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Amity University Jaipur Fees

A transformative educational journey at Amity University Jaipur Fees opens doors to a world-class learning experience. As prospective students consider their academic choices, understanding the fee structure becomes pivotal. The intricacies of “Amity University Jaipur Fees” encompass not just tuition but a comprehensive breakdown covering examination fees, accommodation charges, and additional expenses. This blog aims to unravel the layers of the fee structure, providing invaluable insights into scholarship opportunities, financial aid, and the overall investment in education. Join us as we navigate the terrain of educational costs, discovering the value behind the fees at Amity University Jaipur and the various avenues that make pursuing quality education accessible and rewarding.

Amity Jaipur Fees: An Overview

Fee Component Description Typical Range (INR)
Application Fee Non-refundable processing fee 15,000
Tuition Fee Varies based on program, specialization, and year of study 100,000 – 396,000 (per year)
Semester Fees Additional charges for various services and facilities Varies (typically 10,000 – 20,000 per semester)
Examination Fee Fee per semester for appearing in exams Varies (typically 5,000 – 10,000 per semester)
Library Fee Access to library resources Varies (typically 5,000 – 10,000 per year)
Placement Fee Assistance with job placement after graduation Varies
Hostel Fee (Optional) Accommodation on campus Varies (starting from 80,000 per year)

Amity University Jaipur Fees: Program-wise Breakdown

ProgramOne-Time Fee (INR)Tuition Fee (per year) (INR)
B.Tech (Engineering)15,0002.45 Lakhs – 4.5 Lakhs
B.Com (Hons)15,0002.4 Lakhs – 3.6 Lakhs
BBA15,0003.25 Lakhs – 7.25 Lakhs
BCA15,0002.96 Lakhs – 3.96 Lakhs
M.Sc.15,0001 Lakh – 2.72 Lakhs
MBA15,0003.36 Lakhs – 5.84 Lakhs (per semester)

Amity University Jaipur Fees: Scholarship Programs

Merit-Based Scholarships: Amity University Jaipur offers merit-based scholarships to recognize and reward academic excellence among students.

Need-Based Scholarships: The university provides need-based scholarships to support students with financial constraints, ensuring equal access to education.

Sports and Arts Scholarships: Special scholarships are available for students displaying exceptional talent in sports or arts, fostering a diverse and vibrant campus community.

Government Scholarships: Amity University Jaipur facilitates the application process for various government scholarships, further assisting students in funding their education.

Alumni Scholarships: The university values its alumni and offers scholarships to their descendants, creating a supportive and enduring educational legacy.

Research and Innovation Scholarships: Students engaged in research and innovation may qualify for specialized scholarships, encouraging academic curiosity and advancement.

International Student Scholarships: Amity University Jaipur extends scholarships to international students, promoting cultural diversity within the campus.

Corporate Tie-up Scholarships: Collaborations with corporate partners result in industry-sponsored scholarships, providing students with opportunities for industry exposure and financial support.

Social Responsibility Scholarships: The university allocates funds for scholarships linked to social responsibility initiatives, fostering a sense of community engagement among students.

Entrepreneurial Scholarships: Amity University Jaipur encourages entrepreneurship by offering scholarships to students with innovative business ideas, supporting their journey towards success.

Amity University Jaipur prioritizes inclusive education by providing a range of scholarship programs. These initiatives aim to recognize and support students based on merit, financial need, and unique talents, contributing to a diverse and empowered student body.

Amity University Jaipur Fees: Financial Aid and Loans

Scholarship Opportunities: Amity University Jaipur provides a range of scholarships based on merit and specific eligibility criteria, helping students ease the financial burden.

Need-Based Financial Aid: The university offers need-based financial aid to eligible students, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to quality education.

Application Process: Students can apply for scholarships and financial aid through a straightforward application process outlined on the university’s official website.

Loan Facilities: Amity University Jaipur facilitates access to education loans through tie-ups with financial institutions, supporting students in covering their educational expenses.

Guidance and Assistance: The university’s financial aid office provides guidance and assistance to students navigating the various financial aid options and loan application procedures.

Navigating Amity University Jaipur Fees becomes more manageable with the available financial aid programs and loan facilities, ensuring that deserving students can pursue their educational aspirations without undue financial stress.

Amity University Jaipur Fees Refund Policies

Withdrawal Before Commencement: If a student decides to withdraw before the commencement of the academic session, Amity University Jaipur has a specified refund policy in place.

Percentage-based Refunds: The refund amount is often calculated as a percentage of the total fees paid, considering the timing of withdrawal.

Documented Request Process: To initiate the refund process, students are typically required to submit a documented request, stating the reasons for withdrawal.

Timeline for Refund Processing: Amity University Jaipur outlines a clear timeline for the processing of refunds, ensuring transparency and timely resolution.

Deductions and Administrative Charges: Certain deductions or administrative charges may apply as per the university’s policy.

Refund Policies for Hostel Fees: Specific refund policies for hostel and accommodation fees may also be addressed separately.

Communication of Policies: The university communicates these refund policies to students during the admission process, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Amity University Jaipur’s Fee Refund Policies are designed to provide a structured and fair framework for students considering withdrawal, offering transparency and adherence to specified guidelines.

Amity University Jaipur Fees: Internship and Placement Costs

Industry Collaborations: Amity University Jaipur fosters strong ties with industries, facilitating valuable internship opportunities for students.

No Additional Placement Costs: The university does not impose extra charges for placement services; it is included in the overall fees structure.

Corporate Networking Events: Amity organizes various networking events, reducing the financial burden on students seeking placements by bringing companies directly to campus.

Skill Development Programs: Included in the fees are skill development programs that enhance students’ employability, preparing them for successful internships and placements.

Professional Development Workshops: The fees cover workshops focused on resume building, interview preparation, and soft skills, ensuring students are well-equipped for placement processes.

Amity University Jaipur’s inclusive approach ensures that students are prepared for internships and placements without incurring additional costs, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to students’ career growth.

Amity University Jaipur Fees: A Comparative Analysis

ProgramOne-Time Fee (INR)Tuition Fee (Annual Range)Total Fee (Estimated Range)
B.Tech (Engineering)15,0002.4 – 4.5 Lakhs6.4 – 10.5 Lakhs
B.Com (Hons.)15,0002.1 – 3.6 Lakhs5.1 – 8.6 Lakhs
BBA15,0003.25 – 7.25 Lakhs7.25 – 11.25 Lakhs
BCA15,0003.96 – 4.2 Lakhs8.96 – 9.2 Lakhs
M.Sc. (various)15,0001 – 2.72 Lakhs4.1 – 7.72 Lakhs
MBA (various)15,0006.72 – 11.67 Lakhs15.72 – 20.67 Lakhs

Amity University Jaipur Fees: Additional Expenses

Books and Study Materials:

Students may need to budget for textbooks, reference materials, and other study resources relevant to their courses.

Field Trips and Excursions:

Some programs at Amity University Jaipur may include field trips or excursions, incurring additional costs for transportation and accommodation.

Laptop or Personal Device:

Owning a personal laptop or device is often essential for academic requirements, adding to potential expenses.

Extracurricular Activities:

Participation in certain extracurricular activities or clubs might have associated fees or costs for events and materials.

Professional Memberships:

Students pursuing certain disciplines may choose to join professional organizations, which may involve membership fees.

Workshops and Certifications:

Optional workshops or certification courses beyond the regular curriculum may incur additional charges.

Printing and Stationery:

Expenses for printing assignments, projects, and purchasing stationery should be considered.

Personal Transportation:

Commuting expenses for students living off-campus, including fuel or public transportation costs.

Health Insurance:

While some universities include health insurance, students should check if additional coverage is required.

Personal Expenses:

Miscellaneous personal expenses such as clothing, toiletries, and leisure activities should be factored into the budget.


The fee structure at Amity University Jaipur encompasses various components, including tuition, examination fees, and additional charges. A detailed breakdown is available on the official website and may vary by program.

Yes, Amity University Jaipur provides scholarship programs based on merit and specific eligibility criteria. Students can find detailed information on the official scholarship page.

Yes, Amity University Jaipur offers flexible payment plans, allowing students to pay fees in installments. Details regarding payment schedules are provided during the admission process.

The university has a financial aid office that assists students in exploring financial aid options, including loans and scholarship programs. Students can seek guidance on navigating the application process.

Yes, Amity University Jaipur offers on-campus accommodation with associated fees. Details about room types, amenities, and fees can be found on the university’s housing page.

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