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It is estimated that people change their career nearly five to seven times during their lifetime, regardless how big or small a career change transition is, in this article, you will come to know about the biggest myths people believe about changing career and what the reality is.


1. There is no foolproof way to change career

Countless books are written on the topic, how to make a change in life including how to change a career as well. Reading these books gives us great ideas. Changing the career itself is difficult. What might appear difficult for you might be easier for others? You can always start with side business along with a job and see what it works.

Dont look for one foolproof way of changing career instead focus on creating your own path to a new career based on what you find most helpful.

2. Personality tests, journaling, or reading a book are the secrets to success

Are you ready for the Hybrid Career Phenomena? | by Authority Magazine |  Authority Magazine | Medium

Nothing happens just in your head. Personality tests can give you some new ideas and insights for changing careers. We react to the perception of reality because of which each one has formed a number of beliefs about ourselves and the world that we mistake for the truth. There are many professions that are not very well known, this is why a huge part of you looking for what to do next has to include talking to people in the respective field.

3. You need to have everything planned out

Some lucky people want to do something different, research on different options and they like to make a transition in their job but other things are a bit messy. Very often people start to explore different careers and something happens and they cannot transit into it and later end up not liking it. There is no way for you to choose a new career unless you try to find out about it. So before choosing a career, you need to plan out on everything possible.

4. Changing career is only for rich people

While it definitely helps to have a partner who supports you financially during your career transition, people tend to change career regardless of how much money they make. In fact, if you don’t like your job and you are making very little money, it’s better to change the career you are not doing yourself any favours by staying stuck and broke. In the modern era of technology we are lucky enough to get information through online, meet people at events. You can do a lot with no budget, so don’t let lack of money stop you from doing what you want. Be resourceful and use it instead as a motivation to take a leap.

5. You need a degree to change career

How to Manage Your Career - Business Guides - The New York Times

Sometimes we form ideas about how things are and give up before we have time to check if it is true. If you find yourself thinking you need a degree to change careers, do a lot of research. Some jobs do require a degree like doctors, psychotherapists, etc but many more jobs don’t require a degree by law. The most important thing to know is you can do the job. If there is no regulation you have to have a specific degree. Look at the options then decide what works best for you.

6. You need to be a business genius to start a company

Very few people are good at the business when they start. Most people have no idea how to run a business and have to learn as they build it. Therefore there are so many online courses to teach people how to market their work, get their first clients, etc. Don’t let the lack of knowledge stops you. Take it instead as an imperative to learn more about it. And if you can start your business and earn by doing.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rethink on Choosing Economics as your Career Option  - Mindler Blog

7. If changing a career doesnt workout your life will be ruined

When you embark on your journey to change careers, you will grow so much that you will be able to use what you learned no matter what. So it’s important to learn from both your success as well as failures. It might not be what you expected, you might experience a lot of heartbreak, failure and discomfort. But if you stay open, challenge yourself to learn new things, and put yourself out there, you will eventually be able to do something you find fulfilling.

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