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BTEUP Result: Announcement Date, Grading System, Checking

The Regulatory Authority for Technical Education in the State of Uttar Pradesh, known as the Board of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh (BTEUP Result 2023), stands as a statutory institution under the aegis of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, India, with its establishment dating back to the year 1958. Its primary mandate revolves around the governance and fostering of technical education within the state’s boundaries. BTEUP is vested with the pivotal roles of conducting examinations and conferring diplomas and certificates across a diverse spectrum of engineering and technological disciplines.

BTEUP assumes a pivotal role in the provisioning of adept human resources to the industrial landscape of Uttar Pradesh. The diplomas and certificates conferred by BTEUP hold not only statewide but nationwide recognition, garnering endorsement from both governmental bodies and industries spanning the entire expanse of India.

BTEUP Result

BTEUP Result Overview

BTEUP Result 2023 is the result of the Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh, for the Diploma/ Polytechnic 2, 4, 6 Semester examination held in June and July 2023. The result was declared on September 12, 2023, on the official BTEUP website.

To check their result, students can visit the BTEUP website and enter their roll number and semester type. They can then view their marks and download their scorecard.

BTEUP Result Info

The overall pass percentage for the BTEUP Result 2023 is 66.8%. Devesh Chaturvedi of Varanasi topped the exam with 87.71% marks in the engineering stream.

Students who are not satisfied with their result can apply for revaluation. The revaluation process involves a thorough rechecking of the answer script to identify any potential errors in marking.

Application Process in BTEUP Result

The enrollment application procedure may exhibit variances contingent upon the educational institution or program under consideration. However, a set of general steps, akin to well-trodden footpaths, often weave their way through the labyrinthine process.

Consider this intricate web of the admission application process:

Embark on an expedition to explore academic institutions and programs. This expedition calls for meticulous deliberation of factors like geographical location, institutional dimensions, tuition costs, scholastic offerings, and the rich tapestry of extracurricular pursuits unfurled.

Collate the troves of application requisites. Most admissions endeavors mandate the surrender of a treasure trove, comprising:

  1. The annals of your high school transcripts.
  2. Alphanumeric indicators of standardized assessment prowess (e.g., SAT, ACT, and the like).
  3. Epistles of endorsement penned by discerning sages.
  4. The enigmatic personal exposition.
  5. A fiscal tribute known as the application fee.

Embark on the odyssey of application completion. Once the assemblage of application artifacts is replete, the sacred journey of application fulfillment begins. Precision is paramount; the scrolls containing instructions must be studied with the scrupulousness of a mapmaker, and the chronicles of due dates must be etched upon the memory.

Dispense your manifestos of intent. Subsequently, with the trappings of your applications securely sealed, they must be dispatched unto the institutions of your aspirations. A trio of routes typically lie before you: the digital realm, parchment and postal rituals, or the venerable practice of hand-delivery.

Prolonged waiting ensues. Post-submission, the tides of time surge and recede as the academies deliberate upon your overtures. The duration of this intermission may range from fleeting fortnights to protracted lunar cycles.

BTEUP Result Eligibility Criteria



Examination PassedCandidate must have passed the BTEUP (Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh) affiliated diploma examination in the relevant branch.
Minimum MarksSecure a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in all semesters/years of the diploma program.
No BacklogsCandidate should not have any pending backlogs at the time of result declaration.
Attempts LimitMaximum number of attempts allowed to clear BTEUP diploma exams is eight.
Re-evaluation/ScrutinyCandidate can apply for re-evaluation or scrutiny of their answer sheets within the stipulated timeframe after result declaration, if they believe there are any discrepancies.
Compartmental ExaminationsCandidates who fail in only one or two subjects can appear for compartmental examinations to improve their grades.

Details mention on BTEUP Result

The intricacies delineated within a BTEUP (Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh) result proffer an exhaustive panorama of a scholar’s acumen in their technical educational evaluations. Here, we elucidate the pivotal particulars commonly inscribed on BTEUP results:

Student Particulars:

  • Complete Appellation: The all-encompassing nomenclature of the scholar undergoing the examination process. Unique Numerical Identifier: A distinct numerical code allocated to each scholar for examination logistics. Enlistment Numeral: The registration numeral associated with the scholar’s affiliation with the technical education board. Program and Academic Phase Details:
  • Technical Course Denotation: The explicit technical discipline in which the scholar is enrolled (e.g., Diploma in Mechanical Engineering). Session/Epoch: The academic term and phase for which the evaluation outcomes are disclosed. Subject-wise Scorings:
  • Accumulated Scores: The numeric valuation attained by the scholar in each subject within the corresponding academic phase. Pinnacle Scores: The utmost achievable valuation in each subject. Classifications: The categorization schema signifying the scholar’s performance, frequently represented through alphabetic characters (A, B, C, etc.) or a numeric gradation.

Holistic Outcome State:

Outcome State: Indicates whether the scholar has succeeded or not in the examination. Divisional Rank: If applicable, the classification (First, Second, or Third) attained by the scholar based on comprehensive accomplishments.

Practical Evaluation Scorings:

Valuations for Practical Evaluations: If pertinent, the valuations accrued by the scholar in pragmatic assessments.

Cumulative Numerical and Proportion:

  • Total Numerical Summation: The aggregate of valuations acquired across all subjects.
  • Proportion: The overall percentage computed predicated on the cumulative valuations and the maximum conceivable valuations.

Remarks or Annotations:

Any particular annotations or annotations denoting extraordinary accomplishments, enhancement scopes, or pertinent data.

Result Pronouncement Date:

The date when the BTEUP results for the explicit examination were officially disclosed. Distinctive Verification:

Quick Authentication Code or Lineal Code: Frequently included for prompt confirmation and validation of the result.

Interaction Details:

Communication specifics of the BTEUP administrative center or pertinent bodies for subsequent inquiries or clarifications.

Documents required for BTEUP Result

The following documents are typically required for BTEUP diploma admission:

  • Class 10th mark sheet and certificate
  • Class 12th mark sheet and certificate (if applicable)
  • BTEUP entrance exam admit card and result (if applicable)
  • Income certificate (for scholarship or fee waiver)
  • Admission fee payment receipt
  • Photo ID proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, passport, etc.)
  • Aadhaar card
  • Other specific documents (if applicable, such as a portfolio for creative courses or experience certificates for lateral entry programs)
  • Students should check with the specific BTEUP college or institution that they are applying to for their exact documentation requirements.

here are some additional tips for submitting your admission documents to BTEUP (Board of Technical Education Uttar Pradesh):

Ensure Clarity and Legibility:

It’s crucial that all your documents are clear, legible, and free of errors. Illegible or erroneous documents may lead to delays or complications in the admission process.

Submit Photocopies, Not Originals:

When submitting your documents, provide photocopies, not the original documents. Originals should be kept safely with you. Photocopies are typically sufficient for the initial application.

Keep Copies for Your Records:

Make sure to retain a copy of all the document’s you submit. This will serve as a backup in case any issues arise and will also helping and you keep track of your application.

Adhere to Application Deadlines:

Always submit your documents well in advance of the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be accepted, and you could miss out on valuable opportunities.

How to check Result online at BTEUP Result

To ascertain your BTEUP outcome for the year 2023, you can adhere to these uncomplicated guidelines:

  1. Navigate to the official BTEUP website by accessing 
  2. On the homepage, seek out and select the “Results” hyperlink.
  3. Now, opt for the choice denoted as Survey Outcome of the Even Semester.”
  4. You will be required to input your enrollment number and designate the classification of the semester for which you are in pursuit of the outcomes.
  5. Subsequent to providing the obligatory particulars, engage the “Submit” command.
  6. Your outcome shall be expeditiously exhibited on the display, showcasing your performance in the designated semester.
  7. Should you wish to retain a duplicate of your outcome, you may effortlessly procure it by activating the “Download” function.

In the event of encountering any impediments during the process of verifying your outcome, take into consideration the ensuing suggestions:

  • Scrutinize with precision to ascertain that you have accurately inputted your enrollment number and chosen the pertinent semester classification.
  • Confirm the reliability of your internet connection to avert interruptions while obtaining the outcome.
  • Should you still encounter difficulties, it may prove advantageous to attempt the process at a later time, as the website’s traffic can sporadically impact accessibility.
BTEUP Result


In conclusion, the BTEUP result encapsulates the culmination of students’ efforts and dedication in their pursuit of technical education. Beyond being a numerical representation of academic performance, it symbolizes a milestone in their journey towards professional excellence. The details provided in the BTEUP result offer valuable insights into each student’s strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a holistic understanding of their capabilities.

FAQ’s (BTEUP Result)

To check your BTEUP result online, visit the official result portal of the board. Enter your roll number and other required details to access your result.

While the official website is the primary platform, alternative portals affiliated with the board may also provide result information. Ensure the reliability of such portals before using them.

BTEUP results are typically declared on specific dates, varying for different courses and semesters. Stay updated with official announcements for accurate result declaration timelines.

In case of errors, contact the BTEUP office or follow the designated procedures for result-related grievances. This may involve applying for revaluation or seeking clarification from the examination authorities.

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