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LKG Syllabus

The LKG (Lower Kindergarten) curriculum may differ according to the specific school board or system. In general, however, the LKG curriculum is designed to introduce young children to the basic concepts of various subjects to prepare them for formal education. Here is a broad overview of what LKG typically covers.

It is important to note that the above points are general guidelines and the actual curriculum may vary from school to school or board of education. In addition, LKG’s focus is to create a positive and engaging learning environment that fosters children’s love of learning and curiosity.


Foundation of Learning in LKG.

A. Nurturing Language Skills

– Introduction to  Alphabet: Upper and Lower case

– Basic phonics and letter Recognition

– Vocabulary Building with Everyday Words.

B. Exploring the World of Numbers

– Adventures in Counting (1-10 and Beyond)

– Number Recognition for Early Number

– Introduction to Shapes and Patterns.

C. Discovering the Surrounding 

– Recognition of Objects and Animals

– Colors: identification and Naming

– Self-awareness and Basic Understanding of the environment.

Lkg Syllabus

"LKG Syllabus" : English Language


Objective: Introduce children to use both upper and lower case letters.

Activities: Engage students in activities that introduce them to star shapes, sounds and formations.

Skill development: Lays the foundation for letter recognition and basic phonics.

Vocabulary Development:

Objective: To promote basic vocabulary by introducing students to simple words and everyday objects.

Activities: Use interactive and hands-on methods to make learning words fun and relatable.

Skill Development: Encourage students to express themselves through language and understand their immediate environment.

Conversational skills:

Objective: To introduce conversational skills to improve communication skills.

Activities: Facilitate activities that include greetings, expressing needs and simple communication.

Skills Development: Develop social communication skills and encourage verbal expression in a supportive environment.

"LKG Syllabus" : Mathematics


Objective: To introduce children to numbers and counting.

Activities: Engage students in interactive number exercises, number recognition games and hands-on activities to make learning.

Skill Development: Lays the foundation for numerical literacy and understanding of the concept of quantity.


Objective: Introduce basic geometric shapes to improve spatial perception.

Activities: Include visual aids, games and activities that help children identify and distinguish shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.

Skill Development: Promoting early shape recognition and understanding.


Objective: Introduce the concept of templates in a simple and accessible way.

Activities: Engage children in activities that involve identifying and creating basic patterns using colors, shapes or objects.

Skill Development: Lays the foundation for identifying and expanding patterns that are precursors to more advanced mathematical concepts.


Objective: Introduce basic measurements such as height and weight.

Activities: Include hands-on activities that include height, weight and size comparisons.

Skill Development: Promote early understanding of measurement concepts.

"LKG Syllabus" : General Awareness

Objects and Animals:

Objective: Introduce children to common objects and animals in their environment.

Activities: Engage students in activities that involve identifying and naming everyday objects and animals.

Skill Development: Improve observation skills and expand vocabulary.


Objective: To develop color recognition skills.

Activities: Use creative and interactive methods to help children identify and name primary colors.

Skill Development: Strengthen color discrimination and language skills.


Objective: Encourage self-awareness by introducing children to personal information.

Activities: Engage students in activities that involve sharing personal information such as name, age and gender.

Skill Development: Promoting self-expression and identity.

Seasons and Weather:

The purpose is to educate children on the differences between seasons and weather conditions. Hence,

Activities: Include activities related to each season and discuss weather conditions.

Skill Development: Develop an early understanding of seasonal changes and weather concepts.

"LKG Syllabus" : Creative Arts

Craft Activities:

Objective: To promote creativity and fine motor skills through hands-on crafts.

Activities: Provide opportunities for students to do simple, age-appropriate crafts such as paper cutting, gluing and coloring.

Skill Development: Improve hand-eye coordination and unleash creativity through artistic expression.

Free drawing:

Objective: To promote self-expression through free-form drawing.

Activities: Let children draw freely without special instructions and express their thoughts, feelings and imagination.

Skill development: 

Develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness and encourage individuality.

Creative Arts and creative learning are integral parts of the LKG’s curriculum. Through the use of artistic expression, children are encouraged to develop their fine motor skills and express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a stimulating environment. The focus is to promote a positive and creative attitude towards the arts at an early stage of education.

"LKG Syllabus" : Music and Movement

Dance Movements:

Objective: Introduce basic dance movements and coordination exercises. Adopt simple dance routines, moves and games that enhance coordination skills.

Skill Development: Improve motor skills, coordination and rhythm with expressive movement.

Creative Expression Through Music:

Music’s purpose is to encourage creativity and self-expression through creative expression.

Activities: Provide opportunities for children to explore their creativity through music, whether through singing, playing simple instruments or creating rhythmic patterns. 

Skill Development: 

Encourage creativity, confidence and a positive attitude towards musical exploration.

“The LKG’s curriculum emphasizes the combination of music and movement to create an enjoyable learning experience. By practicing rhythmic exercises and dance moves, children not only develop motor skills, but also learn to appreciate the arts at an early age. The main focus is to create a fun and expressive environment that promotes the overall development of the child.

"LKG Syllabus" : Hindi Language

Hindi Alphabets :

Children’s learning of the Varnamala, or Indian alphabet, is the primary objective.

Activities: Engage students in activities that introduce them to the shapes, sounds and pronunciation of Indian letters.

Skill Development: Provides a foundation for Hindi letter recognition and phonetics.

Basic Vocabulary Building :

Objective: To build basic Hindi vocabulary by introducing students to simple words and everyday objects.

Activities: Use interactive and hands-on methods to make learning Hindi words enjoyable and relatable.

Skill Development: 

Encourage students to express themselves and understand their surroundings in Hindi.

By including an “Indian language” component in the LKG syllabus, the goal is to establish a foundation for learning Hindi as esoteric languages and cultures.

Learning Hindi is facilitated through engaging and age-appropriate activities, which promotes a positive outlook towards language learning from the start of childhood and educational progress.

"LKG Syllabus" :  Conclusion

The curriculum of LKG (Lower Kindergarten) has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive and nutritious education, in short. Every part of the curriculum is carefully designed to meet the developmental needs of children at this early stage of education. 

Our primary focus in the LKG is to encourage young people to love school by fostering a passion for learning, developing essential skills, and creating ambiance that is positive and engaging.

Furthermore, schools that teach in Hindi emphasize the development of a foundation for understanding the Hindi language, including the alphabet and building basic vocabulary as well as conversational skills.

Essentially, the objective of the LKG program is to provide fundamental knowledge and foster an environment that promotes curiosity, creativity or desire to learn during the early years of childhood and education. The aim of the holistic approach is to respond to the various needs of young students and prepare them strongly and comprehensively for the next stages of formal education.

"LKG Syllabus" :  FAQ's

The LKG curriculum is to provide young learners with a versatile foundation that focuses on key developmental areas such as language, mathematics, general awareness, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, creative arts and music and movement. 
It acts as a bridge between informal early childhood experience and formal education.

Structure: The LKG curriculum usually includes different subjects or focus areas including English, Mathematics, General Awareness, Fine Motor Skills, Motor Skills, Social Skills, Creative Arts and in some cases a regional language such as Hindi. Each subject has its own learning objectives and age-appropriate activities.

General Awareness: The General Awareness section covers object and animal recognition, color recognition, self-awareness, understanding the environment and an introduction to seasons and weather. Its purpose is to develop observation skills and a basic understanding of the world.

Hindi: In schools where Hindi is the medium of instruction, the LKG curriculum may include a section on Hindi basics. It usually covers the Hindi alphabet, building basic vocabulary and basic conversational skills.

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