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Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India : Importance, Level

Enterprise software is a growing industry, and SAP consultants are leading the charge in helping companies optimise their processes. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re interested in learning more about the possible earnings in this industry. We’ll reveal the typical compensation of SAP consultants in India in this part. We’ll look at what affects their pay as well as what salaries are reasonable for various levels of experience. Prepare to explore the world of Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India in India by fastening your seatbelt!

Importance of SAP Consultants in India

SAP consultants are extremely crucial because of India’s burgeoning IT sector and the increasing number of firms implementing digital transformation plans Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India. This is the reason why:

  • Expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): SAP is a top provider of ERP software. SAP consultants are equipped with the necessary expertise and abilities to manage, customise, and deploy these intricate systems. Their knowledge guarantees that companies maximise key operations such as finance, supply chain, and human resources.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: SAP consultants assist Indian firms in achieving higher levels of productivity and efficiency by automating jobs and streamlining procedures. This results in reduced expenses, better judgement, and a competitive advantage in the international market.
  • Digital Transformation: SAP consultants are essential to India’s efforts to undergo a digital transformation. They ensure that companies take use of SAP’s capabilities to adapt and prosper in the digital world by bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions.
  • Skilled Workforce: India is a centre for SAP expertise due to its sizable pool of highly qualified IT workers Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India. This helps Indian companies and establishes the nation as a dominant force in the worldwide SAP consulting industry.

To put it succinctly, Indian businesses need SAP consultants in order to fully realise the benefits of digitization and attain sustainable growth in a cutthroat market.

Factors Affecting Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India

Experience Level
  • As expected, experience is a major determinant of salary. Freshers start lower, while seasoned consultants with proven expertise command higher salaries.
Educational Background
  • A bachelor’s degree in IT, business administration, or a related field is often preferred. Holding a master’s degree can further increase earning potential.
Certification and Specializations
  • Earning relevant SAP certifications (e.g., SAP FICO, SAP HCM) and specializing in specific modules can significantly boost your marketability and salary.
Geographic Location
  • Salaries tend to be higher in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore compared to smaller towns.
Industry Sector
  • Certain industries, such as IT, consulting, and manufacturing, typically offer higher salaries for SAP consultants compared to others.
Company Size and Reputation
  • Multinational corporations and large IT firms generally offer more competitive salaries than smaller companies

Average Salary by Experience Level

Experience Level

Average Annual Salary Range (₹ )

Entry-Level SAP Consultants (0-3 years)
350,000 – 550,000
Mid-Level SAP Consultants (4-8 years)
600,000 – 900,000
Senior-Level SAP Consultants (8+ years)
1,000,000 – 1,500,000

Job Profile Wise : Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India


Average Annual Salary (INR)

0 – 5 years
5.50 L
6 – 10 years
8.40 L
11 – 15 years
10.90 L
16 – 20 years
14.30 L
20 years & above
20 L

Other Elements Affecting Pay in a Particular Job Profile:

  • Industry Knowledge: Consultants with knowledge of particular industries, including manufacturing or healthcare, might expect more Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India.
  • Project Complexity: Higher pay is frequently the result of working on intricate projects with extensive implementations.
  • Certification Level: Possessing advanced SAP certifications can increase one’s earning potential and indicate experience.

Recall that salary data may differ based on an individual’s location Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India. For example, the salary range for a SAP FI consultant in the US and India may differ.

Within the broad field of SAP consulting, you can position yourself for a competitive compensation by taking into account your ideal job profile, necessary skills, and certifications.

Experience Wise : Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India


Average Annual Salary (INR)

0 – 5 years
5.50 L
6 – 10 years
8.40 L
11 – 15 years
10.90 L
16 – 20 years
14.30 L
20 years & above
20 L

Other variables affecting pay within a particular experience level:

  • Specialisation: Within their experience level, consultants with in-demand specialisations or specific knowledge can command higher rates.
  • Location: Living expenses are a factor. It’s possible that major city salaries are higher than those in rural locations Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India.
  • Company Size and Reputation: Within each experience level, larger, more established companies may provide more competitive salaries.

Recall: To obtain a more true image for your own circumstance, take into account these elements when investigating salaries.

City Wise : Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India


Average Annual Salary (INR)


6.80 L


7.80 L


7.50 L


6.70 L


6.50 L


7.30 L


9.50 L

Extra Advice:

  • Cost of Living: When comparing incomes between cities, take into account the cost of living. Given the higher cost of property in San Francisco than in Dallas, a higher wage may not always convert into a noticeably better lifestyle.
  • Living Wage Websites: You can compare the cost of living in other cities by visiting websites.

You can learn more about the range of Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India in the cities you are interested in by combining these techniques. Keep in mind that the precise numbers will change based on your background, your skill set, and the organisation you work for.

Skill Wise : Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India


Average Annual Salary (INR)

SAP Material Management

5.60 L

SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling

6.88 L


7.27 L

SAP Sales and Distribution

7.56 L

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

6.67 L

SAP Production planning

6.06 L

SAP Security

5.72 L

SAP Human resources

6.37 L

Extra Competencies that Add Value:

  • Project management expertise: For senior consultants in particular, the capacity to lead SAP implementation projects successfully is a great benefit.
  • Business acumen and communication skills: You might potentially increase your value by bridging the gap between technical requirements and client needs with your strong business and communication skills.
  • Analytical and problem-solving abilities: It is highly valued to be able to examine intricate company issues and provide efficient SAP-based solutions.


  • While certain abilities are generally more valuable than others, the particular skills that are in high demand can change based on project objectives and market trends.
  • Gaining certifications and training to keep up with the latest trends in technology can greatly increase your earning potential Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India.

You can put yourself in a position to succeed by concentrating on fundamental SAP functionality, developing advanced skills, and gaining extra competencies competitive salary as an SAP Consultant.

Country Wise : Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India


Average Annual Salary (INR)

86.39 L
87.51 L
69.04 L
65.12 L
62.67 L
29.33 L
39.27 L

Extra Advice:

  • Living Wage Websites: To compare the cost of living in other nations, use websites. This makes it easier to comprehend how much a wage can buy in each place.
  • Industry studies: To learn more about pay in particular nations, look for studies from industry associations or IT research firms.

You can have a more comprehensive grasp of the range of Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India across various nations by integrating these techniques. Recall that the precise numbers will vary depending on your level of experience, your skill set, and the organisation you work for.


SAP Constables are paid in a more uniform manner than SAP Consultants. The actual amounts can differ based on experience and region, but the following is a typical estimate of the Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India:

  • Entry-level Position: Since the SAP Constable position serves as the foundation for the SAPS, compensation for this position typically fall towards the lower end of the police force pay scale.
  • Progression Potential: As you advance through the SAPS ranks and acquire experience, there is a chance that your compensation will rise. This is good news.
  • Location Matters: Constables may earn marginally more money in large cities with greater cost of living than those in rural areas.

For a more accurate understanding of the Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India range in your area, it’s best to consult with the South African Police Service or relevant government resources.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How much does SAP consultant earns?

Ans.  The Average Salary of SAP Consultant in India is INR 7.60 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum), as per Ambitionbox. This translates to a monthly salary ranging from around INR 56,388 to INR 57,803.


Q2. Is SAP a high paying job?

Ans.  thanks to the shortage of qualified and experienced SAP experts, the SAP ERP software provides the candidate with an advantage of high pay and excellent career growth as compared to other IT professional’s jobs.


Q3. Is SAP consultant an IT job?

After assessing a client’s needs, SAP Consultants will use the SAP system to create solutions. They document the system’s development and integration with an organisation’s current IT (information technology) infrastructure, so that other IT consultants and staff members can troubleshoot future issues.


Q4. How much does SAP consultant earns?

Ans.  एम्बिशनबॉक्स के अनुसार, भारत में औसत वार्षिक SAP सलाहकार वेतन INR 7.60 LPA (लाख प्रति वर्ष) है। इसका मतलब मासिक वेतन लगभग 56,388 रुपये से लेकर 57,803 रुपये तक होता है।


Q5. Is SAP good for freshers?

Ans.  SAP is a wonderful place to start if a candidate is concerned in ERP software solutions and cloud computing. Let us discuss how to apply for a job at SAP Solutions and what you need to know as a fresher.