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Top 5 University to study in abroad 2020

Hey readers how are you? we hope you guys doing great in your respective fields and career well we come again for you with an amazing list for Top 5 University to study abroad 2020. These Universities are the oldest universities in the world. During our research, we got to know that these top universities are mainly in North-America and Europe. Our Top 5 University to study in abroad 2020 list is based on these 5 criteria Academic Reputation, Faculty Student Reputation, International Faculty, International Students, Citations per Faculty. These top universities undoubtedly produce one of the finest minds in the world for example (Many USA presidents, Olympic Medalists, Noble prize winners, Many business tycoons, Billionaires, Scientist, Economist, and what not). So with no further due let’s start with our Top 5 University to study abroad 2020.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology(mit)

This university established in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. MIT is best known for its innovation and scientific research which deals with real-life problems. There are 30 departments and 5 schools in MIT over 1000 faculties and 11433 students. More than 129 countries of students study here. This institution is so reputed that many Hollywood movies take MIT name for their Scifi movies, for example, A very famous movie from Marvel Universe Name Iron Man, Its hero Tony stark was an MIT graduate. Some of the alumni of MIT are Kofi Annan, Amar Bose, Benjamin Netanyahu, and many more.

Stanford University

Stanford University

This wonderful University is established in 1885  in the heart of Northern California’s dynamic Silicon Valley. Where many companies like Goole, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, etc. It is said that If all the alumni of Stanford University make a country it would be worlds 10 largest economies. Stanford is a private institute with more than 16,600 students around the globe with 4,478 faculty members. It has one of the largest university campuses in the USA. This wonderful university produced more than 270 Olympic medalists and 83+ noble prize winners. Some of the alumni of Stanford University are Sundar Pichai, Mukesh Ambani, Elon Musk, etc.

Harvard University

Harvard University

This University Established in 1636 and its the oldest university in the USA Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, three miles north-west from Boston. This University has widely regarded in terms of its influence, reputation, and academic diversity as a leading university in not just the US but also in the world. Harvard produced eight US presidents, several foreign heads of Countries, 62 living billionaires, 350 Rhodes Scholars, and 242 Marshall Scholars. Whether it be Pulitzer Prizes, Nobel Prizes, or Academy Awards, Harvard graduates have won them. Students and alumni have also won 108 Olympic medals between them. This University is also home to the largest academic library system in the world, with 18 million volumes, 180,000 serial titles, an estimated 400 million manuscript items, and 10 million photographs for the reference purpose. The total number of students is 23,373 and academic faculties are 4500+. A well-reputed institute speaks lots through its alumni base. Some of the alumni of Harvard are Barak Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Obama, etc.

Oxford University

Oxford University Top 5 University to study in abroad 2020

This is the oldest University in English speaking countries which is established in 1096 and situated about 60 miles north-west of London and today there are around 240 buildings across 13 sites in and around Oxford. Oxford has currently more than 24000+ students and its alumni base is about 2.75 lakhs which is around the globe. from the past 800 years, it produced notable people who really influence the world with their work. Some of the most famous names or alumni of Oxford are Indra Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Oscar Wilde, Benazir Bhutto, David Cameron, etc.

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The California Institute Of Technology (caltech)

It is one of the most renowned institutions in the world located in Pasadena, California, about 11 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Caltech has very high-quality facilities such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (owned by NASA), seismology laboratory. One of the most Brilliant minds is selected for the reputed institution due to the very high level of competition. The total number of students is about 2,233 and more than 1,055 faculty members are available for students. Appert from technical studies Caltech is also have applied for humanities courses. Caltech has a very rigorous and tough syllabus which can only cover by brilliant minds in the world. Some of the alumni of Caltech is Frank Borman, Carolyn C. Porco, Harrison Schmitt, Paul Filmer, etc.

So we finished with our Top 5 University to study in abroad 2020. These universities are not an easy task for an average or a good student one has to be an exceptional one. From the president of America to Noble and oscar winner from Olympic camps to world leaders and prime ministers, they all are made and forged through these institutions.

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