to someone

Tough times calls for kindness, love and empathy. Let us take the year 2020, literally everything has been unpredictable this year. This year especially has gardened us with many valuable lessons and it gave us the time to reflect upon our privileges. There are many things which is out of our control and we cannot stop them even through our human force, what we can do instead is try to make living in this threatening world better. How can we ensure that people around us are safe and secured? We humans are an essential part of this planet, we are suppose to live together and co-exist together. However, we end up causing a lot of problems for each other. It is important for all of us to have community values, reach out to someone and we must ensure that our actions are not disrupting the collective conscious of our society.

Each and every individual effort to make positive structural changes in our society counts; moreover, it is not as difficult as it sounds, all you need to do is be kind and reach out to people. It is essential to ensure that people around you are in a good space, and trust us, your one text-message to them is going to make a huge difference. We don’t realize it, but it is actually very easy to make someone’s day or let people know that they’re not alone- all you need is some level of empathy and care. If you want to reach out to people, but are not sure how to make the first move, we are here to tell you things you can ask them instead of a monotonous ‘how are you?’

Share something that made you think about them-

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It is very easy to start a conversation, you just have to take the initiative first. You can reach out to your loved ones by sharing a wholesome, awkward or hilarious memory you shared with them. This can be a great conversation starter, and it will allow you both to relax and open up freely. Asking people, ‘how are you?’ could be really direct, and that’s why, it is essential to add an intimate touch to your conversation. It is essential to remind them that you’ve had few amazing memories together and they can trust you with whatever they have to say. This level of trust can be built by constantly reaching out to people you’ve been associated with. It is our duty to ensure that people around us are not suffering, and if they are going through something, we must try to be good listeners.

Acknowledge their strengths during these times-

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It is important for us to keep reminding people about their worth, it can actually help them boost their confidence. Tough times and situations can gravely affect our self esteem, therefore, compliments and validation from people we love can mean the world to us. It makes us realize that there are people out there who recognize our potential and strength, that’s why we shouldn’t self-loathe and try to grow. Reminding someone of their worth and giving compliments to them are really good ways to make them smile and make their day.

Express gratitude that you have them in your life-

Today’s culture is filled with sarcasms and twisted humor. People who are over expressive or who express their feelings to others explicitly are made fun of; we have this habit of remarking each and every sentimental and emotional line as a ‘cliché’; this emphasis on staying away from being sentimental and mocking those who are sentimental, by calling them ‘corny’ tells a lot of about us. We are turning ourselves to be stone-cold because that’s the acceptable way to behave. We are here to tell you that, there is nothing wrong in expressing your feeling for others. It is essential to let people know their importance in our life, how else do we hold on to our loved ones? We need to let them know and tell them that we are going to be by their side forever. Expressing your gratitude and true emotions allows your loved ones to know that they are not alone, that there is someone who extremely cares about them and is happy that they exist. This can make life so easier, isn’t it? Why shall we shy away from expressing ourselves because of some stupid trend?

Send them some personalized gift-

How do I personalise AR Emojis with Live Message on my Note9? | Samsung  Support Australia

Personalized gifts are always so unique and close to our heart, we would choose a personalized card over an expensive perfume any day. Personalized gifts are a great way to let people know you’re thinking about them, and you care for them. Personalized gifts make us feel so special and loved, they are so meaningful and evergreen. We hold onto those gifts forever; we must have one letter written to us from our parents or a dear friend which we read to survive the worst days.

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