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Best Universities for Humanities and Social Sciences in the USA

Humanities and Social Sciences is the emerging new discipline after engineering and medical studies. The subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences are art, music, and literature, Social Sciences focuses on anthropology, archaeology, and politics. The study of these, subjects enhances many soft skills of a person. The skills are Communication skills, Critical thinking, Organizational skills, Interpersonal skills. Humanities and Social Sciences can be a great career builder if you do it right away. Many course curriculums are flexible and allow you to choose many courses from different courses and credits. In this article, we will be exploring the best colleges/universities in the USA to pursue humanities and social sciences.

This article will discuss in detail about academic requirements, admissions, fees, and any other details about the college.

HUMANITIES universities

Columbia University 

Columbia University‘s Faculty of Arts and Sciences is offering courses in different disciplines for more than 200 years now as the University was established as early as 1754. The Faculty of Arts and Science has two Divisions. They are the divisions of Social Sciences and the division of humanities. Both of these divisions have different departments for different Bachelor and Master programs.

Some of the programs offered by the Humanities Division are:- 

Art&History, Philosophy, Latin American Studies, English and Comparative literature and much more

Some of the program offered by this course Division are:- 

Anthropology, Economics, History, Anthropology, etc.

Princeton University 

The Area of study in Social Sciences and the Area of study in Humanities has a very long list of programs at Princeton University. Princeton University is worldwide recognized for its research-based approach in humanities and social sciences. The curriculum is always modified and offers you deep insights into the emerging problems of the 21st century. 

 The programs offered in Social Sciences are:-

Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Politics, Public health, Psychology, Sociology, etc. Explore the detailed list of courses in social sciences here

The programs offered in Humanities are:- 

English, Entrepreneurship, Music, Theater Arts, Visual Arts, etc.. Explore the detailed list of courses in social sciences here

HUMANITIES universities

Brown University 

Brown University offers various interdisciplinary programs to graduates that connect Humanities with social science and vice versa. There is a Department of Behavioral and Social Science that offers various programs in the disciplines of Humanities and Social Science. 

 The Cogut Insitute for humanities at the brown University encourages a research-based approach to humanities. The University provides various fellowships and grants to those planning to do their higher studies in the field of humanities. Explore the details about programs and fellowships here.

 University of California/Berkley

The Arts& Humanities department the UC Berkley offers a liberal arts approach to different undergraduate programs. You choose a major and minor in the span of your three or four-year program. The Arts and Humanities offer more than 30 majors

 Some of the main subjects offered by the Department of Arts and Humanities are:- 

 Art&Art Making, Global Civilizations, Language and culture, and Philosophy. Explore the range of subjects here

Some of the programs offered in Social Sciences are:- 

Creative Writing, Media Studies, American Studies, etc. Explore the range of subjects in social sciences here

social science

Williams College 

 Williams College is a liberal arts college that was ranked no. 1 by the US top news and ranked no.3 by the best value schools in terms of return of investment. The college is famous for the need-based financial aid it offers. Many students are pursuing their undergraduate at Williams on a full scholarship. Williams offers more than 100 different programs and more than 200 major-minor- concentration combinations. They are interdisciplinary programs offered across arts, humanities, and social sciences. 

Some of the famous programs offered by Williams are:- 

Asian Studies, Cognitive Science, Film&Media Studies, Global Science. Explore the detailed program list here. 

Wellesly College

 Wellesley College promotes a liberal art approach to its curriculum and incorporates the approach in their courses. The prime motto of the institution is to create future women leaders in the world. Their liberal arts course is comprised of international studies, interdisciplinary majors, and minors. The college also offers a wide range of summer internship opportunities. The college is ranked in the top 10 liberal art colleges in the USA.

Some of the humanities and social science majors offered by the Wellesly college are:-

Asian American Studies Minor

Architecture Interdepartmental Major

Cinema and Media Studies Interdepartmental Major

Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Interdepartmental Major

Comparative Race and Ethnicity Minor

East Asian Studies Interdepartmental Major

French Cultural Studies Interdepartmental Major

social science

University of Chicago

 The University of Chicago has a division of humanities and a division of social science that offers various undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate programs in these fields. The Division of Humanities is famous for a wide range of doctorate programs it offers. The University has been consistently ranked in the top 10 universities for social sciences. 

 Check the programs offered by both the divisions here

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