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A career that leads to Gemology

The gem is a key component of Indian culture. Since ancient times, Indians have been prized for their astrological value, both valuable and precious gems like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and the like. Gemstones have also been considered indicators of strength and prosperity. There’s been very little change in the usefulness of these valuable materials. But the way gems are found, graded and measured, and processed has fundamentally changed for the end consumer. As the latest course of research and as a new career direction for work seekers, gemology or science of gems and precious metals has arisen.

Everybody is now looking for quality assurance. The owners would like to show their prospective customers and retailers the best jewelry. The retailers themselves would like to give their customers and other rivals the best. For personal use, the end-user might need authentic and high-quality gems. All such players need to have the modern gemologist authentic and skillfully. A gemologist profession is not limited to labs and experiments for grading and measurement of gemstones. Indeed, you have countless opportunities as a gemologist, from working on a diamond mine to owning a successful gem and jewelry brand.

Role in Gemology Sector

The gems and jewelry sector is among India’s most important foreign exchange industries. Also, thousands of people around the world have their livelihoods in this sector. The principal roles in this area are as follows:

  1. Sales Person – They are responsible for the domestic and foreign distribution of gems, valuable minerals, associated instruments, and equipment.
  1. Diamond Grader – An specialist in grading diamonds in compliance with proven diamond grading standards.
  1. Jewelry Designer A professional of jewelry designing who constructs unique designs and types of jewelry taking into account the changing demands of fashion, time, taste, and society as a whole.
  1. Auction Manager – An individual in the auction site who handles the whole auction process of different gems.
  1. Gemologist – They are responsible for performing several gem activities. Significant tasks include gem assortment and grading, gem measurement, checking, the care of rough stones, etc. Other essential functions include jewelry cutting and polishing, gemstone consulting services, raw gemstone care, and artificial jewelry manufacturing.

Job Opportunities

A gemologist has plenty of opportunities for his career. You can find jobs in a broad range of areas. The mining or exporting gem industry can be joined. There are also opportunities to work in the jewelry design and department. In the manufacturing units specialized in gem cutting and polishing and care of rough gems, you can however find plenty of opportunities. Indeed, India’s diamond polishing industry is among the nation’s largest foreign exchange earnings.

Other possibilities include evaluation and research laboratories of gem and precious metals, as well as gem certification bodies. You can also try to find a job in the units which produce gemological equipment and artificial gemstones. Finally, you can research or even establish your separate unit at any of the institutions offering gemological courses.

Eligibility for Gemologist

You should be at least 18 years old or have finished your schooling or 10 + 2 level for a short-term certificate or diploma in any gemology based study program. These courses provide fundamental knowledge on the identification of various gemstones. Included in these research programs are the evaluation theory and the grading of cut gems. A few of these courses offered are: 

  • Cut Design and analysis certificate course
  • Gem certificate course
  • Pearl grade course
  • Diamond grading course
  • Cut Design and Analysis course
  • Polished Diamond grading course

Leading Hiring Firms

Gemologist has a great scope in the following companies that recruit a great number of students every year:

  • Gem exporting organizations
  • Mining industry
  • Top-notch goldsmiths
  • Industries manufacturing synthetic or artificial gems
  • Various gem evaluation and testing laboratories

Salary for Gemologist

Your average salary as a gemologist will be mainly determined by your credentials and your employer’s status. You will receive a salary of between Rs 10,000 and Rs 18,000 a month in basic education in gemology. Higher qualifications will on the other hand enable you to order a package of Rs 25.000 to Rs 30.000. If you operate your own company, your profit can easily be increased to rupees annually, depending on the size of your enterprise.

Colleges for Gemology

Top colleges for gemology are as follows:



Gemologists are regarded as one of Indian society’s oldest occupations. Gemologists study and classify the atomic structure of gemstones and find a way to avoid harm. In short, Gemologist is a discipline in which the quality, features, and significance of both valuable and semi-precious gemstones like emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies for their astrological importance are studied.

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