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Amity Btech Fees; Specializations and Fee Variations

Embark on a transformative journey of engineering excellence with Amity BTech Fees, where innovation meets education. Amity University offers a diverse array of B.Tech specializations, providing students with a platform to explore and excel in their chosen fields. The programs are designed to nurture technical acumen, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, preparing graduates for dynamic careers in the ever-evolving technology landscape. With state-of-the-art facilities, an industry-aligned curriculum, and a vibrant learning environment, Amity BTech Programs go beyond traditional education, shaping future engineers and technologists. Join us to unravel the possibilities, discover your potential, and embrace a future driven by knowledge and innovation at Amity BTech Programs.

Amity Btech Fees Breakdown

ProgramTuition Fees (per semester)Examination FeesLibrary & Lab FeesStudent Activity FeesTotal Fees (per semester)
Computer Science Engineering₹85,000₹2,000₹5,000₹2,000₹94,000
Electronics & Communication Engineering₹80,000₹2,000₹5,000₹2,000₹92,000
Mechanical Engineering₹75,000₹2,000₹5,000₹2,000₹90,000

Amity Btech Fees; Scholarship Opportunities

Merit-Based Scholarships: Amity University offers merit-based scholarships for B.Tech students, rewarding academic excellence.

Specialization-Specific Scholarships: Explore scholarships tailored to specific B.Tech specializations, providing financial support based on chosen fields of study.

Sports and Extracurricular Achievements: Outstanding achievements in sports or extracurricular activities can qualify students for scholarships, fostering holistic development.

Economic Background Scholarships: Amity is committed to inclusivity, offering scholarships based on economic backgrounds to make B.Tech programs accessible to a diverse student population.

Amity Academic Excellence Scholarship: Recognizing exceptional academic performance, this scholarship is aimed at nurturing and encouraging high-achieving students pursuing B.Tech programs.

Sibling Discounts: Amity extends financial benefits to families with more than one member enrolled in B.Tech programs, promoting educational accessibility for siblings.

Alumni Referral Scholarships: Amity encourages its alumni to refer prospective B.Tech students, offering scholarships as a token of appreciation for fostering the university’s growth.

Girl Child Scholarship: To empower women in technology, Amity provides scholarships exclusively for female students pursuing B.Tech programs.

National Level Entrance Exam Scholarships: Exceptional performance in national-level entrance exams for B.Tech admissions can make students eligible for additional scholarships.

Need-Based Financial Aid: Amity recognizes the importance of need-based financial aid, ensuring that deserving students have the opportunity to pursue B.Tech programs regardless of financial constraints.

Unlock your potential and pursue academic excellence with a range of scholarship opportunities designed to support students in their Amity B.Tech Programs journey.

Amity Btech Fees; Financial Aid and Loans

Scholarship Programs: Amity BTech fees offer various scholarship programs based on merit, talent, and specific criteria. Eligible students can benefit from financial assistance to support their academic journey.

Need-Based Financial Aid: The university provides need-based financial aid to ensure that deserving candidates have access to quality education without financial constraints.

Educational Loans: Amity facilitates the process of obtaining educational loans, collaborating with financial institutions to ease the financial burden on students and their families.

Transparent Fee Structures: The transparent fee structures for Amity BTech Programs empower students to plan their finances effectively, understanding the costs associated with their education.

Guidance and Counseling: Amity University offers guidance and counseling services to help students navigate the available financial aid options and make informed decisions about loans and scholarships.

Navigate your educational journey with confidence, knowing that Amity BTech Programs prioritize accessibility through various financial aid and loan options.

Flexible Payment Plans for Amity B Tech Fees

Installment Options: Amity B Tech Programs offer flexible payment plans with convenient installment options, allowing students to manage their academic expenses effectively.

Customized Schedules: Tailored to accommodate diverse financial situations, Amity B Tech Programs provide customized payment schedules to ease the burden on students and their families.

Early Payment Benefits: Students opting for early payments may enjoy additional benefits or discounts, encouraging timely settlement of fees for Amity B Tech Programs.

Online Payment Portals: Simplifying the payment process, Amity B Tech Programs provide secure online payment portals, ensuring convenience and accessibility for students and their guardians.

Assistance for Financial Planning: The university offers assistance for financial planning, guiding students through the available payment options and helping them make informed decisions about their investment in education.

Navigate your educational journey with financial ease through Amity B Tech Programs’ flexible payment plans, ensuring that quality education remains accessible to aspiring students.

Fee Refund Policies - Amity BTech Fees

Withdrawal Period: In the event of withdrawal within the stipulated period, Amity BTech Fees follow a structured fee refund policy.

Percentage Refund: The refund amount is typically calculated as a percentage of the total fees paid, varying based on the time of withdrawal.

Documentation Requirement: To initiate the refund process, students are required to submit the necessary documentation, including withdrawal requests and supporting documents.

No Refund After a Certain Duration: After a specified period, generally after the commencement of the academic session, no refunds are applicable.

Transparent Communication: Amity ensures transparent communication of fee refund policies to students, promoting clarity and understanding of the process.

Navigate the fee refund policies wisely to make informed decisions regarding your participation in Amity BTech Fees.

Additional Costs for Amity BTech Fees

Examination Fees: Amity BTech Fees may include examination fees, covering the cost of assessments, evaluations, and related processes.

Laboratory Charges: Some specializations within Amity BTech Fees may entail additional laboratory charges, ensuring access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Study Materials: Students should budget for study materials, textbooks, and other academic resources required throughout their BTech journey.

Field Trips and Workshops: Participation in field trips, workshops, and industry visits, integral to BTech programs, may incur additional costs for travel, accommodation, and participation fees.

Extracurricular Expenses: Involvement in extracurricular activities, clubs, and events may have associated costs, contributing to a holistic educational experience at Amity BTech Programs.

Understanding and budgeting for these additional costs ensures a comprehensive approach to financial planning for your BTech education at Amity.


Webinars on Fees and Financial Aid

Insightful Webinars: Participate in Amity University’s engaging webinars focused on shedding light on Amity BTech fees and the associated financial aid opportunities.

Detailed Breakdown: Get a detailed breakdown of the BTech fees structure, including tuition, hostel, and potential additional costs, providing clarity to prospective students.

Financial Aid Guidance: Receive valuable insights into the various financial aid options available, such as scholarships, grants, and assistance programs, ensuring that the cost of education doesn’t limit your aspirations.

Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage in interactive Q&A sessions during the webinars, where experts address queries related to Amity BTech fees, scholarships, and financial planning.

Real Stories: Hear real stories from students who have successfully navigated the financial aspects, offering inspiration and practical tips for managing BTech fees at Amity University.

Upcoming Opportunities: Stay informed about upcoming webinars that offer a deep dive into financial aid options and strategies for prospective students considering Amity BTech fees.

Amity University’s webinars on fees and financial aid aim to empower students with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their educational investment.

Financial Planning Tips for Prospective Students - Amity BTech Fees

Explore Scholarship Options: Investigate the various scholarship opportunities available for Amity B.Tech programs, considering merit-based and need-based options.

Understand Fee Structures: Gain a clear understanding of the fee structures, including tuition, hostel, and other associated costs, to plan your budget effectively.

Research Financial Aid Programs: Look into financial aid programs offered by Amity, such as installment plans and educational loans, to alleviate immediate financial strain.

Consider Part-Time Work: Explore part-time work opportunities or internships to supplement your income and gain practical experience alongside your Amity B.Tech studies.

Budget for Additional Costs: Factor in additional costs beyond tuition, including textbooks, materials, and extracurricular activities, to ensure comprehensive financial planning.

Look for Cost-Saving Measures: Identify potential cost-saving measures, such as opting for used textbooks or sharing accommodations, to make your education more budget-friendly.

Plan for Living Expenses: Consider living expenses, transportation, and personal expenses when creating a financial plan for your B.Tech journey at Amity.

Take Advantage of Free Resources: Utilize free resources provided by the university, such as libraries and online materials, to minimize the need for additional expenditures on study materials.

Explore Part-Time Employment on Campus: Investigate opportunities for part-time employment on the campus, allowing you to earn while gaining valuable work experience.

Engage in Financial Literacy Workshops: Attend financial literacy workshops organized by Amity to enhance your financial management skills and make informed decisions.

Navigating the financial aspects of Amity B.Tech Programs requires careful planning and exploration of available resources. These tips aim to empower prospective students to create a well-rounded financial strategy for a successful academic journey.


Amity University offers a diverse range of B.Tech specializations, including but not limited to Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Information Technology, and Biotechnology.

Interested candidates can apply for B.Tech programs at Amity through the official website. The online application process includes filling out the application form, uploading necessary documents, and paying the application fee.

Yes, Amity University provides various scholarship opportunities for BTech students based on academic merit, achievements, and financial need. Detailed information on eligibility criteria and application procedures is available on the official website.

Absolutely. Amity University welcomes international students for B.Tech programs. The application process for international students is outlined on the university’s website, including visa procedures and other necessary details.

The duration of B.Tech programs at Amity University typically spans four years, divided into eight semesters. The curriculum includes a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

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